Sunday, September 23, 2012

I just don't get it...

There are a lot of things I don't understand and I am totally OK with that.  There are other things that I don't understand and I so not OK with it.  This is something that has been bugging the hell out of me for a long time now and maybe one of you can help me out because so far I haven't been able to get a decent answer.  Why do men(and kids) feel the need to announce when they are going to the bathroom?  I know I hear "I'm going pee!" 100 times a damn day!  I don't announce it when I need to pee.  Unless one of the kids is following me around, and I only do it then so they know that I am entering the one room that they can't follow me into(of course their cute little face is waiting right where they stopped when I open the door).  I don't hear them say what they are doing when it comes to anything else, so why must you tell me that you are going to pee?  Is this something that I really need to know?  I don't care what you do in the bathroom, as long as you don't leave a mess for me to clean up.  I don't need to know when you pee, or shit for that matter.  Bub will come from his room into whatever room I am in, or outside if that's where I am, to tell me that he has to pee.  He's the worst of the 3 of them but the other 2 do it too.  So does their dad, and pretty much every other man I know.  We can be in the middle of a conversation and all of the sudden "I need to pee!"  What?!  Where the hell did that come from?  I am seriously waiting on a phone call with a child telling me that they are going to the bathroom.  I don't need to know, I don't care.  Yes we all do it, but I don't need to know when you are.  So, can any of you explain this to me?  Someone shed some light on this for me because I just don't understand it!

I'm off, I have a baby to wake and feed and dishes to do.  As always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends <3

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