Friday, June 7, 2013

When will.people learn?!

First,please forgive any random periods or double letters,misplaced or odd words.  Im doing this phone and editing is a the ass.

Now,to.the point of this post.
I live on a fairly busy road. It's the main way into the neighborhood and a decent little stretch of road before you hit the stop sign. There is also a the road that used to be railroad tracks which have been covered over by asphalt.  When I was a kid(hell.until.I was damn near 20) the tracks were left there to.slow.people.down. Not that any of us really did but there wasn't houses on both sides of the street tthen either. Anyway, since they covered it people fucking fly down the road in attempts to jump the old tracks. This isn't REALLY an issue for me since i have a wall of trees across my front yard,and pretty much everyone that loses control ends up across the street in the neighbors yards, but I do have kids and there is a chance one of these fucktards will eventually end up slamming into one of my trees...or worse.  Around this time last year some numbnut came over the hump,lost control and slammed into the power pole which knocked power out to our house and the court across the street. Then there was the guy who jumped the curb and busted both passenger side tires and still sped away driving on his rims. They found him 2 blocks away with bent rims and pissed off parents.  But the best one yet happened today. I had my front door open and from my chair I can see the corner where most of the fuck ups land. Im eating my oh so healthy dinner of microwave burritos and I hear these 2 morons(they cone flying through here a few times a day) on dirt bikes coning up the road. I looked out the door at the exact right moment and see one fly by and the other one drift over to the other side of the road, lose control and hit the curb. His bike goes up over the curb and he bails because he's heading for the brick sign that's over there. He landed on his side,glasses flew off when he bailed and his bike slams the brick. I damn near choked I laughed so hard. He's almost lost control a few times coming through here and he kept doing it. Common sense would say to slow down(or at the very least learn to control your bike).  But noooooo,he kept doing it and he finally fucked up. I walked out and asked if he was OK, he said he was and his friend came back a minute later laughing at him. He picked up the bike, found his broken glasses and went on his merry way but he was holding his arm so I'm willing to bet he's got at least some nasty bruises. Hopefully he learned his lesson and slows down, but I'm willing to bet I'll see him fly through tomorrow.
I've added a pic of the corner with the hump(not the best pic it was raining) and my wall of trees for your viewing pleasure.

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