Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jello Party!!

We had our annual Jello Party last weekend, and it was a BLAST!  We had around 27 kids show up and all but 3 of them got COVERED!  We were supposed to have 33 but a few didnt show up, probably because when they RSVP'd their parent asked what the change of clothes and towel were for and they decided that they didnt want to have their kids covered in jello.  Whatever, better off without those stuck up people.  I bought and made 500 boxes of jello this year which ended up giving me 127 2ltrs and 2 3ltrs full of jello, and those filled my big pool(it probably could have taken more but its been through 7 years of jello parties and I was quite shocked it survived last year well enough to be used again) and my little pool that we usually use for water.  I had the oh so brilliant idea to have water balloons this year so the kids could throw them while we filled the pool because it takes awhile.  Well, plans got messed up and i didnt get a chance to fill any balloons the night before so we were left scrambling to fill as many as possible before the party.  We got about a half a tub(one of those 30 gallon totes) filled before it was time to fill the pool and they lasted about 10 seconds.  Thats when the kids started circling us....waiting...asking questions...slowly closing in on us...i was kind of afraid they were going to attack at one point.  But after shouting a few times for them to back up they all took a few steps back and waited patiently(even though they were all fidgeting and itching to get closer and start).  Once the pool was filled I gave them the rules, dont throw any jello at the cluster of adults, if they are in the slime zone thats on them, but the ones that didnt want to get messy, or werent brave enough to get close were off limits.  The other rule was dont hi
t my dog, hes a Husky and a pain in the ass to wash.  FYI I didnt have him in the house because people were going to be in and out changing and using the bathroom and i didnt want him to get away, and he is a runner.  Anyway, I took y pool pictures and told them to have at it.  They all got to the edge of the pool and were carefully putting their hands in it, like they werent sure if I was serious when I said they could throw it, jump in it, throw each other in it, or whatever else they could think of.  Thats when Bub stepped in the pool, bent over and grabbed 2 hands full of jello and just slung it out to the sides of him, hitting 8 or so kids.  All hell broke loose!  They all jumped in the pool, well as many as the pool could fit, they were pushing and shoving and trying to get jello to throw.  It was amazing, or dare I say, beautiful?  It took about 10 minutes for all that jello to be thrown and just the sludge left in the bottom, but I must say the smiles on the kids faces were totally worth it.  So, I decided that I am going to top myself next year by buying 200 boxes of jello a month for the next year which will give me 1200 boxes of jello, which will give me roughly 600 2ltrs of jello and around 6 large pools!  Thats my goal and I an determined to meet it.  Anyway, I'm going to leave it at that and post some pictures for yall to enjoy.
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

End of the year woohoo!!!

(Posting from my phone please ignore mistakes)

Wooooohooooooo!!!!! We finally made it to the end of a very,very,very long school year!!  Today was the boys last day of school and I'm pretty sure I'm more excited about them being out than I ever was when I was in school. Mom, I'm sorry I was always a pain in the ass to get to(and keep in) school.  Its far harder to get kids up and moving, ready, fed and out the door ON TIME than it ever was to go sit in a class all day.
Both boys passed to the next grades, super happy and uber proud. Im going to be working with all 3 of them over the summer to keep them from forgetting stuff, I'm sure they are going to be oh so happy about this.  But for now I'm going to let them enjoy their summer, study free.  We are having our annual jello party this weekend so I've got a lot to do between now and Saturday. So far I've had more RSVP's than ever and there's usually a few that show up who didn't RSVP, and of course the few that do and don't show. At the moment we are expecting somewhere around 30 kids to come, plus adults with them, so roughly 50 people will be at my house Saturday. I can not begin to describe how anxious I am about this. Im not exactly a people person,in case you hadn't gathered that already, and the thought of having to interact with so many people has me on the verge of a panic attack. Of course it doesn't help that the one other adult that was going to be here to help (the kids dad) has to work all of the sudden. Thankfully my wonderful friends and family have stepped in to offer help. Those of you that have offered, thank you a million times over, you have no idea how much this means to me. Well, as much as I hate to cut this short I really need to get my butt in gear now that the kids are in bed and get some laundry folded. I'll post after the party with pics and a run down of how it all went.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Update on little man

OK again I'm on from the phone and at this point I am trying to catch up on all the blogging i have wanted to do but not had time for.

