Saturday, June 16, 2012

Push presents and jealousy issues...yes people I have come back to rant :)

So i have been reading some fairly interesting posts on some of the birth boards I belong to lately and the 2 main topics I keep seeing pop up are about push presents and bitches getting all ass hurt because someone else was/is pregnant or had a baby close to when they had theirs. So I'm back to bitch about how stupid both of these things are...
Lets start with push presents.  I have read more posts about women EXPECTING their husband/boyfriend/baby daddy to buy them some elaborate gift for having their baby.  Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this?  Here is my take on it.  When you got pregnant, you knew you were going to have to push a baby out of your cunt or have it cut out of your belly.  You knew you were in it for 9 months. Why the hell do you feel like you deserve a fucking present for it?!?!  I'm not talking about them wanting flowers or a card or something simple, I'm talking about these women wanting expensive jewelry, a new car, breast implants, crazy expensive shit!  When I have my kids the only thing I asked for was food.  I wanted to eat one of the many foods that I had to avoid for whatever reason while I was pregnant.  My present was my healthy baby, surviving birth, and having my family there to welcome my new baby into this fucked up world.  Women, get the fuck over yourselves!  You don't demand a present because you gave birth.  Be happy that you have a healthy baby because there are a whole lot of women that leave the hospital empty handed.  Be happy if your husband/boyfriend/baby daddy buys you a card or flowers.  It's not the cost of the gift its the thought put into it, its that he remembered to think about you.  And let me tell you now that you have a kid, if hes a good father, he's not going to put you first anymore so get used to him not thinking about you before he thinks about his kids.  It's no longer about you sweetheart so get used to it and get the fuck over it.

Now lets the women who get all ass hurt because some one else is pregnant.  THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU!!!!!  Did you hear that?  Let me say it one more time just to make sure....THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU!!!!  Get over yourself.  Someone else did not get pregnant to steal your moment in the spotlight.  She either got pregnant because she wanted a baby or by accident.  But I can pretty much guarantee you were the last thing on her mind when she got knocked up.  Please, for the love of God, if you don't ever remember anything from this blog but this, know that now that you have a child the world revolves around them not you.  And to add to that, the world doesn't revolve around your little brat either, just your little planet does.  If you can not accept this fact then you may want to re think the whole parent thing and give the kid up for adoption now.  It's people like you (and the ones that want push presents) that raise little assholes for kids.  You are the ones that are raising the little brats that people want to trip when no one is looking because no one can stand to be around them.  Your kids are the ones that think that they are the center of the universe and everyone should bow down to them and jump whenever they want something.  Save the already fucked up population and stop breeding now.

While I am on the topic of kids, lets talk about the types of kids I can not stand to be around.  Don't get me wrong, I love kids, I have 4 of them so I must like em at least a little bit right?  These types of kids include: the ones that have no manners AT ALL(no I don't expect little Suzy to say please and thank you or ma'am and sir every time the open their mouths but it would be nice if they would at least once when demanding something), kids who have no respect for anyone or anything(these are the kids that will break something because they were throwing a temper tantrum for the 5th time in the last half hour and then don't say sorry and go so far as to DEMAND that you fix it or buy them a new one.  Sadly, their parents will do exactly as their little precious told them to.)  Bullies(I'm sure you have seen my post about bullies by now and know where I stand on this subject), whiners(I have one of these myself and I am actively working on this issues with him.  Which is why I can tell you, it is the most annoying sound EVER and no child needs to whine over everything.), spoiled brats(these are the kids who always get what they want when they want it, or even before they know they want it.  These kids are destined for failure and its all the parents fault.  Let them know at a young age that life isn't always about them and what they want or when they grown up and have to deal with real life they will crumble and fail miserably.  They will end up in therapy for years because they will feel like life just isn't fair and they will blame and hate you for making them that way.), and lastly I can not stand the kids that are one or more of these things combined(we all know at least one, the kid that no one wants at play dates and the parent that the other mothers talk about when shes not around.  The ones that break your kids toy, demand that you fix it then break it again, the ones that walk in your house tell you they want drink now, throw a fit when its not brought to them fast enough then another fit because the cup is wrong an then snatch the toy from your kids hand because they want it.  These kids irritate the fuck out of me and they make me want to cunt punt their mother and dick punch their father while yelling at them to never have another child.)  Yes I may sound like a bit of a bitch for saying these things, but you cant tell me that you haven't thought at least one of these things before.  I just said what we were all thinking.  Hate me for it or don't, its the truth and you know it.

Well, I'm outta here.  I have kids to find and a baby to feed.  As always, comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends :)

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