Thursday, December 13, 2012

I wanna be a man damn it!

I absolutely HATE going to the Obgyn. Passionately hate it. First you have to wait in a room full of women who are all there for the same reason you are and all of us are uncomfortable and its just awkward. Then you get called back and the nurse lady asks you a million questions abouts what's going on with your lady bits. Im sorry if I don't exactly want to tell you about my periods while sitting at your desk, which happens to be in the hallway next to all 4 rooms that are full. Then she wants to make you get on the scale. Now we all know that women don't want to be weighed and we damn sure don't want someone else knowing what our weight is so IMO ifs just plain wrong that they make you do it. Then after she's done torturing you they send you into a small room that is roughly -30 degrees and make you strip off your pants and panties and get up on the exam table(which looks like a torture device at this point) with only a paper blanket to cover half of your bottom half with. Great, now not only am I slightly embarrassed from the questioning and weight bull shit but now I'm pants less and freezing to death. So you sit and wait, looking at the posters of random shit on the walls, trying to not get frostbite and to calm your nerves. Then comes the knock at the door *tap tap tap* and the Dr walks in. Brief hello's are said and s/he instructs you to scoot your ass to the very edge of the table and put your feet in the stirrups. *shudder* we all know what comes next. The frozen salad ting thingies being shoved I side your most sensitive place, and not too gently mind you, the you hear the click....horrid sound....and you feel it open your wooha WAY wider than it should be. I swear to Jesus they are trying to see tonsils when they do that shit!  Sorry darlin but mine were removed more than 10yrs aago, you can stop looking for them now!  Now that the salad tongs are in and you are spread wide open the Dr decides its a great time to start talking to you...about the stupidest shit!  I don't want to talk to you while you are elbow deep in my lady bits. Besides the fact that its really weird, I would much rather you concentrate on what you are doing and not telling me about your family flying in for Christmas and how much yij are dreading it. Know what? I can tell you are dreading it...because I think you just poked my brain with the brush thingie you have shoved in me!  Don't talk about things that are unpleasant while you are in there! I mean I understand this isn't supposed to be fun, and I can tolerate a fair amount of pain but this is ridiculous. I want to be able to think and function on my own once I leave here and if you keep poking my brain stem I'm going to become a drooling idiot before this is over with. Then its over, it only lasts a few minutes but it feels like an eternity. The salad tongs, which have somehow managed to stay cold the entire time, are all bit ripped out and the Dr stands up and washes his/her hands. You sit up feeling like you were just violated in the worst way and desperately want to just get dressed and be on your way home. But nnnnooooooo now the Dr wants to ddiscuss things with you. You couldn't talk to me about these things while you were down there? Oh that's right your were too busy making small talk to discuss anything else with me. Fine lets talk but I want to get dressed first. Why is it the Dr has to leave the room while you put your pants back on? Its not like they haven't seen it, you were just down there!  But no, the Dr has to leave the room while you pull your pants and shoes back on and now you sit for another eternity waiting in him/her to come back to talk so you can leave. Fourth five minutes later the Dr is back and your can finally go home yay!
I seriously hate having to go through that shit every single fuckin year.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Well hello again!

Its been awhile again because I'm a slacker and haven't posted. Sorry y'all!  Life has kept me busy, what else is new right?  Anyways, lots to talk about today so lets get this thing started.

I want to start this by asking you a question, and i would very much appreciate some feedback in the comments. Please and thank you.
If your child was going through cancer treatments and suffering would you give him/her medicinal marijuana in any form?  Now before you jump to an answer you need to remember there are forms of marijuana that do not give you the high feeling but still give you all of the amazing "side effects" that you would get with it. I ask this because I recently read a story(the link in on my computer and i am on my phone ATM) about a little girl who is going through cancer treatments and hher parents started giving her marijuana oil to help with the side effects of chemo. Not only did she start feeling better, she started gaining weight, eating and was able to keep it down, she had some quality of life and the most amazing part is that the tumor started shrinking faster than with just the treatments alone and she is now in remission.
Im sure you all know by now that I am very pro legalization and always will be so it shouldn't shock you that I am totally for this. But I want you guys to see the amazing things this "drug" can do!  This little girl was miserable. Losing weight, vomiting constantly, and basically dying from the medicines they were giving her to make her better. Im not against modern medicine for the most part but it really upsets me that the things they use to cure us have so many side effects. Have you ever actually listened to a commercial for a medication?  Sure it cures your RLS or helps you get your dick hard but the list of side effects is insane!  May cause sstomach upset, vomiting, headaches, liver failure,kidney disease, sleepyness, depression,anxiety, restlessness, drowsyness, gambling addiction, sexual dysfunction and sudden heart attack or death. I hear that and I'm like, I think I would deal with whatever is wrong with me and stay away from that shit. Now, lets list the side effects of marijuana. Elevated mood, hunger, relief from stomach upset, relief from pain and relief from numerous mental illnesses. Guess which one I would choose?  The reason I am talking about this is because people are all but rioting to have these parents charged with child abuse for giving this little girl marijuana. Lemme tell ya, if it was one of my kids I would give it to them in a heartbeat!  Why let your child suffer when you can give them something that will not only make them feel better but possibly help the disease they are fighting go into remission?!  I don't understand people.
That's all I have to say about that subject. Lets move onto an update on Mr fatty. He's still not gaining weight like they want him to and if they don't figure it out soon they are going to send him to a research hospital to try to find an answer.  Otherwise he's perfectly healthy and reaching all of his milestones on time.
Bub is doing great and is turning into quite the respectful and responsible young man. I couldn't be more proud of who he is becoming. Miss priss is nothing but trouble and I'm not quite sure what to do about her. But I will say she is doing far better in school this year than last year and i am very proud of her for that. And Mr monster. My wild child. He is doing great in school and is growing up (too quickly) and becoming a rather interesting young man. He asked if he coukd get a second earring last weekend. I told him o would take him this week to get it done and he then showed me the earring he wanted, a 14 gage!  So i told him that there wasn't anywhere I could take him that would pierce his ear with that size and of course he got all upset about it. So i told him if he wanted it done the only way to get it was for me to do it. I explained I would take a big needle and shove it through his ear and then put tthe earring in. I was calling his bluff. I didn't really think he would do it!  Well 20 minutes later he had a new earring and was happier than a pig in shit. He did great with it too!  I was kind of shocked he let me do it but I wouldn't be. He's totally my child lol.
Well my lover faces I need to run. As always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends <3

Saturday, November 10, 2012

<p>Its been awhile since I posted, sorry I've been really busy lately. But I come to you with great news!&nbsp; Mr Worm(who will now be known as fatty) has finally decided to start gaining weight, slowly, but he's gaining. Yay!!!!&nbsp; With that being said they have finally figured out why he's not growing properly. We went to an endocrinologist last week for an all of the sudden rush appointment. I was terrified because they called me on Wednesday and made the appointment for Friday and its a royal pain in the ass to get into a specialists office. Especially when you have never been seen there before. Anyways,&nbsp; we went to the appointment and he told me they have it figured out. Mr fatty isn't producing growth hormone. This means a few things and i may forget some of them while I'm typing this so forgive me. He may have to have hormone shots starting after his first birthday if he doesn't start making it on his own. It would be a daily shot given at home so its not a big deal. Even with the shot there is a chance he will be between 4 and 5 foot tall. Without it is the same result. He is lower risk for heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer which, quite honestly, makes me iincredibly happy. He will probably have another hormonal problem show up later in life and it will most likely be during puberty. He will go through puberty later than most kids and it may take a bit longer lasting for him.&nbsp; Now I will be totally honest with you. I am so relieved to hear this news. I was expecting some horrible disorder that they couldn't fix and i round out that he's just going to be a small guy. Im ok with this. It was a bit hard to accept at first because I don't want anything to be wrong with any of my kids but if this is all he has to deal with I am perfectly OK with it. Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes. You have no idea how much it means to me and how comforting it was to know that people out there were pulling for him to be OK.<br>
Remember this month is Preemie awareness so please support the babies and parents of those born too soon. This is something very close to my heart since miss priss was a Preemie at 34 weeks 3 days. Thankfully she had no issues and was fine other than being small. We were fortunate and there are thousands of babies born every year that have to fight for their lives. I also want to ask that y'all pray for baby Easton. He has a disorder of the skin that causes him to blister at even the slightest touch and he's been fighting for his life since he was born. For those of you that are on my Facebook look for his page if you are interested in following his story.
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sick kids and public courtesy...

