Wednesday, September 19, 2012

If my gyno asked as many questions as my daughter appointments would take hours...

Worm was super fussy so i decided to get him his bath a little early tonight in hopes of calming him down and getting him to sleep. So i got the bath ready and me and him got in and, like always, I was making him splash and talking to him while I washed him. Well miss priss and the boys were still up while this was going on(yes they were supervised) and lil miss came busting in the bathroom to "help" me wash him. So i let her help and she was doing great!  She was talking to him and being really gentle with him and all that good stuff. So after he was washed I got him out and passed him off and got ready to wash myself. Well...lil miss decides to hang around while I was washing and holy hell she had a lot of questions!  The first being "why do you have hair on your vagina?"  *sigh*  my first thought was "because mommy hasn't had enough time or energy to shave her pits let alone her vag" but i kept it simple and told her that everyone gets hair on their private parts when they get older. That seemed to satisfy her so i went back to washing my hair and she decided to ask a few more questions...why do you have boobs?  Will I have boobs when i get bigger? Why do you shave your legs?  Why is your tummy so gross?  And the did Sylas get out of your tummy?  Not wanting to ignore her I was giving her censored answers. I have boobs because God gave them to me to feed my babies. Yes you will. Because boys don't like boys don't like hairy women. Because I had 4 babies grow in it and it stretches the skin out and it never goes back to normal.  And the big one...I was really tempted to tell her the whole magic blanket story, mainly because I didn't want to have to explain the whole thing to my 4 year old daughter, but I don't like to lie to my kids and I feel that being honest about things like sex and drugs are a fairly good way to keep them from trying it at a young age.  Kind of takes the mystery and appeal out of them in a sense.  So anyway, after some thought I told her that all 4 of them were put there by daddy.  This sparked the question "why did daddy put us there?"  To which I responded "so I could grow you."  How did daddy get us to put us there?  *Sigh* I should have known this one was coming.  Well, adults have sex and that's how you got there.  Whats sex?  At this point I was ready to just sink under the water and pretend that I couldn't hear her anymore, and possibly drown myself to avid having to answer anymore of these questions, but I didn't (obviously since I am typing this lol).  Sex is when a man and a woman get naked and the man puts his penis in the womans vagina.  EEWWWW GGGGRRRROOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! I would NEVER do that!  Haha good!  Thankfully that answer grossed her out enough to not ask anymore questions about sex and she moved on to asking about other things, like why my hair is so long and why I'm so fat and why I have to wear glasses.  I wasn't about to tell her that sex isn't gross, its actually something that she will not only want to do, but enjoy, later in life.  That's a conversation to have when shes about 10 years older and I am already dreading it!  I learned a something from our conversation.  The first thing, don't let your kid come in the bathroom with you while you shower(or take a bath) unless you want to answer some serious questions.  Kids have no brain to mouth filter and the most important thing I learned, kids don't worry about hurt feelings or offending anyone.  They simply want to know things and they will ask in the most blunt way possible to get those answers.
Well I'm off to get some things done.  I'll try to post again later, it's been awhile and I have lots to share!  As always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends <3


  1. haha mine got a sex talk because of 2 flies.. go figure... mine also ask y my butt and tummy are so big lol i feel ya