Monday, April 1, 2013

For once, I am speechless!

It isn't often that I lack for words, hardly ever actually, but my daughter managed to leave me without words, mouth open and completely disgusted recently.  Not because she had done anything wrong(for once lol) but because she has this opinion that women have to be skinny and wear makeup to be pretty.  Let me start from the beginning.  I was in the kitchen doing dishes when she ran into the room telling me I needed what they were selling on TV.  It isn't unusual for her to say she wants something but shes never told me I needed something shes seen on TV.  So I went into the living room and caught the very end of the commercial.  It was for weight loss pills!!!  I couldn't have formed words if my life had depended on it!  My brain went into stupid mode, the only thought I had was "where in the hell did she get this idea from?!"  That was the first time she said something about my weight to me, shes said a few other things since and she has also told me that I need to wear make up to be pretty.  Let me tell you, I am a little on the bigger side but only by about 20lbs or so.  I am in no way fat to the point of being unhealthy, but I will admit that I could stand to lose a few pounds.  I also refuse to wear make up.  I don't think that women should have to paint their faces like clowns to feel or be seen as pretty.  Nor do I do my hair or wear the mot fashionable clothes.  I don't have the time or the money for that shit and I am totally OK with it!  I don't walk around talking about weight or any of that other shit and I have NEVER said that a woman has to be/do any of those things to be pretty.  I would never in a million years tell my daughter that because its completely WRONG!!  This is part of what had led to today's rant.
Ladies, stop it.  I don't blame you entirely for this issue, but come one, do you really have to play into what the media wants you to believe?  Can you be happy with who you are without wanting to change something? You should be ale to look in the mirror without make up and your hair done and nice clothes on and be able to say "I am beautiful!"  Do it every morning as soon as you get out of bed, eventually you will believe yourself.  Go out one day a week without makeup on, and slowly increase it and one day you wont even worry about it at all.  Lets take back what the media has stolen from us, our self worth!  Women are portrayed as super skinny with huge boobs, perfect hair and make up and always wearing the best clothes.  Ladies, this is not reality for most of us!  This is not how we should think we have to be to be accepted!  Maybe if we stopped buying into it we wouldn't be portrayed like that anymore?  Why should I have to put on a gallon of makeup every morning just to be accepted by other people?  I think I am pretty enough without it.  Why do I have to spend 3 hours doing my hair when I am fine with it up in a ponytail?  To give other people something to look at?  I don't have $200 to spend on an outfit, hell I could get an entire  wardrobe for that!  But society says I have to wear the name brands and the latest fashions to be accepted.  Fuck that!  I am totally fine with my old jeans(which are finally comfortable 5 years later) and a t-shirt that doesn't have some random stain on it from one of my kids.  Heels?  Fuck you buddy!  i am wearing my flip flops and you should consider yourself lucky that I even put those on.  Make up and hair?  I'm lucky I had time to brush it this morning and don't have any cheerios or spit up in it!  Make up, right because between diapers, school bull shit, new clothes/shoes for the kids and all the household bills I have left over money for that(and if I did I damn sure wouldn't be spending it on that crap!).  I love how I look and I don't think anyone should tell me that I shouldn't.  Or any of you for that matter.  We should all embrace who we are inside and out and not worry about what other people think about us.  After all, its whats on the inside that counts anyway right?  If that's what we all preach and that's what we are all suppose to believe then why do we place so much on loos anyway?  I don't give a flying fuck what you look like as long as you are a nice person.  Actually, some of the most made up, dolled up, skinniest people are the biggest assholes that I have ever had the misfortune to meet.  I honestly don't know what else to say on this subject other than just stop it.  Be who you are and be proud of what you look like, embrace your flaws and stop letting the media/society dictate what you should look like.

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  1. I totally agree.. Mine told me I had a big butt the other day and let me tell you they got an ear full. They will NOT learn that shit in this house. Yes, I need to lose weight, however that will not happen right this second. I don't wear makeup but they see their mum mum wear it and want to wear it and I'm like no yall are beautiful without it and don't need it. I wear jeans, tshirts, flip flops with my hair in a ponytail or bun.. do i wish i could dress up more sometimes yes.. but oh well it's life. I am who I am like me or not I don't care.