Its that time of year again and all the little germ carriers are crammed into one big room together, sharing bathrooms and lunches and rarely properly washing their hands. Yes folks, its cold and flu season. Now I'll be the first to admit I'm a germiphobe and this year is worse than ever. Why you ask? Because worm has an extremely low white blood cell count and if he gets sick he gets put in the hospital. He can't fight things off like a normal baby can and he's probably going to get any germ that happens to cross his precious face. This terrifies me. To the point that I currently have miss priss and Bub staying at my moms house because they are both sick. Do I want to send them away when they are sick? Absolutely not!  Its my job as mommy to take care of my kids. But I can't compromise worms health just because I want to take care of the other 2 while they are sick. I feel horrible about it but for now that's the way it has to be. I know they are in good hands. Hell I was sick with strep or an ear infection at least once a month until I was 15 and had my tonsils removed so I know my mom is more than capable of caring for my babies(plus she tends to spoil sick kids so they aren't complaining about it lol).  Anyways,  the whole point of me telling y'all all that was for get to the real point of this post. If your kids(of you) are sick STAY THE FUCK HOME!!!!  Lemme break it down for you to make it really simple. Fever within 24hrs, stay home.  Vomiting/diorrhea (I know that's spelled wrong don't shoot me) within 48hrs, stay home. Persistent cough/runny/stuffy nose lasting longer than 3 days, stay home.  Its not hard people. You not keeping your little germ factories home when they are sick is going to make someone else sick. Kids do not understand why they need to wash their hands or not share their lunch or not to get in someone's face. It is our job as their parents to teach them that, but in the meantime it is also our job to keep them home when they are sick. See, your kid goes to school sick and then my kid gets sick and then s/he brings it home for my baby to get it and we end up in the hospital. Not only are 2 of my kids sick at that point but I am away from 3 of them while one is stuck in the hospital. Or how about this, your sick kid gives it to another kid who has a family member fighting cancer, that kid gives it to the cancer patient and then what?  The point I'm trying to make is it isn't as cut and dry as one kid giving it to the next. Whole families get sick from one person catching something. I know that most of you don't have to worry about illnesses because everyone you come in contact with on a regular basis is healthy but some people aren't so lucky. There are some people who are worried about getting the flu because if a immuno compromised person they love catches it it could kill them. Im sure its nice to live in a bubble thinking that all is good in the world but the cold reality of it is, ifs not. And please don't hand me the shit of I can't miss work or I can't keep Jr home because I have things to do or whatever. When you had kids you knew that they would one day get sick. Either stay home with them or find them a sitter simple as that. To be totally honest I find it completely selfish of a parent to take their kids out, be it to school or the store or wherever, when they are sick. I know when I'm not feeling good the last thing I want to do is get dressed and go somewhere. Im sure your kids feel the same way.
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pro life vs pro choice...

Im going to start by saying I am firmly pro choice. If you don't like it you may want to stop reading here unless you are capable of seeing things from another point of view without getting sand in your vagina. I am more than willing to hear other views and we are all entitled to our opinions so please voice them. But please do so with respect.
I am pro choice. I will always be pro choice and that's all there is to it. But here's my reasoning why. My vagina is my business period. What i do with it is my business. If I want to have an abortion it is my business and mine alone. Could I ever do it, no, I couldn't live with that on my conscience. By there are plenty of women that can and do. Whatever their reason may be they feel otw a good one and that's all that matters. But before you condemn them for what they choose to do with their vagina think about this....
Women are raped everyday. Why should sue have to carry a reminder with her for the next 9 months?  Can you imagine that inner turmoil?  Wanting to love this child but hating it at the same time. Wanting to enjoy tour pregnancy but every second of it reminds you of what happened to you. Why make her suffer longer with the reminder?  What about the 14 year old child who thought she was adult enough to haelve sex and got pregnant?  Do you really think the world needs yet another child raising a baby?  what about her life?  Have you looked at the statistics on girls who have babies?  Most of them don't finish high school let alone go onto college. Most of them can barely scrape enough money together to pay rent, how can they truly afford a child?  What about that baby growing up wanting to go to college?  Think she's going to be able to afford to send that kid to college?  Not likely. What's more likely to happen is the baby is going to become another statistic just like mom. A never ending vicious cycle. What about the woman who is going to die if she has that baby. Knowing that she's going to leave behind everyone and her child will never have a mom. Shouldn't she really sacrifice her life for a tiny ball of cells?  What about the drunk girl who made a mistake and isn't ready at all for a baby. She's going to be the one who kills that baby if she has it. She's going to starve that baby because she never wanted it and is too ashamed of her mistake to tell anyone. Is that how you want that baby to live for those few days?  Starving and scared.  What's better, death by starvation or beating or an abortion?  This is something that i have been discussing all day and let me tell you I have heard some of the most asinine shit today. Go to a church and ask for help. Ask God for guidance.  Give it up for adoption. Lemme tell you, the last thing I thought when i was raped was "let me go to church and ask ffor help" or "let me turn to god."  No my first thought was "why did god allow this to happen to me?  Fuck god. Im not a bad person what did do to deserve this?"  The last place I wanted to go was a church. On the topic of adoption, do you have any idea how long it takes to be allowed to adopt?  Do you know how expensive it is?  Why do you think people go to other countries to adopt?  Its easier and cheaper!  There is so much red tape to go through to be able to adopt here and it costs so much most people can't do it. And the ones that can and finally get approved waif and wait and wait and get excited when they hear they may have a baby to adopt then have the rug snatched out from under them when the mom changes her mind.  Ifs not as simple as y'all pro lifers think it is. The changes of a baby being adopted arenf aas high as you think they are and the older a child gets the less of a chance they have of finding a home. To make it simple for vagina my choice...your vagina your choice. No one is forcing you to have one and no one ever will so what gives you the right to say I'm not allowed to have one if I feel its necessary?

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's been awhile since I ranted...

As you all know I am a member of several different "mommy" sites.  Why you ask?  Because these women amuse the fuck out of me.  Seriously, I can not believe some of the shit that I read on these sites.  For the most part I stay quiet because I know that if I don't I am going to offend someone, or get booted from the site haha.  Hell, some of you are probably reading this because you saw my signature in a reply or on my profile and were curious what my blog is all about.  Welcome :)
Anyways, the point of all that was to get to my rant, so here it goes....

YOU HAVE A BABY PEOPLE ARE GOING TO WANT TO LOOK AT AND/OR TOUCH HIM/HER!!!!  Get the fuck over it!!!!!  Yes its annoying but I am almost 10000000% positive you have done the same thing at one point or another in your life.  Your kid is not made of glass so I'm fairly certain that she isn't going to break into a million tiny little pieces if someone other than you touches her.  You can't keep our kid in a fucking bubble.  She is going to come into contact with germs and she is going to get sick.  It's part of growing up, hell, its part of life!  I was reading where one woman actually smacked some one's hand for touching her baby's FOOT.  Her fucking, correct me if I am wrong but I don't think little precious is going to contract some crazy illness from someone touching her foot.  I'm not typically a nice person, in case you haven't been able to tell from my previous posts, but come on, smacking someone for touching your kids foot is a bit over the top.  This is part of what's wrong with the world now.  People just don't give a shit about other people anymore.  I have come to realize that most of the time it's an old person that wants to touch a baby, or a toddler for that matter.  I try to think of it this way, maybe that little old lady that is cooing over my baby doesn't have any family, or maybe she's thinking about how fast life has flown by her, or maybe her husband just died recently and she needs a little bit of joy and innocence to bring a smile to her face, maybe she is fighting something like cancer and she wants to bask in the perfectness that is my child.  That goes for anyone for that matter.  Be polite, let them coo at Jr and maybe touch them and when the person walks away wipe em down with a wipe.  Set an example for your kid, and try to make it a good one.

This leads me to the 2 types of moms that annoy the holy fuck out of me.  Sanctomommy and helicopter mom.  For fucks sake people get over yourselves.  Let the kids be kids.  Back off a bit.  And no you are no better than me.  Let me explain.
 Let's start with helicopter mommy, shes the mom you see at the playground hovering over her kids and telling them they can't do most things because they are dangerous, like climbing the slide or going across the monkey bars.  These are the women that have kids that are scared to do most anything for fear of getting hurt.  These women need to understand that, and yes I am going to say it again, YOUR KIDS ARE NOT GOING TO BREAK!!!!!  They are kids, they are supposed to get scraped knees and bruised foreheads.  They NEED to explore things without you hovering over them constantly.  They NEED to get hurt once in awhile and you NEED to trust your own damn parenting enough to cut the cord and let them do what kids do best, play and explore.  Don't you remember being a kid?  How much more fun it was to slide own the slide when you climbed up it rather than used the steps like you should have.  Falling off your bike and scraping your knee, jumping off the swing when you got it going so high you thought you were going to flip over the top.  All of these things are NORMAL kid shit and you need to back the fuck off and let them do it.  I promise you that you are doing more harm than good by hovering over them making them scared of EVERYTHING.  What's going to happen when they go out into the real world?  How in the hell are they ever going to have any self confidence if you keep making them think that everything they do is wrong or bad?  Step back and leave them be.
Now onto sanctomommy.  The mom who thinks she is perfect and that you suck as a parent if you don't do things the same way she does.  More often than not they are the non vaccinating, organic feeding, hippy dippy bubble heads that have nothing better to do than shove their views and opinions down your throat any chance they get.  Let me tell you something, I want to cunt punch all of you.  You are no better than any of the rest of us that are trying to raise our kids half ass decently and you annoy the shit out of everyone that you come into contact with.  Your kids aren't any better than mine and more often than not, they are worse.  You don't discipline your kids ever, so what the hell makes you think that your kids are better behaved than mine?  They just pretend to be perfect little people, until you are out of sight.  That's when Jr really shows his true colors.  He's the kid that will tattle on every other kid and tell them what they are doing wrong and how to do it the right way, but as soon as someone points out that he's doing something wrong he melts down and goes running to mommy to fight his battle for him.  You are the mom that thinks every other kid is picking on your kid, but in all actuality, he's the one that's picking on everyone else.  He's the id who is going to grow up and not know how to function in society because mommy isn't going to be there to make sure no one is being mean to him.  For the love of all things holy, STOP IT!!!! Discipline your brat so the rest of us don't have to pretend to like him.

Well, there's my rant.  I feel a bit better now.  As always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends <3

Update on Mr. Worm

For those of you that have been following whats been going on with Mr. Worm here's an update on whats going on right now.

We went to the genetics Dr last week and she has a few ideas on what it may be so she had more blood drawn from him and some from me and we will *hopefully* get the results next week when we go back.  All the tests that she had done while he was in the hospital wont be back until the end of November so we wont get the results until our appointment the first week of December.  But she is hopeful that those will give us an answer.  She seems to think that it is something genetic going on.  We went to the GI Dr yesterday and he has gained 6oz in the past week which is GREAT!  His liver enzymes are almost normal which saved him from having to have a liver biopsy done.  Super happy about that!  Other than that there isn't much to report since they still have no idea what is going on.  Not sure if I want to be happy that they haven't found anything yet or more worried.  Sorry it's been so long since I updated on him I haven't really had any new news to report.  Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. Y'all are awesome <3

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I don't understand women...

