Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What to do...

I live on a main road into a neighborhood. I expect a pot of traffic to come through and it doesn't bother me. As a matter of fact me and worm like to sit outside and watch the cars go by because it entertains him and it makes him smile and squeal. What I don't like is to see people flying down the road going 40+ trying to jump the old covered railroad tracks. What I don't like is to watch people lose control of their cars and run up into my yard, my neighbors yards and take out light poles, fences and bushes. There is one speed limit sign at the end of the road and it is clearly marked 25mph. We live next door to a school, and i mean literally next door. So not only is it a school zone through here but it is a residential area. I have kids that play in this yard. The neighbors have kids that play in their yards and the court. People walk their kids to and from school down this road and kids ride their bikes and whatnot up and ddown through here. Someone is going to get killed. Let me tell y'all something, of one of my kids gets hit by a speeding car I will be in jail for murdering some moron. I have called several times to ask for patrol to be upped through here. The neighbors have called several times about this. Cops have been called because someone took out the power pole across the street and a fence and someone's bushes.  Im over calling to make reports. I am over calling the traffic division to ask for help. Its time to take action. I will he at the next city meeting and i will make sure I am heard. If nothing is done after that I'm going to have to go to the news because this is ridiculous. From now on when i am sitting out here I will have a pen and paper and I'll be writing down the license plate number to every person speeding through here, or at least the make and model of the car. I will have my list when I go to the meeting and I'll be talking to the neighbors about attending as well.

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