Friday, June 7, 2013

Things you should.know about little boys

Again,I'm.posting phone. Sorry.

1) Dirt will stick to them. I swear they all have invisible dirt magnets and will find the tiniest speck of a pristine room.

2) Their favorite toy will always and fforever be their penis. It starts when they are still in diapers and never ends. Don't believe me?  Look over at your husband/boyfriend/fuck buddy at any random moment he is relaxing. I bet his hand will be on it.

3) Guns and weapons are their second favorite toys. Try as much as you want to to keep them away from it bit they will make a weapon out.of ANYTHING. 

4) They will have an interest in girls at a very going age,even if they don't know why.  Gone are the days of girls having cooties.

5) They can and will climb on anything that you think is dangerous and most likely jump off of it just to watch you have a mini heart attack.

6) Boys will steal your heart and hold it in their grubby little hands ladies. Having a son is totally different than having a daughter. I can't explain why but it is.

7) They are born with an instinct to protect their mommy. It's super sweet and totally cute.

8)  They will do anything to make you proud.

9) Hygiene is not on the top of their priority list.  They simply don't care.
10) They have their own distinct smell. Best I can describe it is a mixture of dirt and candy. Weird.

Having boys is the most rewarding thing any mother can experience. Not to downplay girls because that's special in its own right ans I'll touch on that later. But boys are special to us mommies. Enjoy it ladies, it goes by too fast.