Thursday, June 13, 2013

End of the year woohoo!!!

(Posting from my phone please ignore mistakes)

Wooooohooooooo!!!!! We finally made it to the end of a very,very,very long school year!!  Today was the boys last day of school and I'm pretty sure I'm more excited about them being out than I ever was when I was in school. Mom, I'm sorry I was always a pain in the ass to get to(and keep in) school.  Its far harder to get kids up and moving, ready, fed and out the door ON TIME than it ever was to go sit in a class all day.
Both boys passed to the next grades, super happy and uber proud. Im going to be working with all 3 of them over the summer to keep them from forgetting stuff, I'm sure they are going to be oh so happy about this.  But for now I'm going to let them enjoy their summer, study free.  We are having our annual jello party this weekend so I've got a lot to do between now and Saturday. So far I've had more RSVP's than ever and there's usually a few that show up who didn't RSVP, and of course the few that do and don't show. At the moment we are expecting somewhere around 30 kids to come, plus adults with them, so roughly 50 people will be at my house Saturday. I can not begin to describe how anxious I am about this. Im not exactly a people person,in case you hadn't gathered that already, and the thought of having to interact with so many people has me on the verge of a panic attack. Of course it doesn't help that the one other adult that was going to be here to help (the kids dad) has to work all of the sudden. Thankfully my wonderful friends and family have stepped in to offer help. Those of you that have offered, thank you a million times over, you have no idea how much this means to me. Well, as much as I hate to cut this short I really need to get my butt in gear now that the kids are in bed and get some laundry folded. I'll post after the party with pics and a run down of how it all went.

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