Don't understand them at all.  Which is pretty bad since I am one lol. Y'all confuse the fuck out of me. One minute things are great and the next y'all are flipping the hell out over some stupid shit that no sane person would give a flying fuck about. You care more about what other people think about you than what you think about yourself. You spend entirely too much time picking out the perfect outfit and shoes then doing your hair and makeup and most of your conversations are meaningless. Not to say all women are this way, obviously I can't say that since I am the exact opposite of all of those things and last time I checked I am still a woman. I hear/read some of the most insanely stupid babble come out of women's mouths and i can't help but wonder if they really live in such a bubble fhat they think these are the biggest problems people have.  Who cares who is dating who or who wore what with what shoes or what so and so said about someone. Not me!  I could care less about celebrities and feel that they are not only over glamorize but way overpaid and i think they are a main contributing factor to so many people having body image issues. I actually laugh when one gets married and guess how long it will last before it ends in an ugly, over publicized divorce. Why do ull waste so much of your lives worrying about other people and what they do or don't do in their lives?  Men have shit figured out right. Eat, sleep, work, fuck, play. Pretty simple existence. The most they really stress about is money and what their wife/girlfriend is going to get mad at them for next.  Most of them know life is too short to stress over every little thing.  Side note, as I am sitting here typing this a woman just walked by wearing sweat pants(breaking a commandment) with her hair and makeup done. Can someoke please explain to me why you would take all that time to do hair and makeup but not put on a pair of decent fucking pants?!  But that just proves my point really. Personal opinion, makeup says to me "I'm ashamed of how I look and I'm trying to hide it".  Ladies y'all are all beautiful WITHOUT the clown paint. Going back to the whole celebrity thing, not one of them are as attractive as they are portrayed to be without all the makeup on. It takes them HOURS to look that good. We could all be Hollywood beautiful idc we had the time to do it. Stop comparing yourselves to them and be happy with who you are, body and mind.
Anyways I have a baby screaming for me so i need to run. As always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends <3

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I need brain bleach...

I was out and about the other day and saw some things that no one should EVER have to see.  I needed a 50 gallon bottle of brain bleach by the time I got home and sadly 2 of the places I saw these things were the children's hospital and my sons school.
Im not a small person. Im a little overweight but I'm OK with my size because I'm healthy. I used to be around 220lbs and that was in high school so i know what its like to be a big girl and even then I was proud of my body. BUT I wasn't so proud of it that i was walking around with all of it hanging out. I still don't!  I love my fluffy people. Most of my friends are fluffy people and I have only ever dated 2 guys that weren't big guys.  One of them was over 300lbs. Obviously I don't care what someone's weight is. What I do have a problem with is big people in little people clothes *que fat man in a little coat song*.  Ladies if you want to wear shorts that's great! But please think before you wear them. Your first thought shouldn't be "does it look like my pussy is trying to eat my shorts?" The second thought should be "are my ass cheeks hanging out the back of my shorts?"  Next would be "is there a blood stain in the crotch or on the ass of them?"  And finally "are there any other stains or any rips in them?"  These are things that may be OK at home, but they are NEVER OK in public. I shit you not I was at the hospital with worm and this woman, who was every bit of 350lbs, was wearing some skin tight shorts and it looked like her pussy was trying to eat them!  My first thought was "holy shit...if her twat tries any harder to eat those things that button is going to go flying and someone's gonna die!"  Tight is one thing but when peoples lives are at risk if the button comes off you might want to rethink them. It wasn't too much later when i saw anothed bbig woman who was wearing some white shorts, they weren't *too* tight, and her pussy wasn't trying to eat them(thank god) but she bent over and there was a big old blood stain on them.  And I'm not talking one of those "oops" spots that we have all had, it wasn't even a new stain.  Im talking, there's no way she was using any kind of pad or tampon when aunt flow visited last month kind of stain. *gag*.  I understand starting your period and not knowing because its not supposed to start yet, I understand a small stain, I can even understand a red spot, but an old nasty stain is in no way appropriate to be wearing, at all, ever.  So skip ahead to being at the school and there's another big ol' girl in some shorts where her ass cheeks are hanging out the bottom of them, along with the pockets out the bottom of the front. Lemme tell ya, its nasty seeing a skinny chick wearing some shit like that, I damn sure don't want to see your hail damaged cottage cheese ass.  Now before someone wants to get all ass hurt about me saying its narsty when a skinny chick does it, lemme explain a bit. Have some self respect. If you think you have to let your ass hang out your pants to get a mans attention then you aren't going to attract a man worth a fuck because all he is seeing when he looks at you is an easy fuck. Then y'all Wanna whine about how you can't find a good man. Here's a tip sweetheart, dress and act like you have just a little class and you just might find one.  I kind of got off topic there didn't I?  Anyways, ladies for the love of all things holy, look in a mirror before walking out of the house. As a friend if what you have on is appropriate. Or at the very least snap a pic of your outfit and post it on fb and ask what people think. If they tell you you look like you belong on the corner or you look like a nasty bum then go change and try again. There is no reason anyone should be dressing like this and no one wants to see it. Be proud of who you are and be comfortable with what size you are, but dress to flatter your figure not to let it all hang out.
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

I just don't get it...

There are a lot of things I don't understand and I am totally OK with that.  There are other things that I don't understand and I so not OK with it.  This is something that has been bugging the hell out of me for a long time now and maybe one of you can help me out because so far I haven't been able to get a decent answer.  Why do men(and kids) feel the need to announce when they are going to the bathroom?  I know I hear "I'm going pee!" 100 times a damn day!  I don't announce it when I need to pee.  Unless one of the kids is following me around, and I only do it then so they know that I am entering the one room that they can't follow me into(of course their cute little face is waiting right where they stopped when I open the door).  I don't hear them say what they are doing when it comes to anything else, so why must you tell me that you are going to pee?  Is this something that I really need to know?  I don't care what you do in the bathroom, as long as you don't leave a mess for me to clean up.  I don't need to know when you pee, or shit for that matter.  Bub will come from his room into whatever room I am in, or outside if that's where I am, to tell me that he has to pee.  He's the worst of the 3 of them but the other 2 do it too.  So does their dad, and pretty much every other man I know.  We can be in the middle of a conversation and all of the sudden "I need to pee!"  What?!  Where the hell did that come from?  I am seriously waiting on a phone call with a child telling me that they are going to the bathroom.  I don't need to know, I don't care.  Yes we all do it, but I don't need to know when you are.  So, can any of you explain this to me?  Someone shed some light on this for me because I just don't understand it!

I'm off, I have a baby to wake and feed and dishes to do.  As always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends <3

Friday, September 21, 2012

A few stories that caught my attention...

I was reading some stories on one of my mom sites tonight and there were a few that really caught my attention.  I wont be posting links to them because I don't have permission from the writer to but I will explain the story before I make my comments about it.

The first one that really got me was about a father giving his 2 year old son medical marijuana.  The back story:  This little boy was dying from stage 4 brain cancer, he went through 7 different types of chemo and went into septic shock, had a stroke and pulmonary hemorrhaging, but he was still alive.  The chemo made him so sick that he couldn't eat for 40 days.  So his dad got some cannabis oil and slipped it into his sons feeding tube without telling the Dr's.  This little boy went from knocking on deaths door to sitting up, eating and laughing.  The medical community is all pissy about it because he gave it to him and it doesn't say if charges will be filed because in the state they live in medical marijuana is legal, it isn't legal in the state where they were for this child's treatment though.

OK, so here's my opinion.  LEGALIZE IT!!!!  For those of you that know me, you all know that I am 10000000000% behind legalization.  So much so that I helped host a pro marijuana rally a few years ago as part of the World Wide Marijuana March that happens the first weekend in May.
There is a link for more info for those of you that may be interested.
Anyway, you all know how I feel about it and if it were one of my kids you better believe I would do it in a heartbeat!  I would do anything to save my child's life and if it meant giving them a little marijuana then so be it.  I will say that it may have been dangerous to give it to him not knowing how it would work with the other drugs they were pumping into him and I will go so far as to say that it was illegal, but you will never hear me say that he shouldn't have done it.  It saved his baby boys life.  Or at least gave him more time, gave him quality of life.

The next story that grabbed my attention was about a couple that has 3 boys and were elated when they found out that their 4th child was going to be a baby girl.  Sadly they lost her soon after birth.  It doesn't say what happened so no one knows if they were aware that she was going to pass away or not.  They got pregnant again through IVF with TWIN boys and chose to abort them because they want the baby girl they were robbed of.  They are currently in court to petition to select the gender for the next round of IVF and if not allowed will most likely abort if they end up with another boy.

Are you fucking serious?!  Ok, I can understand wanting a baby girl and I can even understand trying until you get one, my aunt did and had 5 boys before they had a girl.  I can understand the feeling of wanting to "replace" what they were robbed of.  I can not understand adding to the already tragic story of losing a precious baby by aborting not one but 2 babies because they were the wrong gender.  If anything I would think that they would be elated that they were pregnant again and were being blessed with 2 kids!  I think a woman has the right to choose what to do with her body, and if that means having an abortion then that's her thing to deal with.  I am sure its a hard decision to make and I am sure that it is something that haunts many women for the rest of their lives, but I do not agree with what they are doing.  It isn't like they weren't TRYING to get pregnant, they PAID to get pregnant!  If you can afford to get IVF you can afford to raise whatever child(ren) you have as a result of it.  I would say they shouldn't be allowed to have the treatments again because of that they did, or are doing, but that's just my opinion and as great as it would be to not allow certain people to have kids, no one is allowed to decide that but the woman who has to carry the baby.

