Monday, August 20, 2012

Can i get a do over on today please?

Ever had one of those days where you just want to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over your head till the next day?  That's me today. Mr worm has been crying for the past 4 days anytime he's put down so my nerves are already a bit shot and after this mornings events I'm ready to just call it quits and hide for the rest of the day. Worm was asleep when i got home(woohoo!) So i took a quick shower and actually had a chance to shave my legs(a rare treat for mom lol)!  I got out of the shower with hopes of catching a few hours of sleep and discovered worm had shit...not just in his diaper but up his back and front and out the leg holes on the diaper. Oh joy...I get to wake a sleeping baby AND give him a bath at midnight. Well of course once I did that he was wide awake and yelling at me...all night. I did manage to get an hour or so of sleep before miss priss got up though.  To start my morning off right the dog got out and led me on a 3 block chase in the pouring rain in my pajamas and no shoes and some asshat had the nerve to ask me "what didja dog run away?"  No dip shit I'm chasing him screaming his name for fun *rolls eyes*. So here I am this morning trying to make breakfast for the kids still dripping wet,(you have no idea how hard it is to male a bowl of cereal when you have had like 3 hours of sleep in the last 48hrs) and do the dishes and i discover that my sink is clogged...again. Great let me add fix the sink to my already mile long to do list. So i finish the dishes and tell Bub he needs to take the trash out for me. He gets the bag half way out and wouldn't ya know the can tipped over and the entire contents of the trash can spills all over my floor. Sigh. Well naturally miss priss thinks this is the perfect moment to let out a scream that made my ears bleed and glass shatter. No reason for doing it...guess she thought it would be fun to watch the vein in my forehead bulge(I swear the only reason it hasn't exploded yet is because God would lose his entertainment).  This ear bleeding, glass shattering scream woke up worm and he was not happy about it. Just to give you a bit of a recap so far at this point I have chased a dog in the rain, discovered a clogged sink and am looking at a pile of trash on the floor while dripping wet and freezing cold(why so i keep the AC on 73?) and now I have a very pissed off very very loud screaming baby. So to add a little more confusion to all this my phone rings and its the woman calling me back about miss priss' insurance. (Just a quick side note I'm sitting on my front porch and 2 cops just came flying down the road chasing a white suv that was tossing shit out the window as he drove past...they blocked and caught him at the corner...I'm half tempted to go see what he tossed since its right in front of my house but I don't wanna get in the middle of that shit.) Anyway, while on the phone trying to hear what this woman has to say miss priss comes to inform me the dog as pissed in the floor. You mean to tell me this fuckin dog couldn't have pissed during our chase this morning?!  Ugh. Well thankfully Bub likes to hold worm so i handed him worm and cleaned up the pee and the trash, plunged the sink and extracted the garbage disposal boogers and got on some dry clothes. I took worm from bub and got him back to sleep in just enough time for Bub and monster to start fighting and wake him up...again. thankfully worm is now sleeping, Bub and monster are cleaning their room and miss priss is pretending to clean hers.  Which has afforded me a moment to sit out here and collect myself and type this out.  But now I must go in and make them lunch and get miss priss down for a nap and then get ly ass busy cleaning.
So for now I will say Buhbye. As always commentary are always welcome and please share my page with your friends <3

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  1. ok just wow...that certainly sounds like pandemonium for today. Just how is it that you havent been driven completely insane yet...wait scratch that, you already are lol, just hide it from the masses very well. Though in all seriousness, i hope tomorrow is more easy going for you. As for what was thrown out of the vehicle, if there was no one looking i wouldve seen what it was...might have been worth something ;)