Saturday, November 10, 2012

<p>Its been awhile since I posted, sorry I've been really busy lately. But I come to you with great news!&nbsp; Mr Worm(who will now be known as fatty) has finally decided to start gaining weight, slowly, but he's gaining. Yay!!!!&nbsp; With that being said they have finally figured out why he's not growing properly. We went to an endocrinologist last week for an all of the sudden rush appointment. I was terrified because they called me on Wednesday and made the appointment for Friday and its a royal pain in the ass to get into a specialists office. Especially when you have never been seen there before. Anyways,&nbsp; we went to the appointment and he told me they have it figured out. Mr fatty isn't producing growth hormone. This means a few things and i may forget some of them while I'm typing this so forgive me. He may have to have hormone shots starting after his first birthday if he doesn't start making it on his own. It would be a daily shot given at home so its not a big deal. Even with the shot there is a chance he will be between 4 and 5 foot tall. Without it is the same result. He is lower risk for heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer which, quite honestly, makes me iincredibly happy. He will probably have another hormonal problem show up later in life and it will most likely be during puberty. He will go through puberty later than most kids and it may take a bit longer lasting for him.&nbsp; Now I will be totally honest with you. I am so relieved to hear this news. I was expecting some horrible disorder that they couldn't fix and i round out that he's just going to be a small guy. Im ok with this. It was a bit hard to accept at first because I don't want anything to be wrong with any of my kids but if this is all he has to deal with I am perfectly OK with it. Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes. You have no idea how much it means to me and how comforting it was to know that people out there were pulling for him to be OK.<br>
Remember this month is Preemie awareness so please support the babies and parents of those born too soon. This is something very close to my heart since miss priss was a Preemie at 34 weeks 3 days. Thankfully she had no issues and was fine other than being small. We were fortunate and there are thousands of babies born every year that have to fight for their lives. I also want to ask that y'all pray for baby Easton. He has a disorder of the skin that causes him to blister at even the slightest touch and he's been fighting for his life since he was born. For those of you that are on my Facebook look for his page if you are interested in following his story.
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