Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sick kids and public courtesy...

Its that time of year again and all the little germ carriers are crammed into one big room together, sharing bathrooms and lunches and rarely properly washing their hands. Yes folks, its cold and flu season. Now I'll be the first to admit I'm a germiphobe and this year is worse than ever. Why you ask? Because worm has an extremely low white blood cell count and if he gets sick he gets put in the hospital. He can't fight things off like a normal baby can and he's probably going to get any germ that happens to cross his precious face. This terrifies me. To the point that I currently have miss priss and Bub staying at my moms house because they are both sick. Do I want to send them away when they are sick? Absolutely not!  Its my job as mommy to take care of my kids. But I can't compromise worms health just because I want to take care of the other 2 while they are sick. I feel horrible about it but for now that's the way it has to be. I know they are in good hands. Hell I was sick with strep or an ear infection at least once a month until I was 15 and had my tonsils removed so I know my mom is more than capable of caring for my babies(plus she tends to spoil sick kids so they aren't complaining about it lol).  Anyways,  the whole point of me telling y'all all that was for get to the real point of this post. If your kids(of you) are sick STAY THE FUCK HOME!!!!  Lemme break it down for you to make it really simple. Fever within 24hrs, stay home.  Vomiting/diorrhea (I know that's spelled wrong don't shoot me) within 48hrs, stay home. Persistent cough/runny/stuffy nose lasting longer than 3 days, stay home.  Its not hard people. You not keeping your little germ factories home when they are sick is going to make someone else sick. Kids do not understand why they need to wash their hands or not share their lunch or not to get in someone's face. It is our job as their parents to teach them that, but in the meantime it is also our job to keep them home when they are sick. See, your kid goes to school sick and then my kid gets sick and then s/he brings it home for my baby to get it and we end up in the hospital. Not only are 2 of my kids sick at that point but I am away from 3 of them while one is stuck in the hospital. Or how about this, your sick kid gives it to another kid who has a family member fighting cancer, that kid gives it to the cancer patient and then what?  The point I'm trying to make is it isn't as cut and dry as one kid giving it to the next. Whole families get sick from one person catching something. I know that most of you don't have to worry about illnesses because everyone you come in contact with on a regular basis is healthy but some people aren't so lucky. There are some people who are worried about getting the flu because if a immuno compromised person they love catches it it could kill them. Im sure its nice to live in a bubble thinking that all is good in the world but the cold reality of it is, ifs not. And please don't hand me the shit of I can't miss work or I can't keep Jr home because I have things to do or whatever. When you had kids you knew that they would one day get sick. Either stay home with them or find them a sitter simple as that. To be totally honest I find it completely selfish of a parent to take their kids out, be it to school or the store or wherever, when they are sick. I know when I'm not feeling good the last thing I want to do is get dressed and go somewhere. Im sure your kids feel the same way.
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pro life vs pro choice...

Im going to start by saying I am firmly pro choice. If you don't like it you may want to stop reading here unless you are capable of seeing things from another point of view without getting sand in your vagina. I am more than willing to hear other views and we are all entitled to our opinions so please voice them. But please do so with respect.
I am pro choice. I will always be pro choice and that's all there is to it. But here's my reasoning why. My vagina is my business period. What i do with it is my business. If I want to have an abortion it is my business and mine alone. Could I ever do it, no, I couldn't live with that on my conscience. By there are plenty of women that can and do. Whatever their reason may be they feel otw a good one and that's all that matters. But before you condemn them for what they choose to do with their vagina think about this....
Women are raped everyday. Why should sue have to carry a reminder with her for the next 9 months?  Can you imagine that inner turmoil?  Wanting to love this child but hating it at the same time. Wanting to enjoy tour pregnancy but every second of it reminds you of what happened to you. Why make her suffer longer with the reminder?  What about the 14 year old child who thought she was adult enough to haelve sex and got pregnant?  Do you really think the world needs yet another child raising a baby?  what about her life?  Have you looked at the statistics on girls who have babies?  Most of them don't finish high school let alone go onto college. Most of them can barely scrape enough money together to pay rent, how can they truly afford a child?  What about that baby growing up wanting to go to college?  Think she's going to be able to afford to send that kid to college?  Not likely. What's more likely to happen is the baby is going to become another statistic just like mom. A never ending vicious cycle. What about the woman who is going to die if she has that baby. Knowing that she's going to leave behind everyone and her child will never have a mom. Shouldn't she really sacrifice her life for a tiny ball of cells?  What about the drunk girl who made a mistake and isn't ready at all for a baby. She's going to be the one who kills that baby if she has it. She's going to starve that baby because she never wanted it and is too ashamed of her mistake to tell anyone. Is that how you want that baby to live for those few days?  Starving and scared.  What's better, death by starvation or beating or an abortion?  This is something that i have been discussing all day and let me tell you I have heard some of the most asinine shit today. Go to a church and ask for help. Ask God for guidance.  Give it up for adoption. Lemme tell you, the last thing I thought when i was raped was "let me go to church and ask ffor help" or "let me turn to god."  No my first thought was "why did god allow this to happen to me?  Fuck god. Im not a bad person what did do to deserve this?"  The last place I wanted to go was a church. On the topic of adoption, do you have any idea how long it takes to be allowed to adopt?  Do you know how expensive it is?  Why do you think people go to other countries to adopt?  Its easier and cheaper!  There is so much red tape to go through to be able to adopt here and it costs so much most people can't do it. And the ones that can and finally get approved waif and wait and wait and get excited when they hear they may have a baby to adopt then have the rug snatched out from under them when the mom changes her mind.  Ifs not as simple as y'all pro lifers think it is. The changes of a baby being adopted arenf aas high as you think they are and the older a child gets the less of a chance they have of finding a home. To make it simple for vagina my choice...your vagina your choice. No one is forcing you to have one and no one ever will so what gives you the right to say I'm not allowed to have one if I feel its necessary?

