Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sick kids and public courtesy...

Its that time of year again and all the little germ carriers are crammed into one big room together, sharing bathrooms and lunches and rarely properly washing their hands. Yes folks, its cold and flu season. Now I'll be the first to admit I'm a germiphobe and this year is worse than ever. Why you ask? Because worm has an extremely low white blood cell count and if he gets sick he gets put in the hospital. He can't fight things off like a normal baby can and he's probably going to get any germ that happens to cross his precious face. This terrifies me. To the point that I currently have miss priss and Bub staying at my moms house because they are both sick. Do I want to send them away when they are sick? Absolutely not!  Its my job as mommy to take care of my kids. But I can't compromise worms health just because I want to take care of the other 2 while they are sick. I feel horrible about it but for now that's the way it has to be. I know they are in good hands. Hell I was sick with strep or an ear infection at least once a month until I was 15 and had my tonsils removed so I know my mom is more than capable of caring for my babies(plus she tends to spoil sick kids so they aren't complaining about it lol).  Anyways,  the whole point of me telling y'all all that was for get to the real point of this post. If your kids(of you) are sick STAY THE FUCK HOME!!!!  Lemme break it down for you to make it really simple. Fever within 24hrs, stay home.  Vomiting/diorrhea (I know that's spelled wrong don't shoot me) within 48hrs, stay home. Persistent cough/runny/stuffy nose lasting longer than 3 days, stay home.  Its not hard people. You not keeping your little germ factories home when they are sick is going to make someone else sick. Kids do not understand why they need to wash their hands or not share their lunch or not to get in someone's face. It is our job as their parents to teach them that, but in the meantime it is also our job to keep them home when they are sick. See, your kid goes to school sick and then my kid gets sick and then s/he brings it home for my baby to get it and we end up in the hospital. Not only are 2 of my kids sick at that point but I am away from 3 of them while one is stuck in the hospital. Or how about this, your sick kid gives it to another kid who has a family member fighting cancer, that kid gives it to the cancer patient and then what?  The point I'm trying to make is it isn't as cut and dry as one kid giving it to the next. Whole families get sick from one person catching something. I know that most of you don't have to worry about illnesses because everyone you come in contact with on a regular basis is healthy but some people aren't so lucky. There are some people who are worried about getting the flu because if a immuno compromised person they love catches it it could kill them. Im sure its nice to live in a bubble thinking that all is good in the world but the cold reality of it is, ifs not. And please don't hand me the shit of I can't miss work or I can't keep Jr home because I have things to do or whatever. When you had kids you knew that they would one day get sick. Either stay home with them or find them a sitter simple as that. To be totally honest I find it completely selfish of a parent to take their kids out, be it to school or the store or wherever, when they are sick. I know when I'm not feeling good the last thing I want to do is get dressed and go somewhere. Im sure your kids feel the same way.
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  1. It's especially nasty if you know your kids have had the stomach flu or have a weak stomach and you take them out where there's going to be food. I was out once and there was a kid that barfed all over the place and near the food bar...I didn't know it until nearly after my meal. I was fine until about 2 hours later. My fiance flew in for our birthday weekend from 6 states away. He was only here for 3 days and the rest of that day I spent in the bathroom, making sure all the plumbing worked. It was horrible and one of the worst trips I've ever had. I know he felt awful for me. If I knew who the moron was who took their brat out knowing full well they were sick i'd have taken a cast iron skillet to their forehead. I can think of no other reason except selfishness and wanting to go out, whther their brats were sick or not. Who cares if anyone else gets it, not my problem...assholes.