Thursday, June 28, 2012

Im all for being comfortable but damn girl!

OK so like the title says I'm all for being comfortable with who you are and you being comfortable in your own skin, yay for you!  But there is a point when you need to stop and think really hard before walking out the door.
Let me paint this picture for you...we are at the pool,me,my mom,monster,Bub,miss priss,worm and my niece...we will call her Kay...all the kids (except worm) are swimming and playing and me and my mom are sitting in the shade with worm talking about a bunch of nothing and a whole lot of everything. I'll be the first to tell you, I get my attitude and snark from my mother. So we are sitting there and she rolls her eyes and goes oh lord here come the dikes.  I laughed because we love our gay people so otw was weird to hear her say it like that. So i asked what that was all about and she rolls her eyes again and goes "lemme tell ya, I could care less if someone is gay bi lesbian or whatever but these 2 are a bit much for me when there are kids around.  Last time we were down here these 2 showed up and were down here in the deep end feeling all over each other and kissin and well I don't want to be the one that has to explain it to tthe grandbabies ya know."  About this time I catch sight of the butch of the pair and holy shit!  She looked like she would rather knock your teeth out than talk to ya!  Don't get me wrong I'm sure she's a nice woman but she looked mean as hell. Anyways, shes a big woman and I'm cool with that...I love my fluffy people!  Bit she was wearing men's swim trunks and a wife, I'm sure you all know or have seen a big woman so you all know they usually have HUGE titties. So I'm looking at this big OK girl with her titties flapping and a mohawk that could take your eye out if you get too close and the only thing I could think was "she needs to leashes those puppies before someone gets bit!"  So i said it to my mom who was busy watching this woman's girlfriend walk in the gate in horror. Like I said before I am all for people being proud of who they are and whatnot but this girl was easily 350 pounds and she was wearing the smallest bikini I have ever seen on a girl her size. If one of those strings had snapped it would have been like the opening scene in ghost ship...lots of people cut in half. Btw if you haven't seen that movie go get it and watch it now its a great movie. Anyways these 2 women don't look like they belong together at all and I'm fairly sure they are in some kind of D/s relationship just by the way they were acting together. But thats beside the point, they both jumped in the pool and the girl was hanging onto the butches back while they were swimming. My only thought, and yes I said it out loud, was this isn't going to end well...she's going to sink her and that lifeguard won't be able to pull em both out."  In my head there was this horror scene of the smaller girl sinking the butch and the butch going down like the Titanic then grabbing at the other girl and accidentally pulling her bathing suit and it pops and beheads everyone.  Mean I know bit that's just how my mind works sometimes. So they get out of the pool and lay in the sun and I relaxed and in walks the weirdo. He had a belly like Santa and naturally he was shirtless. He kept walking around the pool and dipping one foot in while standing there at the side of the was like some kind of weird ritual or something. He eventually jumped in and his hairy man belly was under water thank god. Im tellin y'all my eyes couldn't have taken much more today and I am sooooo glad we left when we did lol. The kids had fun and that's all that matters in the end but I don't think I want to go back for awhile.

Well I'm outta here I have things to do while I have a few moments of peace. As always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends. Side note please excuse my errors I typed this from my phone and have no spell check and my phone is stupid and does weird things like doubling letters and inserting random words. I promise I'm not dumb lol.

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