Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pro life vs pro choice...

Im going to start by saying I am firmly pro choice. If you don't like it you may want to stop reading here unless you are capable of seeing things from another point of view without getting sand in your vagina. I am more than willing to hear other views and we are all entitled to our opinions so please voice them. But please do so with respect.
I am pro choice. I will always be pro choice and that's all there is to it. But here's my reasoning why. My vagina is my business period. What i do with it is my business. If I want to have an abortion it is my business and mine alone. Could I ever do it, no, I couldn't live with that on my conscience. By there are plenty of women that can and do. Whatever their reason may be they feel otw a good one and that's all that matters. But before you condemn them for what they choose to do with their vagina think about this....
Women are raped everyday. Why should sue have to carry a reminder with her for the next 9 months?  Can you imagine that inner turmoil?  Wanting to love this child but hating it at the same time. Wanting to enjoy tour pregnancy but every second of it reminds you of what happened to you. Why make her suffer longer with the reminder?  What about the 14 year old child who thought she was adult enough to haelve sex and got pregnant?  Do you really think the world needs yet another child raising a baby?  what about her life?  Have you looked at the statistics on girls who have babies?  Most of them don't finish high school let alone go onto college. Most of them can barely scrape enough money together to pay rent, how can they truly afford a child?  What about that baby growing up wanting to go to college?  Think she's going to be able to afford to send that kid to college?  Not likely. What's more likely to happen is the baby is going to become another statistic just like mom. A never ending vicious cycle. What about the woman who is going to die if she has that baby. Knowing that she's going to leave behind everyone and her child will never have a mom. Shouldn't she really sacrifice her life for a tiny ball of cells?  What about the drunk girl who made a mistake and isn't ready at all for a baby. She's going to be the one who kills that baby if she has it. She's going to starve that baby because she never wanted it and is too ashamed of her mistake to tell anyone. Is that how you want that baby to live for those few days?  Starving and scared.  What's better, death by starvation or beating or an abortion?  This is something that i have been discussing all day and let me tell you I have heard some of the most asinine shit today. Go to a church and ask for help. Ask God for guidance.  Give it up for adoption. Lemme tell you, the last thing I thought when i was raped was "let me go to church and ask ffor help" or "let me turn to god."  No my first thought was "why did god allow this to happen to me?  Fuck god. Im not a bad person what did do to deserve this?"  The last place I wanted to go was a church. On the topic of adoption, do you have any idea how long it takes to be allowed to adopt?  Do you know how expensive it is?  Why do you think people go to other countries to adopt?  Its easier and cheaper!  There is so much red tape to go through to be able to adopt here and it costs so much most people can't do it. And the ones that can and finally get approved waif and wait and wait and get excited when they hear they may have a baby to adopt then have the rug snatched out from under them when the mom changes her mind.  Ifs not as simple as y'all pro lifers think it is. The changes of a baby being adopted arenf aas high as you think they are and the older a child gets the less of a chance they have of finding a home. To make it simple for vagina my choice...your vagina your choice. No one is forcing you to have one and no one ever will so what gives you the right to say I'm not allowed to have one if I feel its necessary?

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  1. I am very, very anti-abortion. Unless one or both will die, other than that I am all about having that baby, and using adoption as your adoption.