Well my lovelies I must go, I have a screaming baby to tend to.  As always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends <3

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What to do...

I live on a main road into a neighborhood. I expect a pot of traffic to come through and it doesn't bother me. As a matter of fact me and worm like to sit outside and watch the cars go by because it entertains him and it makes him smile and squeal. What I don't like is to see people flying down the road going 40+ trying to jump the old covered railroad tracks. What I don't like is to watch people lose control of their cars and run up into my yard, my neighbors yards and take out light poles, fences and bushes. There is one speed limit sign at the end of the road and it is clearly marked 25mph. We live next door to a school, and i mean literally next door. So not only is it a school zone through here but it is a residential area. I have kids that play in this yard. The neighbors have kids that play in their yards and the court. People walk their kids to and from school down this road and kids ride their bikes and whatnot up and ddown through here. Someone is going to get killed. Let me tell y'all something, of one of my kids gets hit by a speeding car I will be in jail for murdering some moron. I have called several times to ask for patrol to be upped through here. The neighbors have called several times about this. Cops have been called because someone took out the power pole across the street and a fence and someone's bushes.  Im over calling to make reports. I am over calling the traffic division to ask for help. Its time to take action. I will he at the next city meeting and i will make sure I am heard. If nothing is done after that I'm going to have to go to the news because this is ridiculous. From now on when i am sitting out here I will have a pen and paper and I'll be writing down the license plate number to every person speeding through here, or at least the make and model of the car. I will have my list when I go to the meeting and I'll be talking to the neighbors about attending as well.

If my gyno asked as many questions as my daughter appointments would take hours...

Worm was super fussy so i decided to get him his bath a little early tonight in hopes of calming him down and getting him to sleep. So i got the bath ready and me and him got in and, like always, I was making him splash and talking to him while I washed him. Well miss priss and the boys were still up while this was going on(yes they were supervised) and lil miss came busting in the bathroom to "help" me wash him. So i let her help and she was doing great!  She was talking to him and being really gentle with him and all that good stuff. So after he was washed I got him out and passed him off and got ready to wash myself. Well...lil miss decides to hang around while I was washing and holy hell she had a lot of questions!  The first being "why do you have hair on your vagina?"  *sigh*  my first thought was "because mommy hasn't had enough time or energy to shave her pits let alone her vag" but i kept it simple and told her that everyone gets hair on their private parts when they get older. That seemed to satisfy her so i went back to washing my hair and she decided to ask a few more questions...why do you have boobs?  Will I have boobs when i get bigger? Why do you shave your legs?  Why is your tummy so gross?  And the did Sylas get out of your tummy?  Not wanting to ignore her I was giving her censored answers. I have boobs because God gave them to me to feed my babies. Yes you will. Because boys don't like boys don't like hairy women. Because I had 4 babies grow in it and it stretches the skin out and it never goes back to normal.  And the big one...I was really tempted to tell her the whole magic blanket story, mainly because I didn't want to have to explain the whole thing to my 4 year old daughter, but I don't like to lie to my kids and I feel that being honest about things like sex and drugs are a fairly good way to keep them from trying it at a young age.  Kind of takes the mystery and appeal out of them in a sense.  So anyway, after some thought I told her that all 4 of them were put there by daddy.  This sparked the question "why did daddy put us there?"  To which I responded "so I could grow you."  How did daddy get us to put us there?  *Sigh* I should have known this one was coming.  Well, adults have sex and that's how you got there.  Whats sex?  At this point I was ready to just sink under the water and pretend that I couldn't hear her anymore, and possibly drown myself to avid having to answer anymore of these questions, but I didn't (obviously since I am typing this lol).  Sex is when a man and a woman get naked and the man puts his penis in the womans vagina.  EEWWWW GGGGRRRROOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! I would NEVER do that!  Haha good!  Thankfully that answer grossed her out enough to not ask anymore questions about sex and she moved on to asking about other things, like why my hair is so long and why I'm so fat and why I have to wear glasses.  I wasn't about to tell her that sex isn't gross, its actually something that she will not only want to do, but enjoy, later in life.  That's a conversation to have when shes about 10 years older and I am already dreading it!  I learned a something from our conversation.  The first thing, don't let your kid come in the bathroom with you while you shower(or take a bath) unless you want to answer some serious questions.  Kids have no brain to mouth filter and the most important thing I learned, kids don't worry about hurt feelings or offending anyone.  They simply want to know things and they will ask in the most blunt way possible to get those answers.
Well I'm off to get some things done.  I'll try to post again later, it's been awhile and I have lots to share!  As always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends <3

Monday, August 20, 2012

Can i get a do over on today please?

Ever had one of those days where you just want to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over your head till the next day?  That's me today. Mr worm has been crying for the past 4 days anytime he's put down so my nerves are already a bit shot and after this mornings events I'm ready to just call it quits and hide for the rest of the day. Worm was asleep when i got home(woohoo!) So i took a quick shower and actually had a chance to shave my legs(a rare treat for mom lol)!  I got out of the shower with hopes of catching a few hours of sleep and discovered worm had shit...not just in his diaper but up his back and front and out the leg holes on the diaper. Oh joy...I get to wake a sleeping baby AND give him a bath at midnight. Well of course once I did that he was wide awake and yelling at me...all night. I did manage to get an hour or so of sleep before miss priss got up though.  To start my morning off right the dog got out and led me on a 3 block chase in the pouring rain in my pajamas and no shoes and some asshat had the nerve to ask me "what didja dog run away?"  No dip shit I'm chasing him screaming his name for fun *rolls eyes*. So here I am this morning trying to make breakfast for the kids still dripping wet,(you have no idea how hard it is to male a bowl of cereal when you have had like 3 hours of sleep in the last 48hrs) and do the dishes and i discover that my sink is clogged...again. Great let me add fix the sink to my already mile long to do list. So i finish the dishes and tell Bub he needs to take the trash out for me. He gets the bag half way out and wouldn't ya know the can tipped over and the entire contents of the trash can spills all over my floor. Sigh. Well naturally miss priss thinks this is the perfect moment to let out a scream that made my ears bleed and glass shatter. No reason for doing it...guess she thought it would be fun to watch the vein in my forehead bulge(I swear the only reason it hasn't exploded yet is because God would lose his entertainment).  This ear bleeding, glass shattering scream woke up worm and he was not happy about it. Just to give you a bit of a recap so far at this point I have chased a dog in the rain, discovered a clogged sink and am looking at a pile of trash on the floor while dripping wet and freezing cold(why so i keep the AC on 73?) and now I have a very pissed off very very loud screaming baby. So to add a little more confusion to all this my phone rings and its the woman calling me back about miss priss' insurance. (Just a quick side note I'm sitting on my front porch and 2 cops just came flying down the road chasing a white suv that was tossing shit out the window as he drove past...they blocked and caught him at the corner...I'm half tempted to go see what he tossed since its right in front of my house but I don't wanna get in the middle of that shit.) Anyway, while on the phone trying to hear what this woman has to say miss priss comes to inform me the dog as pissed in the floor. You mean to tell me this fuckin dog couldn't have pissed during our chase this morning?!  Ugh. Well thankfully Bub likes to hold worm so i handed him worm and cleaned up the pee and the trash, plunged the sink and extracted the garbage disposal boogers and got on some dry clothes. I took worm from bub and got him back to sleep in just enough time for Bub and monster to start fighting and wake him up...again. thankfully worm is now sleeping, Bub and monster are cleaning their room and miss priss is pretending to clean hers.  Which has afforded me a moment to sit out here and collect myself and type this out.  But now I must go in and make them lunch and get miss priss down for a nap and then get ly ass busy cleaning.
So for now I will say Buhbye. As always commentary are always welcome and please share my page with your friends <3

Friday, August 3, 2012

The whole hospital story and its ugly truth...