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's been awhile since I ranted...

As you all know I am a member of several different "mommy" sites.  Why you ask?  Because these women amuse the fuck out of me.  Seriously, I can not believe some of the shit that I read on these sites.  For the most part I stay quiet because I know that if I don't I am going to offend someone, or get booted from the site haha.  Hell, some of you are probably reading this because you saw my signature in a reply or on my profile and were curious what my blog is all about.  Welcome :)
Anyways, the point of all that was to get to my rant, so here it goes....

YOU HAVE A BABY PEOPLE ARE GOING TO WANT TO LOOK AT AND/OR TOUCH HIM/HER!!!!  Get the fuck over it!!!!!  Yes its annoying but I am almost 10000000% positive you have done the same thing at one point or another in your life.  Your kid is not made of glass so I'm fairly certain that she isn't going to break into a million tiny little pieces if someone other than you touches her.  You can't keep our kid in a fucking bubble.  She is going to come into contact with germs and she is going to get sick.  It's part of growing up, hell, its part of life!  I was reading where one woman actually smacked some one's hand for touching her baby's FOOT.  Her fucking, correct me if I am wrong but I don't think little precious is going to contract some crazy illness from someone touching her foot.  I'm not typically a nice person, in case you haven't been able to tell from my previous posts, but come on, smacking someone for touching your kids foot is a bit over the top.  This is part of what's wrong with the world now.  People just don't give a shit about other people anymore.  I have come to realize that most of the time it's an old person that wants to touch a baby, or a toddler for that matter.  I try to think of it this way, maybe that little old lady that is cooing over my baby doesn't have any family, or maybe she's thinking about how fast life has flown by her, or maybe her husband just died recently and she needs a little bit of joy and innocence to bring a smile to her face, maybe she is fighting something like cancer and she wants to bask in the perfectness that is my child.  That goes for anyone for that matter.  Be polite, let them coo at Jr and maybe touch them and when the person walks away wipe em down with a wipe.  Set an example for your kid, and try to make it a good one.

