Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jello Party!!

We had our annual Jello Party last weekend, and it was a BLAST!  We had around 27 kids show up and all but 3 of them got COVERED!  We were supposed to have 33 but a few didnt show up, probably because when they RSVP'd their parent asked what the change of clothes and towel were for and they decided that they didnt want to have their kids covered in jello.  Whatever, better off without those stuck up people.  I bought and made 500 boxes of jello this year which ended up giving me 127 2ltrs and 2 3ltrs full of jello, and those filled my big pool(it probably could have taken more but its been through 7 years of jello parties and I was quite shocked it survived last year well enough to be used again) and my little pool that we usually use for water.  I had the oh so brilliant idea to have water balloons this year so the kids could throw them while we filled the pool because it takes awhile.  Well, plans got messed up and i didnt get a chance to fill any balloons the night before so we were left scrambling to fill as many as possible before the party.  We got about a half a tub(one of those 30 gallon totes) filled before it was time to fill the pool and they lasted about 10 seconds.  Thats when the kids started circling us....waiting...asking questions...slowly closing in on us...i was kind of afraid they were going to attack at one point.  But after shouting a few times for them to back up they all took a few steps back and waited patiently(even though they were all fidgeting and itching to get closer and start).  Once the pool was filled I gave them the rules, dont throw any jello at the cluster of adults, if they are in the slime zone thats on them, but the ones that didnt want to get messy, or werent brave enough to get close were off limits.  The other rule was dont hi
t my dog, hes a Husky and a pain in the ass to wash.  FYI I didnt have him in the house because people were going to be in and out changing and using the bathroom and i didnt want him to get away, and he is a runner.  Anyway, I took y pool pictures and told them to have at it.  They all got to the edge of the pool and were carefully putting their hands in it, like they werent sure if I was serious when I said they could throw it, jump in it, throw each other in it, or whatever else they could think of.  Thats when Bub stepped in the pool, bent over and grabbed 2 hands full of jello and just slung it out to the sides of him, hitting 8 or so kids.  All hell broke loose!  They all jumped in the pool, well as many as the pool could fit, they were pushing and shoving and trying to get jello to throw.  It was amazing, or dare I say, beautiful?  It took about 10 minutes for all that jello to be thrown and just the sludge left in the bottom, but I must say the smiles on the kids faces were totally worth it.  So, I decided that I am going to top myself next year by buying 200 boxes of jello a month for the next year which will give me 1200 boxes of jello, which will give me roughly 600 2ltrs of jello and around 6 large pools!  Thats my goal and I an determined to meet it.  Anyway, I'm going to leave it at that and post some pictures for yall to enjoy.
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