Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ya learn something new everyday...

So we are going to get a bit personal with this one and i am going to ttell y'all what I learned tonight. So here it goes.
I have a rather extensive collection of adult toys and since I have children I have to hide them. While trying to figure out the best hiding place for them I tried to think of how likely or unlikely it would be that they would find them. So after thinking long and hard about it I decided to hide them in my pajama drawer. Its the middle drawer on my dresser, at the top so they are less likely to open it and stuffed so full(I have a rather extensive collection of jammies, thank you Grandma) you can barely open it.  Perfect place to hide them!  So i stuffed them all in the very back of the drawer between my winter jammies and that's where they stay until I need them. Great hiding place right?  Wrong!  Last time I had a moment to myself to be able to use said toys one of my children woke up and came knocking on my door so i quickly put it back in its proper hiding place and made a mental note to take it out after I got my kid back to bed.  Three hours later I sleepily stumbled back to my room and passed out, forgetting to clean my toy. Its been about 2 weeks since that happened and i had completely forgotten about that night until I got my jammies on tonight. Im chilly tonight so i decided to wear a pair of jammie pants not my typical boxers so i reached to the back of the drawer and grabbed a pair and put them on, still not thinking about the incident 2 weeks ago, I walked into the living room and sat down and after a minute or so i smelled something that reminded me of rubber and sex. I got up and searched around thinking that there was something in the room and couldn't find it!  So i gave up and went outside for a few minutes and i smelled it again!  Then it dawned on me...its my freakin pants!!!  It was then that I remembered what had happened and that I had totally forgotten about it.  Moral of the story ladies, don't hide your play toys in a drawer with clothes and always remember to clean them when you are finished using them!  Now before y'all go thinking that my lady bits stink or something I will assure you that they do not, the toy was in the middle of these particular pants kind of wrapped in them. 
Well I'm off here, I have things to do while worm is asleep and the older 3 are gone for the night. As always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends <3


  1. lol forgetfullness or sleepy-brain can cost ya in the end, this is the 2nd of these incidents that ive heard least this one wasnt in public ;)