Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lol oh the drama

I almost died laughing tonight!   I was standing out at the van talking to A and S and out of nowhere this kid(couldn't have been older than 18) came running past the driveway. That isn't uncommon around here since we live on a fairly busy road so I didn't think anything of it. At least not until I heard "stop! Get on the ground!"  The kid literally dropped to the ground in the grass next to my driveway and I peeked around the back end of the car next to tthe van in enough time to see him sitting there trying to stand ul with his hands cuffed behind his back and then the cop tackled him. I was like what the fuck just happened here?!  The cop was yelling at this kid to stay still and stay down. I have to say the kid put up a decent struggle but with a 180lb man pinning him down cuffed with his face in the dirt he really didn't have much of a chance haha. Out of nowhere 3 cop cars come rolling up and another cop gets out of one of them cussing a blue streak and opens the back door and frisks the kid while the other cop holds him, face on the trunk. The kid is still trying to get away and all its doing is pissing the cops off more, and making me laugh harder. He goes through all his pockets and puts it all on the trunk and the next thing I hear is "seriously all he has on his is a hamburger bun and a lighter? What the fuck is this shit?" This made me laugh even harder and earned me a dirty look from the cop that had just got out of one of the other cars. Once they got the kid loaded into the car in his pretty silver bracelets and anklets the cop who was chasing him walked over to us and was like "sorry about that the slippery little bastard got away from us a few blocks away."  I told him I had to admit he seemed to have put up a good fight and I've got to give it to him for manumit that far in cuffs. But next time yell I'm a cop catch that guy and I'll trip him!  He told me man i was yelling all kinds of shit at him. Told him I would taze him, my tazer is in the car. Told him I would get the dogs on him, I don't have a damn dog. Told him I would shoot, can't shoot he didn't have a weapon drawn on me. I lost it. He just looked at me. What do you even say to that?!  He asked for the address to put it in his report and left. Ah, never a boring weekend around here.
well loves its 230 in the morning and I need to sleep. As always comments are always welcome and please share my page <3