Saturday, April 20, 2013

Children are tiny terrorists...and other things

I have come to realize that my kids are just little terrorists, especially in the younger years.  They all seem to think that the adults in their lives will give into any and all demands made.  If they don't get what they want what happens?  This cute little child transforms into this demon spawn right before your eyes!  It's actually pretty amazing how it happens.  Here's an example.
I had to go to the store to pick up what I needed for dinner.  Since it was the middle of the day I only had 2 kids with me, Sy and Kira and I figured it would be far easier to take 2 kids mid day than it would to take 4 kids in the later afternoon.  So I packed us all into the car and we set off for the store.  On the way there I gave my usual speech.  "I expect you to be on your best behavior.  No running around or wondering off, you need to stay with me.  Don't ask for anything, the answer is no, no matter what it is you are asking me to buy.  Understand?"  From the back of the van I hear "Yes I understand."  Great!  Maybe this won't be nearly as bad as I am expecting it to me.  HA!  We pull into a parking spot and I open the van door and in my best mommy voice "Remember what I said."  She nods her head as she jumps out and we get Sy and head in.  Everything was going great until we got to the cereal aisle.
"Mommy, can we get this?  It's my favorite!"
"Didn't I tell you not to ask me for anything?"
"Yes but....."
"No buts.  No we aren't getting that, I have 12 boxes of cereal at home already and I'm not buying any more until those are gone."(Yes I actually had 12 boxes of cereal at home, I buy on sale with coupons and stock up on them since they can eat an entire box in like 2 days.)
·         At this point she's mad. This is when the transformation happened.  She was being so good up to this point, now I have a little demon spawn on my hands.  Any seasoned mom can tell you they KNOW when this change happens.  She started to frown, then she looked down at the floor and crossed her arms.  She knows better than to start screaming and yelling because that will earn her a swift smack on the ass, but you can see that she is seriously contemplating it.  I mean at this point she knows she's already in trouble and you can almost see her weighing the options in her head.  I stood there waiting on her to stop pouting, I have all the time in the world and she's not going to stand there long, she never does.  When she finally decides to stop staring at the floor she looks up and her brows are drawn, a scowl on her face and giving me a look that said "Bitch you will pay for this."  I know that look all too well, not only do I see it on a regular basis, but I have been known to give the same one more than a few times.   Ask my mom, I was a pro at that look when I was a kid.  Knowing that this shopping trip had gone to hell I grabbed her hand and set off to finish getting what I needed so we could get out of there as quickly as possible.  She was resistant and complained about how fast I was walking and that her legs were tired, she was tired, she wanted something to drink, and pretty much every other thing she could think of.  As we reached the back of the store she saw the lunchables, now I will usually pick one up for whichever kid is with me, provided they haven't been a pain in the ass.  She decided to take it upon herself to walk over to them and pick one out!  I took it out of the cart and put it back and told her she wasn't getting one because she wasn't behaving like she was supposed to and that I don't reward ugly behavior.  Well, that pissed her off!  She stomped her foot and demanded that I get her one.  HAHAHA!  That wasn't going to happen.  But now I had a problem.  I could stand there and try to reason with her, I could leave everything where it was and walk out, or I could bust her butt and adjust her attitude and finish my shopping.  As you all know I do spank my kids, but I rarely do it in public for fear that some nosey person is going to call the cops on me for disciplining my kids in a way that they don't agree with, so that option is only used as a last resort.  I knew this wasn't going to be pretty but I didn't think it was time to use my last resort yet.  I didn't want to be rude and leave a basket full of groceries there for some poor should to have to restock them all, so I opted to try reasoning. 
"You need to stop acting like that and behave before you get into some serious trouble."
"I want a lunchable."
"I'm sorry you want a lunchable but you aren't getting one, I wanted you to behave but I didn't get what I so you aren't getting what you want."
"But I want..."
"Kira I said no, now let's go."
She stood there glaring at me, daring me to do something.  I hate it when my kids do that shit.  It's like they know they are embarrassing me and don't care.  I mean I know they don't care, they are kids, but it's nice to think that they might.  I grabbed her by her upper arm and escorted her to the front of the store, forgetting that I still needed to get butter and milk, and got in line.  She was crying by this point, kind of making a scene, and the longer she went on the madder I was getting.  I can usually ignore her outbursts at home, I send her to her room to calm herself down(and for me to calm down) and then I go in and handle it however I need to.  While we were standing in line she had the nerve to ask me if she could get gum!  As wrong as it is, I laughed and told her no.  I didn't give her an explanation, I just said no and left it at that.  Five minutes later we were in the car an on the way home.  She was still pissed and sniffling in the backseat and I was pissed.  I sent her to her room as soon as we got home as punishment and went in and talked to her about a half hour later. 
This is what I am talking about, they will do whatever they have to, to attempt to get what they want.  Tiny terrorists.  Don't ever take no for an answer, have no mercy and will make the most insane demands.  I have to negotiate with at least one child a day.  Ten years ago I would have laughed at the thought of having to debate with a five year old.  I always swore my kids wouldn't be like that.  I knew that my kids wouldn't be the terrors in the store that everyone would stare at and judge my parenting.  Now that I have four kids I know that it's not always the parenting, it's the kid being a kid.  I discipline my kids, and for the most part they are very well behaved, especially when mom isn't around, but they have their moments when they decide to defy me and act like they don't have brains between their ears.  They want to see exactly how much they can get away with and how far they can push me.  They do the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome, which isn't always the brightest idea.  I have never given in to their demands so I'm not sure why they think that imp going to now, but they all try it from time to time.  I think their goal is to see if they can actually make me pull my hair out.  Bub is way better than he was before, probably because after nine years of trying he's finally realized that I am not going to give in.  Kaden is getting better, he's a whiner and he does it because he knows it drives me insane.  Kira is by far the worst of them, she has a stubborn streak in her that would drive a preacher to cuss.  I'm quite curious to see how Sy will be, I have hopes that he will see how it doesn't work for eh older 3 and not even bother to try.  Yeah, I know, not a chance in hell.  But I have to have hope.  It's all I've got some days. 

