Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Y'all may think I'm crazy but...

The original owners of this house are both dead. The old man, Rayfield, died here and the old woman, Shirley, died a few weeks later at a nursing home. I have noticed weird things since moving in here but it wasn't often or anything that couldn't be explained away so i never mentioned it to anyone and ignored it. Well over the years things have become more obvious and a lot harder to ignore, to the point the kids are noticing it. I'll start with the hallway light. It will flicker on and off randomly when its on, first thought is its an electrical problem right?  Nope, had it checked and there's no problem with the wiring or anything. The odd thing about the light though is when someone in the house is mad or upset it will flicker more rapidly or shut off all together and once the person or people are calm it will turn back on. The smoke alarm is hard wired into the wall with a battery backup and it beeps like the battery is dying in it. I changed the battery in it 3 different times and it still beeps. Not all the time bit often enough for it to be annoying. Now the master bathroom light is starting to do the same thing as the hall light. The hallway and the master bathroom aren't on the same switch in the breaker box so its not like they are connected to say its electrical. I have a recliner in the living room that I sit in and it faces the hallway so I can see down the hall and know where the kids are. I have seen a shadow in the hall going from the master bedroom and come down the hall and then its gone. It has also gone from the hall bathroom to the master bedroom. This has happened when i was here alone with just worm, late at night while everyone is asleep but me and worm and while everyone was awake and moving around. I have never found anything when i went to see what or who it was. While sitting outside I have seen shadows go in front of the window when there was no one in the house and the blinds have moved when no one was inside. There is a sense of someone watching you sometimes but no one is ever there. Now I know a this makes me sound like a total wack job but here's the one thing that made me stop dead and kind of silently freak out. Miss priss and monster were bugging me to go outside one day so i told them to get their shoes on and yelled for Bub. He didn't respond so i got up to go find him. I found him sitting in his floor white as a sheet holding his chest. I asked him what was wrong and he looked at me terrified with tears in his eyes and told me "I feel the old mans pain. Its in his chest and i couldn't breathe."  I asked him what he was talking about and he told me "ray, his heart hurt and he couldn't breathe and i felt it. I got really cold and then I felt it."  He has never been told who lived here or that ray died here or how he died, which was from a heart attack in the master bedroom. None of the kids will go into a dark room alone here and miss priss won't go in the house unless someone is inside already or someone goes with her and I'm starting to wonder if this is why worm prefers to be outside so much. Call me crazy but I have no other way to explain what's going on other than I think ray is hanging around. Perfectly harmless but uber creepy.
Well worm is yelling for me and its getting late. If i don't get a chance to update tomorrow have a happy 4th and be safe.
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  1. Sounds like the normal occupation of a spirit, sounds like he himself is harmless but children are very very highly sensitive to other worldly forces, they talk to the air and people assume its an imaginary friend, no one wants to think that its a local spirit. Anyway I wont say anymore here I've had plenty of experiences myself. If you have any concerns perhaps I can answer at least some of them

  2. You're not crazy. This kind of thing is totally real. He sounds harmless, but if it starts affecting your children physically like that more, you may want to look into getting him removed.

  3. I grew up in a haunted house, you're not crazy. I've seen a ghost, and it scared the living shit out of me. And yet I still watch ghost movies and love hauntings and paranormal shit. Talk about crazy. You're right, harmless but that thing with Bub is fuckin creepy to say the least.

  4. There s more to add to this, but I think I am going to make another post about it because its quite a bit to add. Glad y'all don't think I'm crazy though lol!