For those of you that have been following my Sy saga here is an update for you.
We went for a long growth hormone test last week to see what his hormone levels were because the times that they checked it it was so low they couldn't detect it. He wasn't allowed to eat after midnight the night before the test through until it was done,thag was the worst part because he eats nonstop. We got there at 630am and checked in and went to a room on the 7th floor where they put in an IV to draw blood and administer meds. I have to brag and say he didn't cry at all when they stuck him twice to get it started. Yay Sy!  They took 3 tubes of blood and left. Then they started the first Med which was to jump start hormone production. They drew blood every half hour while we were there and at the 1 1/2 hour mark they gave him a ssecond Med,and I cant rremember what it was for. Up j til this point he was doing great. The second Med made him sleepy and he was hungry because it was 1030 and he hadn't eaten yet so he got PISSED. He was finally allowed to eat at 1130 and we got home around 1. Overall he did amazing but it really sucked to hear him screaming and not bbe able to do anything for him.
I got the results from the test the other day and of the 12 blood draws 11 of them were low and ONE was in the grey area so they don't want to start treatment. I get that because once its started his body won't produce it on its own and they want to wait to ssee if he will start making it without treatment first. So we go for the test again in 6mos. In the meantime we go for an MRI later this month and make rounds to all his drs again to see if they can come up with something else. In the first 2yrs of life growth hormone doesn't play a major role and growth is based more off of nutrition than anything. Which is leading the endocrinologist to think there may be more to whatever is going on than just a hormone issue. *sigh* one day one of these drs will figure it out and get it all taken care of. At least that's what I hope will happen.

Things you should.know about little boys

Again,I'm.posting phone. Sorry.

1) Dirt will stick to them. I swear they all have invisible dirt magnets and will find the tiniest speck of a pristine room.

2) Their favorite toy will always and fforever be their penis. It starts when they are still in diapers and never ends. Don't believe me?  Look over at your husband/boyfriend/fuck buddy at any random moment he is relaxing. I bet his hand will be on it.

3) Guns and weapons are their second favorite toys. Try as much as you want to to keep them away from it bit they will make a weapon out.of ANYTHING. 

4) They will have an interest in girls at a very going age,even if they don't know why.  Gone are the days of girls having cooties.

5) They can and will climb on anything that you think is dangerous and most likely jump off of it just to watch you have a mini heart attack.

6) Boys will steal your heart and hold it in their grubby little hands ladies. Having a son is totally different than having a daughter. I can't explain why but it is.

7) They are born with an instinct to protect their mommy. It's super sweet and totally cute.

8)  They will do anything to make you proud.

9) Hygiene is not on the top of their priority list.  They simply don't care.
10) They have their own distinct smell. Best I can describe it is a mixture of dirt and candy. Weird.

Having boys is the most rewarding thing any mother can experience. Not to downplay girls because that's special in its own right ans I'll touch on that later. But boys are special to us mommies. Enjoy it ladies, it goes by too fast.

When will.people learn?!

First,please forgive any random periods or double letters,misplaced or odd words.  Im doing this phone and editing is a the ass.

Now,to.the point of this post.
I live on a fairly busy road. It's the main way into the neighborhood and a decent little stretch of road before you hit the stop sign. There is also a the road that used to be railroad tracks which have been covered over by asphalt.  When I was a kid(hell.until.I was damn near 20) the tracks were left there to.slow.people.down. Not that any of us really did but there wasn't houses on both sides of the street tthen either. Anyway, since they covered it people fucking fly down the road in attempts to jump the old tracks. This isn't REALLY an issue for me since i have a wall of trees across my front yard,and pretty much everyone that loses control ends up across the street in the neighbors yards, but I do have kids and there is a chance one of these fucktards will eventually end up slamming into one of my trees...or worse.  Around this time last year some numbnut came over the hump,lost control and slammed into the power pole which knocked power out to our house and the court across the street. Then there was the guy who jumped the curb and busted both passenger side tires and still sped away driving on his rims. They found him 2 blocks away with bent rims and pissed off parents.  But the best one yet happened today. I had my front door open and from my chair I can see the corner where most of the fuck ups land. Im eating my oh so healthy dinner of microwave burritos and I hear these 2 morons(they cone flying through here a few times a day) on dirt bikes coning up the road. I looked out the door at the exact right moment and see one fly by and the other one drift over to the other side of the road, lose control and hit the curb. His bike goes up over the curb and he bails because he's heading for the brick sign that's over there. He landed on his side,glasses flew off when he bailed and his bike slams the brick. I damn near choked I laughed so hard. He's almost lost control a few times coming through here and he kept doing it. Common sense would say to slow down(or at the very least learn to control your bike).  But noooooo,he kept doing it and he finally fucked up. I walked out and asked if he was OK, he said he was and his friend came back a minute later laughing at him. He picked up the bike, found his broken glasses and went on his merry way but he was holding his arm so I'm willing to bet he's got at least some nasty bruises. Hopefully he learned his lesson and slows down, but I'm willing to bet I'll see him fly through tomorrow.
I've added a pic of the corner with the hump(not the best pic it was raining) and my wall of trees for your viewing pleasure.