Monday, June 18, 2012

The breastfeeding nazi and the trip to the beach

I want to start by saying Happy belated Father's Day to all the daddies out there and to all the mommies that are doing the job of both mom and dad.

We went to the beach yesterday to get out of the house and have some fun.  While we were there Worm got hungry, so I fed him.  I was completely covered and there was no way in hell anyone was going to see anything because it was a pretty big blanket and Worm doesn't wiggle much yet when hes nursing.  I figured since we were on a PUBLIC beach, where women walk around with very little on it wouldn't be a big deal....boy was I wrong!  While sitting there minding my own business under our pop up tent thing, covered by a blanket, feeding my child, a woman walks up to us and tells me how disgusting it is for me to be breastfeeding in a public place where children are around.  Um, excuse me bitch?! I could not fucking believe this cuntbag had the nerve to walk up to me to run her mouth!!  I have encountered tons of stupid people being out an about, and I have NEVER met one this stupid.  So here's how the conversation when...

Her- Do you know how disgusting it is for you to force everyone on the beach to watch you let that baby suck on your tit?!  How could you do that when there are kids around!?!?

Me- Excuse me?  First of all I am COVERED up and secondly no one is making you look at what I am doing and thirdly you are showing a whole lot more than I am.  Your tits are about to fall out of your fucking bikini top!!

Her- I don't care how covered you are that's just nasty!  Go sit in your car or something because no one wants to see that nasty shit!

Me-*standing up*  let me fucking tell you something sweetheart, contrary to popular belief, your tits aren't play things for your dumb ass boyfriend and they aren't for you to flash around to get what you want from men.  They are there for feeding your child, God forbid you ever have one, and how is it disgusting for me to use them for what they are intended for but it's not disgusting for you to have yours hanging out?  Besides that YOU CAN'T SEE ANYTHING ON ME!! But yours are barely covered and, as you put it, there's kids around!  If you have a problem with what I am doing then look away, no one is forcing you to watch.  

Her-  Mine are covered by my bikini top and I don't have a kid hanging off of mine, you have yours all the way out!

Me-*interrupting her* Yes I do have ONE out, UNDER A FUCKING BLANKET!!!  So lets do some common sense thinking here, I'll help you with this one since you seem to be lacking in the common sense department.  If I have my boob out under a blanket then you couldn't possibly be able to see it right?  You are walking around with yours barely covered with nothing over you, so what does that mean?  EVERYONE CAN SEE THEM!  What you are wearing is far more offensive than what I am doing.  *pointing to Bub and Monster* See those 2 boys over there?  They LOVE to look at boobies, I hate that they do it, but boys will be boys right?  What you are wearing right now is going to have those 2 boys staring at you all day long.  I don't want my 6 and 8 year old kids seeing that shit. *yelling* Yo Monster, come here for a min! *monster runs over*  What do you think about her?

Monster-  She looks like one of the girls in those magazines.  

Me- What magazines?

Monster- The ones you don't want me to see because they have nasty people in them.

Me- Thank you.  *looking back at her*  Damn, even a 6 year old can point out that you look like a slut.  Now if you would be so kind as to walk away from me before I have to get violent I would greatly appreciate it, I have a baby to feed and you have interrupted his lunch.  

Her- I'm going to tell the lifeguard and have you kicked off of the beach.

Me- Please, go tattle, I could fucking care less!  I'm not doing anything wrong for once.

Her- *walks over to the lifeguard stand* (we were about 15 feet away from it) she talks to the MALE lifeguard

Lifeguard-  Busts out laughing and walks over to me.

Me-  Can I help you?

Lifeguard-  Are you breastfeeding now?

Me- Yes, why?

Lifeguard- *turns to the stupid bitch*  she's not doing anything wrong, shes covered up and from the looks of it you are showing more of your boobs than she is, leave the woman alone and move somewhere else on the beach if she's bothering you.

Me- Thank you!

Her-*storming off* fuck this I'm never coming back here again!

Am I the only one that sees about a million things wrong with this?  Since when did it become disgusting to feed your child?  I was doing nothing wrong and I could have fed him uncovered, but I have more respect for myself and him than that.  I am all for nursing in public if your baby is hungry, but I am not all about not covering up when you do it. It's a very private thing, and I don't want to share it with the world.  I always cover up if we are out, and even when we are at home if company is over, or I excuse myself into another room.  Her acting the way she did just proved to me that society has sexualized a woman's breast to the point that it's deemed disgusting to breastfeed.  That saddens me.  

On another note, we had a n awesome day at the beach after that all settled down.  

Well, I have things to do so I am going to end this here.  As always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends <3

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