So as y'all know from my previous 2 posts, Mr worm was admitted to the children's hospital last week for not gaining enough weight and elevated liver enzymes.  Not gaining enough weight is medically termed failure to thrive and its a horrible thing to call it in my opinion.  My son isn't failing to thrive, hes fucikin small!  Hes right on point with all the Denver Tests, so hes thriving, hes just not a fat baby is all.  Now I will say that the elevated enzymes had me worried sick but thankfully as of this Tuesdays blood draw they have come down significantly yay!
Here is what happened while we were in the hospital.
We were admitted on Tuesday of last week and put into a shared room, which I didn't mind, other than the screaming kid all night.  Not to sound cold hearted, I know that a hospital is a scary place for anyone to be, but this little girl cried ALL NIGHT.  She would stop for a few minutes and start again and every time she would start up again it was LOUD! Which woke Worm up, which kept me up ALL NIGHT.  The 2nd day there wasn't too bad at all other than the corner of the room we were stuck in was barely big enough for the crib and a chair and there was no window so it kind of felt like a jail cell.  That day we saw the ped, 2 nutritionists, a lactation consultant and 2 GI Dr's plus 4 resident Dr's and several nurses.  BUSY day.  That night I got Worm settled down and asleep and they came in and informed me that they were moving us to ICU to put him in isolation because they were testing him for infectious diseases and viruses that would cause the elevation in his liver enzymes.  My heart dropped.  Not to say that I thought that he had anything like that going on, but to hear someone say that to me scared the shit out of me.  So they drew like 5 tubes of blood and inserted an IV line just in case he needed to have more blood drawn or they had to put him on any meds and we were whisked away to ICU.  This is when the bull shit started...the night nurses were a couple of dumb ass blond bitches who couldn't find water if they fell out of a boat, and they insisted on annoying the shit out of me all fucking night long.  I totally understand that it is their job to come in every 3 fucking hours to take vitals and shit but the extra trips into the room in between those 3 hours were uncalled for, and it was never for anything important!  So that night I got a total of about 2 hours of sleep and Worm got about 4.  Th only good thing that came from all of their interruptions was them not checking his temp in his butt anymore, but not before I had to explain to them that it wasn't necessary since he hadn't had a fever at all and they could get an accurate reading from under his arm and THEN if it was elevated they could check it rectally.  Fuckin brainiacs I tell ya.  So the next morning the ped comes in and I asked her when we could go home and she told me there were more tests they wanted to run and MAYBE we could go home the next day, Thursday.  I wasn't too happy about this because when we went in it was supposed to be a 24 hour thing and we could go home, it had already been 48 at this point.  Don't get me wrong, I want to make sure my child is healthy and would move mountains to make sure that he is, but since all they were doing was drawing blood I saw no reason for us to remain there.  Let me backtrack a bit here and explain what the plan that the LC and I came up with to get more calories into Worm was.  The LC came in late on the 2nd day and we talked about his latch and how long he was at the breast and all the ins and outs of breastfeeding.  Since all of his tests had come back clear and they knew that nutritionally he was doing great, we decided that the best way to get more of the fatty hindmilk into him was for me to nurse on one side while pumping on the other, then I was to offer the other breast and have him nurse on that side to get the hindmilk and then give him the bottle of the pumped milk.  By the time I got the pump that evening it was around 6pm, I fed did this one time and then it was time to move rooms.  The bottle of pumped milk that I had from when I was pumping to make sure that that particular pump was going to work for me and whatnot, got lost in our stuff during the move.  I got to try this 3 times before the Dr came in the next morning.  Not nearly enough time to see any results.  When the ped came in that morning she insisted that I offer both breasts and then give him a bottle of formula!  This pissed me off to no end!!  Not only is it going against all the shit you hear about breast is best and giving a bottle while breast feeding isn't a good idea if you are having issues with breast feeding and blah blah blah but its not something a dr should push if there is no reason for it other than they want to see your baby gain weight.  But even though I was madder than hell I kept my mouth shut about it.  The GI Dr ordered an ultrasound of his abdomen to check his liver and all that so we went down for that and came back to find the LC looking for us.  We talked and she told me to get a Rx for Reglan, which I have yet to take (don't judge me I am doing other things to increase my supply before I resort to taking a drug that can be passed to my baby via milk, yes its safe but I prefer to avoid it if possible).  We also discussed what the ped had told me and all that and she said to keep doing what we had talked about the day before and if he still seemed hungry after the bottle of pumped milk to offer the formula but not to resort to formula if we didn't have to. So that's what I did, the only people that had a problem with this was the nurses, the ped and 2 of the resident Dr's, everyone else was fine with it, and he had 12 Dr's while we were there.  While one of the nurses was in the room that day the subject of how long we would be there came up and she told me that the Dr would have let us go home that day but she didn't feel that i was able to take care of him on my own so she wanted us to stay longer.  Um....excuse me?!?!  Come to find out, the night before while dumb and dumber were the nurses they wrote on the chart that I was asleep when they came in on the 3 hour mark so I wasn't able to get up at night and feed him every 3 hours like I am supposed to.  First of all, I had NO idea that we were on a strict 3 hour feeding schedule and second of all any one who had been awake for almost 48 hours would have dozed off for a bit given the chance.  Well, my solution to this issue, I didn't sleep that night.  I was awake every time a nurse came in and I made damn sure to feed him on the 3 hour mark, even if he was asleep or not hungry.  The next morning is when all hell broke loose.  The ped came in and I asked if we were going home that day and she told me no.  So I asked her why and she told me it was because they wanted more tests done.  So I confronted her about her not thinking that I could take care of my child and she looked at me and told me she didn't think i was capable of taking care of him on my own at all!  It wasn't because they wanted to do more tests she saw me as an unfit mother because I wouldn't get up that one night and I was refusing to do what was best for my baby and give him formula.  Mind you WITHOUT the formula he had gained 3oz the day before.   I lost it.  Ever been so mad you saw red?  I literally saw red when she said that shit to me.  I also started to cry.  Not like, I'm upset that you think that about me and my feelings are hurt crying, it was those silent tears that flow from the corners of your eyes.  When those tears come, look the fuck out because I am after blood.  I had a few choice things to say and then I just walked out of the room at that point because if I hadn't I would have beat that bitch to the floor.  It takes A LOT for me to get that pissed, actually I haven't been that mad since I was a teenager and full of anger at the world, wanting to beat any ones ass that looked at me the wrong way.  So I went downstairs to calm down and when I got back to the room, about 10 minutes later, there was a nurse in there feeding m son formula!!!!  Mind you it wasn't to the 3 hour mark yet, he still had about an hour before it was time to feed him again, the Dr ordered that she give it to him!  This was the point of no return for me.  I was a total bitch to anyone that walked in that room the rest of that day. I was LIVID that she said and did those things.  I asked the nurse to get a hold of the ped because we needed to discuss some things and I was informed that she wouldn't be contacted until i talked to the resident Dr first.  Fine, call one of them I want to talk to someone NOW.  3 hours later the resident Dr comes in, along with a new nurse(apparently the other nurses didn't want to deal with me anymore), and 2 GI Dr's.  Thankfully my mom was there by this point because I really don't think that I would have been able to keep my temper in check alone.  After an hour of talking it was decided that it would be written VERY specifically in his chart how he was to be fed and when because everyone that came in the room wanted me to do something differently and it was a clusterfuck of confusion.  That night we had the absolute sweetest nurse who went above and beyond to make sure that we were OK and to leave us alone except when it was time to do vitals or when he was nonstop crying.  The formula didn't set right with his poor tummy and he had horrid gas pains, so she called the Dr and had him order something for him.  The next morning the nurse comes in and informs me that the ped that was on the case will no longer be seeing us and that the head ped will be calling me to talk about options.  Mind you the ped we had been seeing is a woman and the head ped is a man and we have been going to this practice since Bub was born, 8 years ago.  So the head Dr calls me and apologizes for the other ones behavior and tells me that he has some other options so we don't have to go the formula route and we can still get more calories in him.  He told me he wants to try him on Human Milk Fortifier and a SNS system.  OK, so explain this to me in stupid people terms please?  Human Milk Fortifier is a powder that you add to breast milk that takes it from 20 calories per ounce to 40 and the SNS system is a supplementary nursing system.  You fill a little bottle with the breast milk(or formula if that's what you are using) and hang it around your neck, then you take these little hoses and tape them to your breast and the hose ends right at the nipple, this allows him to nurse and get the fortified milk without the bottle, the reason this is good is because the BEST thing to help get your supply up is more time at the breast.  He also told me that we could go home as soon as he got to the hospital to talk about a few other things with me.  Woohoo!  He came in around 1 that afternoon and he explained it all again and then told me that the other Dr was lucky she still had a damn job after the shit she pulled with me and that he was personally going to see Worm from now on.  See, the reason I like this Dr so much is because hes all about breast feeding and is VERY educated about it(which isn't common for a Dr, especially a male Dr) and he refuses to give a child meds unless he has exhausted all other options first OR they NEED them.  If y'all cant tell by now, I am not a fan of medicating unless it is absolutely necessary and I will try natural remedies first.  When he left the room I heard him out in the hall chewing the asses of the resident Dr's and the nurses that had pushed formula on us and he told them that they are to NEVER push it on one of his patients again without HIS consent. So anyway, he let us go home that day (Saturday) and we had to go into the office for a weight check on Monday, he has gained like 4oz and we went back again on Thursday and he had gained another 6oz yay!  So what we are doing is working.  His liver enzymes have come down significantly and as an added bonus, while we were there Thursday he made the other Dr come in and personally apologize to me for what she had done.

Well, I have kept you long enough so I will end it here.  As always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends <3

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

hospitals suck even more on the 2nd day...

So we are still here at the hospital with no answers...neither one of us are happy about still being here but theres not much I can do at this point so we wait.  I was sitting here this evening thinking about which Dr's came in today and who is who and who specializes in what and all that and I realized that there are 11 Dr's working on figuring out whats going on with my little worm.  While it makes me feel better that there are so many of them trying to figure it out it also terrifies me that they need so many to get to the bottom of it.  I would think that if it were something simple that it wouldn't take 11 Dr's to figure it out and fix it, but I didn't go to medical school so i could be TOTALLY wrong on that one.  So here's what I know so far.  They want to draw a bunch of blood for a shit ton of tests, so much that they cant take it all at once they have to break it down over 2 or 3 days, they want a urine sample so they are going to cath him, they want to do an ultrasound of his liver to see if they can see anything visibly wrong with it and we are currently still breastfeeding and I am now pumping after he nurses and feeding it to him in a bottle after the next feeding.  They seem to think that since he is a lazy latcher that hes not getting enough hindmilk and too much foremilk, and if that's all that it is then I will be a very happy momma!  He had his weight checked today and he didn't gain anything but he didn't lose either which is great!  Hopefully tomorrow we will see a gain and they will let us out of here.  So as of now that's all that I know.  I will update again when I know more I promise.

I must say that this is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life.  When Miss Priss was going through this it was far easier, she just wasn't gaining weight, she never had lab work that came back abnormal or anything like that, she just wouldn't grow.  Mr Worm is not only not gaining weight but hes got abnormal blood work and no one has any clue as to why yet.  The waiting is killing me.  The not knowing is pure torture!  It is such a helpless feeling to know that your child has something going on with them and there is nothing you can do about it.  I want to cry and let all these emotions out.  To finally ease the pain in my chest but I am scared if I do I wont be able to be strong again.  The past 2 days have been a whirl of Dr's and needles and questions without answers and so much going on I don't have time to worry while its all going on, its at night when its pretty quiet and there aren't people running in and out constantly that I want to just cry.  I want to make it all better for him and I cant.  I want to know why my baby cant be perfect like the other babies.  They say that God never gives you more than you can handle.  I call bull shit on that one!!  There is only so much one person can handle before they crack.  Yes it is my job as a parent to be strong for my kids and I will to the best of my ability because I want to make them feel safe, I want them to know that mommy is ALWAYS there for them.  My question is, who is going to be strong for me?  I need someone to be strong for me for a minute while I cry and let it alllllllllll out so I can continue to be strong for them.  I don't want my kids to see me in my moment of weakness, and they wont, but its pretty damn hard to keep the smile on my face while on the inside i am weeping for what my precious baby is having to go through.

