Friday, December 7, 2012

Well hello again!

Its been awhile again because I'm a slacker and haven't posted. Sorry y'all!  Life has kept me busy, what else is new right?  Anyways, lots to talk about today so lets get this thing started.

I want to start this by asking you a question, and i would very much appreciate some feedback in the comments. Please and thank you.
If your child was going through cancer treatments and suffering would you give him/her medicinal marijuana in any form?  Now before you jump to an answer you need to remember there are forms of marijuana that do not give you the high feeling but still give you all of the amazing "side effects" that you would get with it. I ask this because I recently read a story(the link in on my computer and i am on my phone ATM) about a little girl who is going through cancer treatments and hher parents started giving her marijuana oil to help with the side effects of chemo. Not only did she start feeling better, she started gaining weight, eating and was able to keep it down, she had some quality of life and the most amazing part is that the tumor started shrinking faster than with just the treatments alone and she is now in remission.
Im sure you all know by now that I am very pro legalization and always will be so it shouldn't shock you that I am totally for this. But I want you guys to see the amazing things this "drug" can do!  This little girl was miserable. Losing weight, vomiting constantly, and basically dying from the medicines they were giving her to make her better. Im not against modern medicine for the most part but it really upsets me that the things they use to cure us have so many side effects. Have you ever actually listened to a commercial for a medication?  Sure it cures your RLS or helps you get your dick hard but the list of side effects is insane!  May cause sstomach upset, vomiting, headaches, liver failure,kidney disease, sleepyness, depression,anxiety, restlessness, drowsyness, gambling addiction, sexual dysfunction and sudden heart attack or death. I hear that and I'm like, I think I would deal with whatever is wrong with me and stay away from that shit. Now, lets list the side effects of marijuana. Elevated mood, hunger, relief from stomach upset, relief from pain and relief from numerous mental illnesses. Guess which one I would choose?  The reason I am talking about this is because people are all but rioting to have these parents charged with child abuse for giving this little girl marijuana. Lemme tell ya, if it was one of my kids I would give it to them in a heartbeat!  Why let your child suffer when you can give them something that will not only make them feel better but possibly help the disease they are fighting go into remission?!  I don't understand people.
That's all I have to say about that subject. Lets move onto an update on Mr fatty. He's still not gaining weight like they want him to and if they don't figure it out soon they are going to send him to a research hospital to try to find an answer.  Otherwise he's perfectly healthy and reaching all of his milestones on time.
Bub is doing great and is turning into quite the respectful and responsible young man. I couldn't be more proud of who he is becoming. Miss priss is nothing but trouble and I'm not quite sure what to do about her. But I will say she is doing far better in school this year than last year and i am very proud of her for that. And Mr monster. My wild child. He is doing great in school and is growing up (too quickly) and becoming a rather interesting young man. He asked if he coukd get a second earring last weekend. I told him o would take him this week to get it done and he then showed me the earring he wanted, a 14 gage!  So i told him that there wasn't anywhere I could take him that would pierce his ear with that size and of course he got all upset about it. So i told him if he wanted it done the only way to get it was for me to do it. I explained I would take a big needle and shove it through his ear and then put tthe earring in. I was calling his bluff. I didn't really think he would do it!  Well 20 minutes later he had a new earring and was happier than a pig in shit. He did great with it too!  I was kind of shocked he let me do it but I wouldn't be. He's totally my child lol.
Well my lover faces I need to run. As always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends <3


  1. If my child was going through what this little girl is going through I WOULD most Definitely give them the marijuana treatment. It helped my mother deal with the pain.Just because she is a child doesn't mean she can't have it, If it helps her cope then give it to her. These parents are only trying to relieve their child's pain and should NOT be charged with child abuse... So I AGREE with you chief.

  2. Well, I'm not really much on giving kids marijuana, but, in this case it seems ok. After all it was just oil, the child's not smoking the stuff and it's working for her. I guess these parents now have to endure the public scrutiny of it, and I pray they can get through it.

  3. ok.. i got nutin on the marajuana thing but owww to the earring. lol looks good though.. we should get your hellion together with mine lol.. evil 4 yr olds i swear