Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

I'm going to make this fairly short because its 230am and if i don't get some sleep soon tomorrow I'm going to be a total zombie(not the flesh eating kind) no matter how much coffee and Dr pepper I drink.
First,I'm doing this from my stupid smart phone so excuse my errors.
Happy belated zombie Jesus day to you my lovelies :).  The kids had a good Easter despite monster feeling crappy and running a fever of 101.7 by noon. No idea what's going on there, I was hoping it was just allergies but with the fever i have serious doubts that's what it is. But thank god for memaws!  He's at her house just in case he's got the creepy crude again. Fatties white cell count is still super low so I'm doing everything I can to keep him away from sick people. Breaks my heart to send my kids to my moms when they are sick but I know they are well taken care of and spoiled rotten. Hell, I still want to go to my moms when I'm sick! Lol. Anyways, I was writing this for y'all to 1) laugh at me/with me and 2) for y'all to see a little of what happens when you rarely sleep.
I cooked Easter dinner and managed to pull it off with no disasters, and typically i have at least one when it comes to cooking food on a holiday. Not sure why but it happens every time without fail. I'll have to tell you about Christmas last year sometime. But anyway, i made it all the way through cooking dinner without incident, yay me, and after making the older 3 plates I made plates for me and fatty. Sat down and gave him his first bite of ham(he wasn't sure about it at first then he was screaming at me between bites for more lol) and took a bite of my food, then I realized I forgot to pit salt and pepper on my potatoes and asked A to hand me the shakers. Now, let me tell you something about these salt and pepper shakers. These things were my grandparents and they got them when my dad was 5,he's 52 now, so they are 47 year old salt and pepper shakers. SOLID and HEAVY. I can not begin to tell you how many times these things have been dropped. Well, A hands them to me and has both of them in one hand. I grab them and before i had a good grip of them he let go. The pepper shaker dropped onto Garth's place and breaks the damn thing into 3 big pieces and a million tiny ones. Then the shaker bounces off the shattered plate and lands on the floor. It didn't break!  I knew it wouldn't but there's still that fear that it will since its so old.  Anyway, I laughed a little about it and cleaned it up and opened the dishwasher to grab another small plate for fatty. Apparently the dry cycle on the dishwasher lasts longer than I thought because when i grabbed the place it was hot. But fatty was screaming and I was starving so I sat it on the counter in front of the microwave and put mashed potatoes and green beans on it. I turned to grab a little slice of ham and the damn plate jumped off the counter and into the floor. Of course it shattered and glass and food went flying all over the place. I lost it. I stood there laughing so hard i couldn't breathe and had tears rolling down my face. Everyone is looking at me like I had finally lost my mind and that just made me laugh harder. I eventually stopped laughing so hard and got it all cleaned up and then from the living room I heard "are you fucking kidding me?!  I just tracked mashed potatoes across the living room!  Damn it!!"  Those words sent me into another laughing fit. I'm telling y'all I've lost my mind. And I am currently trying to finish typing this with one eye closed so I'm going to end it here.
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