So a bit of a change of tone here, earlier we got a new room mate in here, a little boy who is post op.  They weren't here an hour when I accidentally walked in the bathroom on his mom lolol.  There are no locks on the bathroom door in the rooms up here, i guess so some kid doesn't accidentally lock himself in?  I needed to rinse out my breast pump stuff and the only place to do it is the bathroom, so i knocked on the door and waited a second, no answer, so i opened the door and as soon as i opened it she said "someones in here!"  Well no shit, i see that now, why the fuck didn't you say that when i knocked on the door?!  So I came to the conclusion that women look fuckin helpless when we are on the toilet.  Most women sit there with their pants down to their knees(or ankles), hunched over like we are trying to hide our lady bits with our tits, and looking up right at the door.  It's like we are waiting on some one to bust through the door and catch us in this vulnerable position or something.  Its pretty funny to see when you think about it lol.  But since i walked in on her in the bathroom I cant seem to look at her when we are both out from behind our respective curtains.  It just seems wrong ya know.  

Anyways, I am going to get off here and attempt to read until Mr Worm wakes up again, I'm in for another long night since the kid in here seems to be awake now and the TV over there is on Elmo and loud as hell.  Not only that but this fold out chair is uncomfortable as hell and the nurse is due to come in again soon.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hospitals suck...

It's been awhile since I have had a chance to really update and I totally feel like shit about it, sorry guys.  It's been a crazy week and showing no signs of getting any better ugh.  I'll start with last Tuesday.  Mr. Worm had his 2 month appointment last week and he's doing great developmentally, but he's not growing like they think he should so they sent him to have blood work done and we had to go back Friday for a weight check.  When we went back for the weight check he had gained 3 ounces which is GREAT!  But his liver enzymes were elevated, the Dr told me she wasn't too worried about it but she wanted us to come back today for another weight check and to have blood drawn again to see if his levels were still high.  So we went back today and he had only gained 1/2 an ounce so she skipped having blood drawn again and sent him to be admitted into the hospital.  They have already drawn blood and I know that his levels have gone up even more than where they were last week.  So here I sit worried sick and unable to do anything to make it better.  It's a really helpless feeling knowing that something is wrong with your perfect child and you have no idea what it is that is going on or how to make it better.  I desperately want to yell at the dr's and tell them that they need to try to figure this out NOW not tomorrow, not the day after that but RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!!  Y'all say some prayers for me and my precious little worm please.
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vaccinations the never ending debate...

I know this is a hot topic and a touchy subject but I'm going to give my opinion on it like it or not.
There are studies out there that supposedly link some vaccinations to autism and its scaring parents so they don't want to get their kids vaccinated. Then there are the parents that say they don't want Jr getting pumped full of god knows what chemicals. And finally you have the religious people that opt out for religious purposes. In my opinion the only people that have a half ass legit reason to opt out are those with religious reason. The rest of you are morons. Lets start with the autism thing. For every one study that links autism to vaccinations there are 10 that disprove it. The reason there has been a rise in cases of autism is because they broadened the spectrum not because Jr got a shot to prevent him from getting a possibly life threatening illness.
To those of you that don't want to pump Jr full of chemicals, what the fuck do you think you are doing every time you feed him?!  All the bull shit that companies put into the food we eat every day and your going to worry about a shot to prevent your kid from getting some horrible disease? Really?!  Shut the fuck up!  Even if you feed them organic food you are still giving them water which has chemicals in it. Hell letting them breathe is putting chemicals into their bodies with all the pollution in the air!
To the ones of you that don't vaccinate for religious reasons. Good for you for following what your religion deems appropriate. But I would still have my kids vaccinated because I would hate for my child to meet God too soon because I didn't want to give them a shot that could prevent it.
The reason not many of the kids that aren't vaccinated aren't getting these illnesses is because those of us that do vaccinate our kids. Its the herd effect. Unfortunately there are so many kids that aren't vaccinated now, and the numbers are steadily rising, that it won't be long before we start seeing these things make a comeback and kids are going to start dying. The few can't protect the many for long. Sadly, parents are arguing that these diseases are eradicated and that there isn't even the slimmest possibility that we are going to see a rise in cases of them.  Sorry sweetie but you are oh so wrong on that one too.  The reason we don't see kids, or adults, with these things is because WE VACCINATE!! The medical industry has done everything they can to protect us from these things and now all you morons refuse to do it.  Don't get me wrong, I don't exactly trust the medical field when it comes to a lot of things and I damn sure don't go running to the doctor every time one of my kids gets the sniffles, nor do I trust the government fully(and that's who funded all the trials of these vaccinations) but I can put aside all of my mistrusts and get my kids shots that will prevent them from suffering with illnesses that could kill them or seriously fuck them up and cause them to suffer for the rest of their lives.  These shots have been around for years and years, some were around when my dad was a child, and he's 51!  Haven't seen any adverse effects from them in all this time have we?  Kids weren't getting diagnosed with autism all the time back then were they?  Maybe it isn't the shots after all?  Honestly, and this may piss some of you off, and if I do I am truly sorry because I know this is a sensitive subject, but I don't think that a of of the kids that are diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, autism, ODD and the number of other mental disorders that they have now, truly have it.  I think it's an easy way to explain Jr's bad behavior and the parent's lack of discipline.  It's easier to medicate them than it is to correct a bad behavior.  Am I saying that this is the case all the time, absolutely not, but I think that it is a very common occurrence.  My oldest has been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, anxiety and mild depression.  OK, I'll agree with the ADHD because I see how he acts, I see all the classic signs of it.  I will agree with the anxiety because I see it in him.  Depression, maybe, he's had a rough start to life and he's a lot like his father, who sees the negative in everything and has no idea how to handle it.  ODD?  Not hardly.  ODD is a nice way of saying that your child is stubborn if they do not truly have it.  My son doesn't have ODD, hes exactly like his parents, stubborn as all hell and won't listen to a damn thing unless you answer 100000000000 questions as to why.  Another reason I know he doesn't have it is because a child with ODD does not comply easily when they don't want to do what they are being told to do, or will do what they want to regardless of consequences.  My son will do what he is told to most of the time, its when he is in a bad mood that he CHOOSES not to.  He's a CHILD and I can't, and don't, expect him to be perfect or good all the time.  That's what parents don't understand, kids are going to be kids, they are going to push limits and get into trouble for no other reason than to see how far they can go before mom or dad has had enough.  It's all part of being a kid!  Parents expect their kids to act like little adults at very young ages now and that's part of why they are rebelling.  LET THEM BE KIDS PEOPLE!!!  OK, so I went a bit off topic there, please forgive me.
I am off here to watch my kids run around the yard like little heathens and get dirty.
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So I was sitting outside enjoying a little "mommy time out time" and reading some little stories and such on the net when i came across one about men spanking women. Not for sexual gratification but as punishment. I would post a link to the story but my phone won't let me. Anyways, the story was based off a newspaper article from the late 50's and every man they interviewed said that women should be spanked if they are out of line. So after reading this I did a quick search and found several articles on the subject and its becoming a more popular way of "dealing" with relationship issues when the man feels the woman is out of line. Now don't get me wrong, I have no problem with being spanked for sexual gratification but as punishment...I don't think so.  Im an adult and I am more than aware of what is right and wrong. Forgive me if I'm wrong but the purpose of spanking is to correct bad behavior and let a child know that whatever they have done is serious enough to warrent a punishment that they will remember. The reason parents resort to spanking is because all other punishments have failed to teach them that what they are doing is wrong and kids seem to forget what they are told fairly quickly. As an adult we are able to have a conversation, be told what we did wrong and correct the behavior on our own. It sounds to me like these women that are being spanked are involved in a D/s relationship and are allowing it to happen.  More power to them if that is the type of relationship that they want to be in and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that if it makes them happy.  Honestly this is the only logical answer I can come up with as to why these women are allowing men to spank them as punishment.  Maybe it has something to do with the newest reading craze, 50 Shades of Grey.  I mean lets face it ladies, these books are HOT!  But that doesn't mean that we need to do whats in the book does it?  I don't know, I may be wrong with both of my guesses and it's just something that these people feel like they need to do *shrugs* to each their own I suppose.  I would love to hear opinions on this one if you have one.
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ya learn something new everyday...