Onto other things.  I dyed my hair not too long ago.  I was going for a crimson red and ended up with a bubble gum pink on top that fades into a crimson red on the bottom.  Not the look I was going for, but I'm rocking it anyway.  I had to strip all the color out of my hair before I could try to do the red since I have been dying it black for the past 2 years and black is a really hard color to cover, the stripping went OK....I saw my natural color for the first time in 13 years, which is blond, and remembered why I started dying my hair to begin with.  What sucked was that the color on the bottom didn't strip out as well as it did on top and that's how I ended up with pink hair.  I think I'm going to keep it this way for awhile and maybe do a purple or a blue next time.  Fuck it, if I'm going to do it I may as well stand out right?  I won't be able to pull it off for much longer, I'm getting way too close to 30 to be rocking loud ass colors. 

Both my older boys are in baseball this season.  Bub is loving it and doing amazing for his first year.  Kaden hates it because it isn't real baseball so he's usually off in his own little world when he's out on the field.  I find this slightly amusing since Bub didn't want to play baseball at all and Kaden REALLY wanted to.  Now Bub is talking about wanting to play in the fall and Kaden is saying he wants to play soccer.  I love that they want to play sports, but as it stands right now they have practice Monday through Thursday on alternating days and either a game or practice on Saturdays.  If Kaden decides to play soccer that means 2 different places for practice and games and with my luck they will have practice at the same time on the same day.  But whatever, as long as they are happy that's all that matters right?
A little update on Sy since I haven't give y'all one in awhile.  We went to the ped for his 9 month appointment and he was 15lbs 5.5oz and doing good with his growth, he was FINALLY on the chart for his height for weight! Then we went to the GI Dr 3 days later and he was  15lbs 2oz.  He lost weight UGH!!  Now, here's the problem with the weight loss.  He is weighed at his ped without a diaper on and with it on at the GI Dr.  So there should have been a weight GAIN with a diaper on, even if it was just the weight of the diaper.  I wasn't expecting that shit at all.  He's always had a hard time gaining weight but he's never lost weight before.  This opens up a whole new world of shit.  But for the moment they are waiting to do anything else until he goes to endo.  He's got a weight check soon and if he's lost more weight that will change things, but I am hoping that he's gained.  If not gained I hope that he's at least stayed the same.  He started therapy a few weeks ago.  He's got fine and gross motor delays and a speech delay so we are working on that.  I have seen a HUGE difference in what he can do since he started.  He can now sit himself up from laying down, and he pulled up on his own today for the first time without help!!!  I cannot tell you how proud of him I am!  He's also started waving bye bye and is attempting to clap.  I know these things don't sound like much but for him it's pretty huge since he was so delayed a few weeks ago.  He's still got quite a way to go before he's where he should be but it's a start.  I expected him to have delays from the beginning because of all the issues he's had, so when they told me that he was behind it wasn't a shock.  But I didn't expect him to be as behind as he was.  With all the weight issues he was having he was malnourished, which is bad for babies and kids because it can stunt development.  His speech is still really delayed, but he's now babbling way more than he was before.  He says mama and dada but neither one have any meaning.  By now he should be saying more than one syllable "words" and have at least two words with meaning.  He's getting there though. 

Well my loves, it's getting late and I need to attempt to get some sleep, I've had a hard time sleeping lately for some reason.  As always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends <3

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