Thursday, July 5, 2012

Come on guys its only 10:15!!!

Man oh man is it promising to be an interesting day. Its only 10:15 in the morning and the kids are already braindead. Lets see I was woken up at 6am by miss priss trying to shove my boob in worms mouth. Sadly this isn't the first time she has done this and i have learned that boobs are incredibly streatchy. From her attempts to feed her brother he was getting pissed because he couldn't reach it and she was getting pissed because she couldn't feed him. While all of this is happening(maybe a minute or 2 before I was fully awake enough to grasp what the hell was going on) I let down. This caused worm to get sprayed in the face and start screaming, miss priss to get grossed out and my shirt and sheet to get wet. Oh yay more laundry!  Typically when we get up in the morning I have enough time to pee, get dressed and change and dress worm before he starts fussing to eat. Not this morning, this morning I had to feed him before doing any of that which has totally thrown me off. So after worm was fed we got dressed and i got the kids something to eat. They eat breakfast in the living room at fold out trays so they know to get their trays out when i start to get their breakfast ready. For some unknown reason sitting in the middle of the couch is the seat they all want so its usually an argument which is pretty senseless since its in rotation. This morning it was monsters turn. Miss priss didn't like hearing that and threw a toy at him and he got hit just under his eye. Since it was early as hell in the morning he chose to be all dramatic about it and grabbed his face and fell on the floor and started screaming like he was being skinned alive. Miss priss got her hand popped and was made to stand in the corner for throwing the toy at him and then made to apologize. Finally the 3 of them are sitting down and eating quietly woohoo!  Naturally that can't last long so they start getting goofy and loud which causes a try to be knocked over and a bowl of cereal to go flying all over the living room *sigh*.  Once that is cleaned up and they have eaten I tell them they need to clean their rooms so off they go to pick up. Not 3 minutes after the boys are in their room I hear them starting to argue, which turns into a fight. Call me a bad mom if you want but I just let em do their thing. Siblings have to fight it out once in awhile and there's no better day than today. Its been building up for a long time and needed to happen to get it done and over with. It sounded something like this....Bub- ouch stop it! Monster - you started it! Bub - kk gonna punch you in the balls! Monster - I'll kick your butt! Bub hits monster. Monster - you jerk! And he hits Bub. From there it was just a bunch of ows and stop its and such. They finally stopped and both came running down the hall to tell on each other. Both of them had red marks all over them and I'm pretty sure Bub will have a black eye BUT they are getting along now so it worked. Since their fight they have been banished to their room until its cleaned...translation...they are coming out of their room every 30 fucking seconds for one reason or another and not cleaning it. Not that I am complaining too much because it's REALLY fucking hot outside and i have no desirnto be out there today. But I would still very much like their room to be picked up. Miss priss is in a battle of wills with me. Who is more stubborn me or her?  She seems to think she shouldn't have to pick up her room and she's sadly mistaken on that one. She's currently sitting in her bedroom floor playing with the loudest toys she could find and I'm ignoring it. When she comes out she's sent back to go clean up and the cycle has been going on for about an hour now. I figure she can stay in there till its lunch time and if its not cleaned by then she can eat lunch take a nap and then go back to picking up, or pretending to pick up, whichever. So here I sit feeding worm listening to America's 3 loudest kids and trying to enjoy a few minutes of not having kids under my feet. Its jot working but I'm trying lol.
Well I'm off here. Im going to attempt to get my house cleaned today. Realistically the living room might get done along with some laundry but I can hope can't I? 
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  1. Anddddddd..............people wonder why I don't want kids......and if I were to have one, why just one.......