So we are going to get a bit personal with this one and i am going to ttell y'all what I learned tonight. So here it goes.
I have a rather extensive collection of adult toys and since I have children I have to hide them. While trying to figure out the best hiding place for them I tried to think of how likely or unlikely it would be that they would find them. So after thinking long and hard about it I decided to hide them in my pajama drawer. Its the middle drawer on my dresser, at the top so they are less likely to open it and stuffed so full(I have a rather extensive collection of jammies, thank you Grandma) you can barely open it.  Perfect place to hide them!  So i stuffed them all in the very back of the drawer between my winter jammies and that's where they stay until I need them. Great hiding place right?  Wrong!  Last time I had a moment to myself to be able to use said toys one of my children woke up and came knocking on my door so i quickly put it back in its proper hiding place and made a mental note to take it out after I got my kid back to bed.  Three hours later I sleepily stumbled back to my room and passed out, forgetting to clean my toy. Its been about 2 weeks since that happened and i had completely forgotten about that night until I got my jammies on tonight. Im chilly tonight so i decided to wear a pair of jammie pants not my typical boxers so i reached to the back of the drawer and grabbed a pair and put them on, still not thinking about the incident 2 weeks ago, I walked into the living room and sat down and after a minute or so i smelled something that reminded me of rubber and sex. I got up and searched around thinking that there was something in the room and couldn't find it!  So i gave up and went outside for a few minutes and i smelled it again!  Then it dawned on me...its my freakin pants!!!  It was then that I remembered what had happened and that I had totally forgotten about it.  Moral of the story ladies, don't hide your play toys in a drawer with clothes and always remember to clean them when you are finished using them!  Now before y'all go thinking that my lady bits stink or something I will assure you that they do not, the toy was in the middle of these particular pants kind of wrapped in them. 
Well I'm off here, I have things to do while worm is asleep and the older 3 are gone for the night. As always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends <3

Thursday, July 5, 2012

2 hours later...

Well, its been 2 hours since my last update and the boys are still cleaning their room...well supposed to be anyway...miss priss finally figured out that I'm more stubborn than she is(woohoo!) and has her room almost finished and i have managed to get worm to sleep and get a load of laundry and a load of dishes started AND my living room is almost finished!  I stopped to make the kids lunch but then I thought about it and decided to wait because none of them have said anything about being hungry yet and I'm scared if i stop them they won't start again. So here I sit debating on what to do. My goal for today....keep what little sanity I have left and get the living room and bathroom cleaned. Half way there baby! Well...sort of...
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Come on guys its only 10:15!!!

Man oh man is it promising to be an interesting day. Its only 10:15 in the morning and the kids are already braindead. Lets see I was woken up at 6am by miss priss trying to shove my boob in worms mouth. Sadly this isn't the first time she has done this and i have learned that boobs are incredibly streatchy. From her attempts to feed her brother he was getting pissed because he couldn't reach it and she was getting pissed because she couldn't feed him. While all of this is happening(maybe a minute or 2 before I was fully awake enough to grasp what the hell was going on) I let down. This caused worm to get sprayed in the face and start screaming, miss priss to get grossed out and my shirt and sheet to get wet. Oh yay more laundry!  Typically when we get up in the morning I have enough time to pee, get dressed and change and dress worm before he starts fussing to eat. Not this morning, this morning I had to feed him before doing any of that which has totally thrown me off. So after worm was fed we got dressed and i got the kids something to eat. They eat breakfast in the living room at fold out trays so they know to get their trays out when i start to get their breakfast ready. For some unknown reason sitting in the middle of the couch is the seat they all want so its usually an argument which is pretty senseless since its in rotation. This morning it was monsters turn. Miss priss didn't like hearing that and threw a toy at him and he got hit just under his eye. Since it was early as hell in the morning he chose to be all dramatic about it and grabbed his face and fell on the floor and started screaming like he was being skinned alive. Miss priss got her hand popped and was made to stand in the corner for throwing the toy at him and then made to apologize. Finally the 3 of them are sitting down and eating quietly woohoo!  Naturally that can't last long so they start getting goofy and loud which causes a try to be knocked over and a bowl of cereal to go flying all over the living room *sigh*.  Once that is cleaned up and they have eaten I tell them they need to clean their rooms so off they go to pick up. Not 3 minutes after the boys are in their room I hear them starting to argue, which turns into a fight. Call me a bad mom if you want but I just let em do their thing. Siblings have to fight it out once in awhile and there's no better day than today. Its been building up for a long time and needed to happen to get it done and over with. It sounded something like this....Bub- ouch stop it! Monster - you started it! Bub - kk gonna punch you in the balls! Monster - I'll kick your butt! Bub hits monster. Monster - you jerk! And he hits Bub. From there it was just a bunch of ows and stop its and such. They finally stopped and both came running down the hall to tell on each other. Both of them had red marks all over them and I'm pretty sure Bub will have a black eye BUT they are getting along now so it worked. Since their fight they have been banished to their room until its cleaned...translation...they are coming out of their room every 30 fucking seconds for one reason or another and not cleaning it. Not that I am complaining too much because it's REALLY fucking hot outside and i have no desirnto be out there today. But I would still very much like their room to be picked up. Miss priss is in a battle of wills with me. Who is more stubborn me or her?  She seems to think she shouldn't have to pick up her room and she's sadly mistaken on that one. She's currently sitting in her bedroom floor playing with the loudest toys she could find and I'm ignoring it. When she comes out she's sent back to go clean up and the cycle has been going on for about an hour now. I figure she can stay in there till its lunch time and if its not cleaned by then she can eat lunch take a nap and then go back to picking up, or pretending to pick up, whichever. So here I sit feeding worm listening to America's 3 loudest kids and trying to enjoy a few minutes of not having kids under my feet. Its jot working but I'm trying lol.
Well I'm off here. Im going to attempt to get my house cleaned today. Realistically the living room might get done along with some laundry but I can hope can't I? 
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Y'all may think I'm crazy but...

The original owners of this house are both dead. The old man, Rayfield, died here and the old woman, Shirley, died a few weeks later at a nursing home. I have noticed weird things since moving in here but it wasn't often or anything that couldn't be explained away so i never mentioned it to anyone and ignored it. Well over the years things have become more obvious and a lot harder to ignore, to the point the kids are noticing it. I'll start with the hallway light. It will flicker on and off randomly when its on, first thought is its an electrical problem right?  Nope, had it checked and there's no problem with the wiring or anything. The odd thing about the light though is when someone in the house is mad or upset it will flicker more rapidly or shut off all together and once the person or people are calm it will turn back on. The smoke alarm is hard wired into the wall with a battery backup and it beeps like the battery is dying in it. I changed the battery in it 3 different times and it still beeps. Not all the time bit often enough for it to be annoying. Now the master bathroom light is starting to do the same thing as the hall light. The hallway and the master bathroom aren't on the same switch in the breaker box so its not like they are connected to say its electrical. I have a recliner in the living room that I sit in and it faces the hallway so I can see down the hall and know where the kids are. I have seen a shadow in the hall going from the master bedroom and come down the hall and then its gone. It has also gone from the hall bathroom to the master bedroom. This has happened when i was here alone with just worm, late at night while everyone is asleep but me and worm and while everyone was awake and moving around. I have never found anything when i went to see what or who it was. While sitting outside I have seen shadows go in front of the window when there was no one in the house and the blinds have moved when no one was inside. There is a sense of someone watching you sometimes but no one is ever there. Now I know a this makes me sound like a total wack job but here's the one thing that made me stop dead and kind of silently freak out. Miss priss and monster were bugging me to go outside one day so i told them to get their shoes on and yelled for Bub. He didn't respond so i got up to go find him. I found him sitting in his floor white as a sheet holding his chest. I asked him what was wrong and he looked at me terrified with tears in his eyes and told me "I feel the old mans pain. Its in his chest and i couldn't breathe."  I asked him what he was talking about and he told me "ray, his heart hurt and he couldn't breathe and i felt it. I got really cold and then I felt it."  He has never been told who lived here or that ray died here or how he died, which was from a heart attack in the master bedroom. None of the kids will go into a dark room alone here and miss priss won't go in the house unless someone is inside already or someone goes with her and I'm starting to wonder if this is why worm prefers to be outside so much. Call me crazy but I have no other way to explain what's going on other than I think ray is hanging around. Perfectly harmless but uber creepy.
Well worm is yelling for me and its getting late. If i don't get a chance to update tomorrow have a happy 4th and be safe.
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Friday, June 29, 2012

This is how i know i need sleep...

As y'all know I have a beautiful bouncing baby boy who is now almost 7 weeks old. Man has time flown!  Well I'm sure everyone knows when you have a baby sleep is pretty much nonexistent. And I'm sure by now you have guessed that I am getting very little sleep. Actually I average between 1 and 3 hours in a 24 hour period. Which is no where near enough!  So here is how I have come to realize that I need more sleep.
Its currently 11:20 pm and I am exhausted but wide awake, those of you with kids will understand when I say that he has me on his sleep schedule. Well he's gone and thrown a wrench in the schedule and he's peacefully sleeping at the moment while I'm tossing and turning trying to get my eyes to stay shut. But that's not the point of this post. I got him to sleep tonight fairly easily and I decided my cleaning can wait until tomorrow so i finally ate my dinner(a peanutbutter and jelly if you care) and went to change into my jammies. This is,obviously, a nightly thing so you would think I would know how to get undressed and dressed again by now. I mean I am getting ready to turn twenty....four...ya...twenty four...again.  so i get my jammies out of the drawer and I take my shirt off only to realize that I've been wearing it inside out since this afternoon when we got home from the pool. No biggie I haven't been anywhere. Then I go to take my bra off and can't get it unhooked!  What the hell?!  So i take my arms out of it and spin it around so i can see what the fuck I'm doing and I had somehow managed to hook it not only twisted but I bent one of the hooks somehow and it was clamped shut so tight it wouldn't let the clasp pop open. How in the bloody hell I managed this is still unknown(though I am determined to figure this out).  Since I was too damn lazy to find something to bend it back open with I had the oh so brilliant idea to take it off like a shirt. Stupid move. The clasps got tangled in my hair while I was pulling it off and since I can't see the top and back of my head(dumbass me spun the bra back the right way for some reason...I think I had a brain fart and thought I was putting it on...not too sure on that one).  So now not only can I not get the damn clasp open to take it off but its stuck in my hair. Great. After a 10 minute battle with the fuckin thing I finally get it out of my hair and off. Im missing some hair and have a bent bra but I'm now dressed and ready for bed yay!  Now if only I could actually get some sleep things would be just fucking peachy!  And just for an added laugh at my expense in my frustration I put my pants on backwards when I was getting dressed *sigh*.  I give up, I'm going to find a cheesy horror movie to watch and lay down. Hopefully worm will stay asleep until at least 1 and I'll get some time to relax if nothing else.
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Please excuse my typos my smart phone is pretty dumb and I don't have the brain to catch all of my mistakes lol.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Im all for being comfortable but damn girl!

