Sunday, September 30, 2012

I need brain bleach...

I was out and about the other day and saw some things that no one should EVER have to see.  I needed a 50 gallon bottle of brain bleach by the time I got home and sadly 2 of the places I saw these things were the children's hospital and my sons school.
Im not a small person. Im a little overweight but I'm OK with my size because I'm healthy. I used to be around 220lbs and that was in high school so i know what its like to be a big girl and even then I was proud of my body. BUT I wasn't so proud of it that i was walking around with all of it hanging out. I still don't!  I love my fluffy people. Most of my friends are fluffy people and I have only ever dated 2 guys that weren't big guys.  One of them was over 300lbs. Obviously I don't care what someone's weight is. What I do have a problem with is big people in little people clothes *que fat man in a little coat song*.  Ladies if you want to wear shorts that's great! But please think before you wear them. Your first thought shouldn't be "does it look like my pussy is trying to eat my shorts?" The second thought should be "are my ass cheeks hanging out the back of my shorts?"  Next would be "is there a blood stain in the crotch or on the ass of them?"  And finally "are there any other stains or any rips in them?"  These are things that may be OK at home, but they are NEVER OK in public. I shit you not I was at the hospital with worm and this woman, who was every bit of 350lbs, was wearing some skin tight shorts and it looked like her pussy was trying to eat them!  My first thought was "holy shit...if her twat tries any harder to eat those things that button is going to go flying and someone's gonna die!"  Tight is one thing but when peoples lives are at risk if the button comes off you might want to rethink them. It wasn't too much later when i saw anothed bbig woman who was wearing some white shorts, they weren't *too* tight, and her pussy wasn't trying to eat them(thank god) but she bent over and there was a big old blood stain on them.  And I'm not talking one of those "oops" spots that we have all had, it wasn't even a new stain.  Im talking, there's no way she was using any kind of pad or tampon when aunt flow visited last month kind of stain. *gag*.  I understand starting your period and not knowing because its not supposed to start yet, I understand a small stain, I can even understand a red spot, but an old nasty stain is in no way appropriate to be wearing, at all, ever.  So skip ahead to being at the school and there's another big ol' girl in some shorts where her ass cheeks are hanging out the bottom of them, along with the pockets out the bottom of the front. Lemme tell ya, its nasty seeing a skinny chick wearing some shit like that, I damn sure don't want to see your hail damaged cottage cheese ass.  Now before someone wants to get all ass hurt about me saying its narsty when a skinny chick does it, lemme explain a bit. Have some self respect. If you think you have to let your ass hang out your pants to get a mans attention then you aren't going to attract a man worth a fuck because all he is seeing when he looks at you is an easy fuck. Then y'all Wanna whine about how you can't find a good man. Here's a tip sweetheart, dress and act like you have just a little class and you just might find one.  I kind of got off topic there didn't I?  Anyways, ladies for the love of all things holy, look in a mirror before walking out of the house. As a friend if what you have on is appropriate. Or at the very least snap a pic of your outfit and post it on fb and ask what people think. If they tell you you look like you belong on the corner or you look like a nasty bum then go change and try again. There is no reason anyone should be dressing like this and no one wants to see it. Be proud of who you are and be comfortable with what size you are, but dress to flatter your figure not to let it all hang out.
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