This leads me to the 2 types of moms that annoy the holy fuck out of me.  Sanctomommy and helicopter mom.  For fucks sake people get over yourselves.  Let the kids be kids.  Back off a bit.  And no you are no better than me.  Let me explain.
 Let's start with helicopter mommy, shes the mom you see at the playground hovering over her kids and telling them they can't do most things because they are dangerous, like climbing the slide or going across the monkey bars.  These are the women that have kids that are scared to do most anything for fear of getting hurt.  These women need to understand that, and yes I am going to say it again, YOUR KIDS ARE NOT GOING TO BREAK!!!!!  They are kids, they are supposed to get scraped knees and bruised foreheads.  They NEED to explore things without you hovering over them constantly.  They NEED to get hurt once in awhile and you NEED to trust your own damn parenting enough to cut the cord and let them do what kids do best, play and explore.  Don't you remember being a kid?  How much more fun it was to slide own the slide when you climbed up it rather than used the steps like you should have.  Falling off your bike and scraping your knee, jumping off the swing when you got it going so high you thought you were going to flip over the top.  All of these things are NORMAL kid shit and you need to back the fuck off and let them do it.  I promise you that you are doing more harm than good by hovering over them making them scared of EVERYTHING.  What's going to happen when they go out into the real world?  How in the hell are they ever going to have any self confidence if you keep making them think that everything they do is wrong or bad?  Step back and leave them be.
Now onto sanctomommy.  The mom who thinks she is perfect and that you suck as a parent if you don't do things the same way she does.  More often than not they are the non vaccinating, organic feeding, hippy dippy bubble heads that have nothing better to do than shove their views and opinions down your throat any chance they get.  Let me tell you something, I want to cunt punch all of you.  You are no better than any of the rest of us that are trying to raise our kids half ass decently and you annoy the shit out of everyone that you come into contact with.  Your kids aren't any better than mine and more often than not, they are worse.  You don't discipline your kids ever, so what the hell makes you think that your kids are better behaved than mine?  They just pretend to be perfect little people, until you are out of sight.  That's when Jr really shows his true colors.  He's the kid that will tattle on every other kid and tell them what they are doing wrong and how to do it the right way, but as soon as someone points out that he's doing something wrong he melts down and goes running to mommy to fight his battle for him.  You are the mom that thinks every other kid is picking on your kid, but in all actuality, he's the one that's picking on everyone else.  He's the id who is going to grow up and not know how to function in society because mommy isn't going to be there to make sure no one is being mean to him.  For the love of all things holy, STOP IT!!!! Discipline your brat so the rest of us don't have to pretend to like him.

Well, there's my rant.  I feel a bit better now.  As always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends <3

Update on Mr. Worm

For those of you that have been following whats been going on with Mr. Worm here's an update on whats going on right now.

We went to the genetics Dr last week and she has a few ideas on what it may be so she had more blood drawn from him and some from me and we will *hopefully* get the results next week when we go back.  All the tests that she had done while he was in the hospital wont be back until the end of November so we wont get the results until our appointment the first week of December.  But she is hopeful that those will give us an answer.  She seems to think that it is something genetic going on.  We went to the GI Dr yesterday and he has gained 6oz in the past week which is GREAT!  His liver enzymes are almost normal which saved him from having to have a liver biopsy done.  Super happy about that!  Other than that there isn't much to report since they still have no idea what is going on.  Not sure if I want to be happy that they haven't found anything yet or more worried.  Sorry it's been so long since I updated on him I haven't really had any new news to report.  Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. Y'all are awesome <3

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I don't understand women...

Don't understand them at all.  Which is pretty bad since I am one lol. Y'all confuse the fuck out of me. One minute things are great and the next y'all are flipping the hell out over some stupid shit that no sane person would give a flying fuck about. You care more about what other people think about you than what you think about yourself. You spend entirely too much time picking out the perfect outfit and shoes then doing your hair and makeup and most of your conversations are meaningless. Not to say all women are this way, obviously I can't say that since I am the exact opposite of all of those things and last time I checked I am still a woman. I hear/read some of the most insanely stupid babble come out of women's mouths and i can't help but wonder if they really live in such a bubble fhat they think these are the biggest problems people have.  Who cares who is dating who or who wore what with what shoes or what so and so said about someone. Not me!  I could care less about celebrities and feel that they are not only over glamorize but way overpaid and i think they are a main contributing factor to so many people having body image issues. I actually laugh when one gets married and guess how long it will last before it ends in an ugly, over publicized divorce. Why do ull waste so much of your lives worrying about other people and what they do or don't do in their lives?  Men have shit figured out right. Eat, sleep, work, fuck, play. Pretty simple existence. The most they really stress about is money and what their wife/girlfriend is going to get mad at them for next.  Most of them know life is too short to stress over every little thing.  Side note, as I am sitting here typing this a woman just walked by wearing sweat pants(breaking a commandment) with her hair and makeup done. Can someoke please explain to me why you would take all that time to do hair and makeup but not put on a pair of decent fucking pants?!  But that just proves my point really. Personal opinion, makeup says to me "I'm ashamed of how I look and I'm trying to hide it".  Ladies y'all are all beautiful WITHOUT the clown paint. Going back to the whole celebrity thing, not one of them are as attractive as they are portrayed to be without all the makeup on. It takes them HOURS to look that good. We could all be Hollywood beautiful idc we had the time to do it. Stop comparing yourselves to them and be happy with who you are, body and mind.
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