OK so like the title says I'm all for being comfortable with who you are and you being comfortable in your own skin, yay for you!  But there is a point when you need to stop and think really hard before walking out the door.
Let me paint this picture for you...we are at the pool,me,my mom,monster,Bub,miss priss,worm and my niece...we will call her Kay...all the kids (except worm) are swimming and playing and me and my mom are sitting in the shade with worm talking about a bunch of nothing and a whole lot of everything. I'll be the first to tell you, I get my attitude and snark from my mother. So we are sitting there and she rolls her eyes and goes oh lord here come the dikes.  I laughed because we love our gay people so otw was weird to hear her say it like that. So i asked what that was all about and she rolls her eyes again and goes "lemme tell ya, I could care less if someone is gay bi lesbian or whatever but these 2 are a bit much for me when there are kids around.  Last time we were down here these 2 showed up and were down here in the deep end feeling all over each other and kissin and well I don't want to be the one that has to explain it to tthe grandbabies ya know."  About this time I catch sight of the butch of the pair and holy shit!  She looked like she would rather knock your teeth out than talk to ya!  Don't get me wrong I'm sure she's a nice woman but she looked mean as hell. Anyways, shes a big woman and I'm cool with that...I love my fluffy people!  Bit she was wearing men's swim trunks and a wife, I'm sure you all know or have seen a big woman so you all know they usually have HUGE titties. So I'm looking at this big OK girl with her titties flapping and a mohawk that could take your eye out if you get too close and the only thing I could think was "she needs to leashes those puppies before someone gets bit!"  So i said it to my mom who was busy watching this woman's girlfriend walk in the gate in horror. Like I said before I am all for people being proud of who they are and whatnot but this girl was easily 350 pounds and she was wearing the smallest bikini I have ever seen on a girl her size. If one of those strings had snapped it would have been like the opening scene in ghost ship...lots of people cut in half. Btw if you haven't seen that movie go get it and watch it now its a great movie. Anyways these 2 women don't look like they belong together at all and I'm fairly sure they are in some kind of D/s relationship just by the way they were acting together. But thats beside the point, they both jumped in the pool and the girl was hanging onto the butches back while they were swimming. My only thought, and yes I said it out loud, was this isn't going to end well...she's going to sink her and that lifeguard won't be able to pull em both out."  In my head there was this horror scene of the smaller girl sinking the butch and the butch going down like the Titanic then grabbing at the other girl and accidentally pulling her bathing suit and it pops and beheads everyone.  Mean I know bit that's just how my mind works sometimes. So they get out of the pool and lay in the sun and I relaxed and in walks the weirdo. He had a belly like Santa and naturally he was shirtless. He kept walking around the pool and dipping one foot in while standing there at the side of the was like some kind of weird ritual or something. He eventually jumped in and his hairy man belly was under water thank god. Im tellin y'all my eyes couldn't have taken much more today and I am sooooo glad we left when we did lol. The kids had fun and that's all that matters in the end but I don't think I want to go back for awhile.

Well I'm outta here I have things to do while I have a few moments of peace. As always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends. Side note please excuse my errors I typed this from my phone and have no spell check and my phone is stupid and does weird things like doubling letters and inserting random words. I promise I'm not dumb lol.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Epic grossness...

So one of my favorite parts of the day is after the older kids go to bed.  Not because they have driven me to the point of insanity but because me and Mr Worm take a bath together. It helps me unwind from the day and it helps him relax and sleep a little better,when he sleeps that is.  It also gives us some one on one time and skin to skin contact.  After tonight I'm not too sure we will be doing it again for awhile though.

So around 9pm I got the bath ready as usual and me and Worm got in, I got him all washed up and he usually nurses while we are are in there, this is my trick to get him to go to sleep for a few hours mwahahahahaha!  Anyway, he finished nursing and I sat him up and burped him and then I sat him on my stomach with him resting his back and head on my legs sitting up.  He was looking around and I was talking to him when I heard his tummy make a noise.  I looked right at him and said "please don't poop on mommy!"  As soon as the words came out of my mouth he got this tiny little half smile on his cute little face and I KNEW what he was doing.  I lifted him up to put him on the diaper I had laying on the floor next to his clothes for when we got out of the bath and of course as soon as I lifted him up he shit all over me!  He was covered from asshole to ankle in poop, he got it all over my stomach and ladybits, it was floating in the water so it was in my hair before I got him sat down and myself stood up, it was EVERYWHERE!!!  So I laid him down on the towel and drained the water from the tub, and of course as the tub is draining he decided to finish his huge crap all over the towel and then proceed to kick his feet and spread it all over himself some more.  I got the shower started and washed him again then I grabbed a new towel and laid him in his bouncy chair all wrapped up and showered myself, once I felt clean again I got out and we went to the bedroom to get dressed and wouldn't you know I opened his towel and the little shit peed all over me.  I got him dressed and went back to shower AGAIN.  Got out and dressed and he started to fuss so I picked him up and he burped...ya, you guessed it...I had a little pool of by recycled breastmilk in between my boobs.  I washed up and got him to sleep finally.  I think I am going to go to bed here soon and pray he sleeps for a little while, the water needs time to heat up again because that last shower was kind of cold.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Man oh man what a day!

Holy shit its been a long day!  And here I sit at 12:11 at night still awake with a leech attached to my tit trying to drain me of the last ounce of energy I have left.  Honestly I'm not even sure where to begin to explain what went wrong with today...its kind of a blur at this point.  I guess starting at the beginning would work so lets do that.
For once my kids actually slept in. Miss priss didn't wake up till 7, worm was in bed with me so he was sleeping peacefully (as long as I didn't move of course), and Bub and monster slept till about 8.  This NEVER happens around here so that's a pretty exciting thing. What makes it even more awesome is that when they all got up they just came and got in bed with me and we all snuggled and watched Spiderman 2 till about 10:30 with no whining complaining or fighting!  The day was off to an amazing start!  It had to go to shit at some point *sigh*.  Once we all got up and dressed we went outside for a bit.  I figured with it already being so late we would just have lunch around 11 and skip breakfast. No one complained about it, no one was saying they were hungry, still no fighting or arguing, the day was off to an eerily good start. My dad stopped by to see the kids and monster wanted him to push him on the tree swing.  Nothing unusual all 3 of them love the tree swing and someone is always being pushed on it. Well, today had to be the day one of them got hurt on it.  Monster hit the tree with his knee and scraped his knee and leg up. Ah ha! I knew something was going to happen!  By this point it was time to eat anyway so we all went in and had lunch.  I informed them that after lunch they needed to clean their rooms because I was tired of stepping on toys all the time. Shockingly no one flight me on this one and they all cleaned up without any fighting talking back or any problems at all!!!  I had to go to the Dr today for my 6 week check up so the older 3 went to my moms and off we went to the Dr. Got to my mom's to pick up the kids and the boys decided they wanted to stay the night so me miss priss and worm came home. This is when things started to go  Since we had a early lunch, and I hadn't eaten at all yet, I decided to throw a pizza in the oven. I got out a silicon pizza pan and threw it in and sat down to feed worm. About 10mins later I smelled something funny so I got up to check to see what it was...I opened the oven door and a huge cloud of smoke comes rolling out.  The fucking pizza pan melted in my oven!  And I don't mean a little bit of it, I mean everything that the pizza wasn't touching was in blobs of black goo on the bottom on my damn oven. To add to that the smoke from it is toxic. So I opened the doors and me ans the kids came outside while it aired out and the good hardened. Well of course it had to rain while we were outside and we couldn't go back in the house. Thankfully it was only for a minute or five. Well dinner was fucked to we went to taco bell. After waiting for a half hour to order and get my damn food I open the bag and see that I'm missing a taco.  Fuck it I'm not going back for it I'll nuke a frozen burrito was my only thought. Dinner went without issue yay!  Well of course worm hasn't screamed enough today so he decides to start yelling at me so we all came back outside because it calms him down. Well as if things weren't going shitty enough already miss priss decided to get on top of a cozy coupe car and fall off of it...onto the sidewalk....and catch herself with her head and face.  She's got a knot above her eye and a scrape on her cheek but otherwise seems OK...bit just to be safe I called her Dr and was told to keep her up for a few hours. Mind you it was almost 9pm when she did it. Great, she didn't nap today so this should be buckets of fun.  Much to my surprise she did great staying up so late. It didn't go without incident though. Around 1030 she spilled an entire glass of water all over my living room carpet and then around 11 she knocked a can of Pepsi off the shelf in the fridge and it literally exploded all over the kitchen. After all that was cleaned up she decided she wanted to play with my hair. She lost 7 of 12 barrettes in my hair.  It was loads of fun trying to find those since my hair is down to my ass. I did manage to find them all though!  She finally fell asleep about 5mins to midnight and of course worm woke up at 3mins to midnight screaming. So now I'm sitting here with him staring at me. I swear he thinks its a game, it goes something like this...he screams so I pick him up, I get him to sleep and lay him down, 30 seconds after I lay him down he opens one eye and screams, I pick him up and he stares at me daring me to out him down for the next 10-15mins and then we repeat. Im seriously thinking I might just let him win the game tonight and put him in bed with me. Momma needs some damn sleep because I'm starting to resemble a zombie and its jot a very good look for me.
Well I'm off to play this game...or lose always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends <3. Wish me luck!
Btw I have included pics of the pizza pan and the eexploded soda can for your amusement ...enjoy