Friday, September 21, 2012

A few stories that caught my attention...

I was reading some stories on one of my mom sites tonight and there were a few that really caught my attention.  I wont be posting links to them because I don't have permission from the writer to but I will explain the story before I make my comments about it.

The first one that really got me was about a father giving his 2 year old son medical marijuana.  The back story:  This little boy was dying from stage 4 brain cancer, he went through 7 different types of chemo and went into septic shock, had a stroke and pulmonary hemorrhaging, but he was still alive.  The chemo made him so sick that he couldn't eat for 40 days.  So his dad got some cannabis oil and slipped it into his sons feeding tube without telling the Dr's.  This little boy went from knocking on deaths door to sitting up, eating and laughing.  The medical community is all pissy about it because he gave it to him and it doesn't say if charges will be filed because in the state they live in medical marijuana is legal, it isn't legal in the state where they were for this child's treatment though.

OK, so here's my opinion.  LEGALIZE IT!!!!  For those of you that know me, you all know that I am 10000000000% behind legalization.  So much so that I helped host a pro marijuana rally a few years ago as part of the World Wide Marijuana March that happens the first weekend in May.
There is a link for more info for those of you that may be interested.
Anyway, you all know how I feel about it and if it were one of my kids you better believe I would do it in a heartbeat!  I would do anything to save my child's life and if it meant giving them a little marijuana then so be it.  I will say that it may have been dangerous to give it to him not knowing how it would work with the other drugs they were pumping into him and I will go so far as to say that it was illegal, but you will never hear me say that he shouldn't have done it.  It saved his baby boys life.  Or at least gave him more time, gave him quality of life.

The next story that grabbed my attention was about a couple that has 3 boys and were elated when they found out that their 4th child was going to be a baby girl.  Sadly they lost her soon after birth.  It doesn't say what happened so no one knows if they were aware that she was going to pass away or not.  They got pregnant again through IVF with TWIN boys and chose to abort them because they want the baby girl they were robbed of.  They are currently in court to petition to select the gender for the next round of IVF and if not allowed will most likely abort if they end up with another boy.

Are you fucking serious?!  Ok, I can understand wanting a baby girl and I can even understand trying until you get one, my aunt did and had 5 boys before they had a girl.  I can understand the feeling of wanting to "replace" what they were robbed of.  I can not understand adding to the already tragic story of losing a precious baby by aborting not one but 2 babies because they were the wrong gender.  If anything I would think that they would be elated that they were pregnant again and were being blessed with 2 kids!  I think a woman has the right to choose what to do with her body, and if that means having an abortion then that's her thing to deal with.  I am sure its a hard decision to make and I am sure that it is something that haunts many women for the rest of their lives, but I do not agree with what they are doing.  It isn't like they weren't TRYING to get pregnant, they PAID to get pregnant!  If you can afford to get IVF you can afford to raise whatever child(ren) you have as a result of it.  I would say they shouldn't be allowed to have the treatments again because of that they did, or are doing, but that's just my opinion and as great as it would be to not allow certain people to have kids, no one is allowed to decide that but the woman who has to carry the baby.

Well my lovelies I must go, I have a screaming baby to tend to.  As always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends <3

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  1. I am VERY anti-abortion. I believe life begins at conception and it's murder. I feel very, very strongly on that. I feel that child has the right to LIVE. If the baby is born and you truly don't want it, put it up for adoption. If you are a single teenage mom, ask for help. There are many, many options available. The one and only time an abortion should happen is under life threatening medical circumstances where doctors must do it to save the mother's life because if they don't both she and her child will die. That's the one and only time. I fully believe those people should not be allowed the treatments. Wow, what a bunch of assholes.