Thursday, June 21, 2012

Man oh man what a day!

Holy shit its been a long day!  And here I sit at 12:11 at night still awake with a leech attached to my tit trying to drain me of the last ounce of energy I have left.  Honestly I'm not even sure where to begin to explain what went wrong with today...its kind of a blur at this point.  I guess starting at the beginning would work so lets do that.
For once my kids actually slept in. Miss priss didn't wake up till 7, worm was in bed with me so he was sleeping peacefully (as long as I didn't move of course), and Bub and monster slept till about 8.  This NEVER happens around here so that's a pretty exciting thing. What makes it even more awesome is that when they all got up they just came and got in bed with me and we all snuggled and watched Spiderman 2 till about 10:30 with no whining complaining or fighting!  The day was off to an amazing start!  It had to go to shit at some point *sigh*.  Once we all got up and dressed we went outside for a bit.  I figured with it already being so late we would just have lunch around 11 and skip breakfast. No one complained about it, no one was saying they were hungry, still no fighting or arguing, the day was off to an eerily good start. My dad stopped by to see the kids and monster wanted him to push him on the tree swing.  Nothing unusual all 3 of them love the tree swing and someone is always being pushed on it. Well, today had to be the day one of them got hurt on it.  Monster hit the tree with his knee and scraped his knee and leg up. Ah ha! I knew something was going to happen!  By this point it was time to eat anyway so we all went in and had lunch.  I informed them that after lunch they needed to clean their rooms because I was tired of stepping on toys all the time. Shockingly no one flight me on this one and they all cleaned up without any fighting talking back or any problems at all!!!  I had to go to the Dr today for my 6 week check up so the older 3 went to my moms and off we went to the Dr. Got to my mom's to pick up the kids and the boys decided they wanted to stay the night so me miss priss and worm came home. This is when things started to go  Since we had a early lunch, and I hadn't eaten at all yet, I decided to throw a pizza in the oven. I got out a silicon pizza pan and threw it in and sat down to feed worm. About 10mins later I smelled something funny so I got up to check to see what it was...I opened the oven door and a huge cloud of smoke comes rolling out.  The fucking pizza pan melted in my oven!  And I don't mean a little bit of it, I mean everything that the pizza wasn't touching was in blobs of black goo on the bottom on my damn oven. To add to that the smoke from it is toxic. So I opened the doors and me ans the kids came outside while it aired out and the good hardened. Well of course it had to rain while we were outside and we couldn't go back in the house. Thankfully it was only for a minute or five. Well dinner was fucked to we went to taco bell. After waiting for a half hour to order and get my damn food I open the bag and see that I'm missing a taco.  Fuck it I'm not going back for it I'll nuke a frozen burrito was my only thought. Dinner went without issue yay!  Well of course worm hasn't screamed enough today so he decides to start yelling at me so we all came back outside because it calms him down. Well as if things weren't going shitty enough already miss priss decided to get on top of a cozy coupe car and fall off of it...onto the sidewalk....and catch herself with her head and face.  She's got a knot above her eye and a scrape on her cheek but otherwise seems OK...bit just to be safe I called her Dr and was told to keep her up for a few hours. Mind you it was almost 9pm when she did it. Great, she didn't nap today so this should be buckets of fun.  Much to my surprise she did great staying up so late. It didn't go without incident though. Around 1030 she spilled an entire glass of water all over my living room carpet and then around 11 she knocked a can of Pepsi off the shelf in the fridge and it literally exploded all over the kitchen. After all that was cleaned up she decided she wanted to play with my hair. She lost 7 of 12 barrettes in my hair.  It was loads of fun trying to find those since my hair is down to my ass. I did manage to find them all though!  She finally fell asleep about 5mins to midnight and of course worm woke up at 3mins to midnight screaming. So now I'm sitting here with him staring at me. I swear he thinks its a game, it goes something like this...he screams so I pick him up, I get him to sleep and lay him down, 30 seconds after I lay him down he opens one eye and screams, I pick him up and he stares at me daring me to out him down for the next 10-15mins and then we repeat. Im seriously thinking I might just let him win the game tonight and put him in bed with me. Momma needs some damn sleep because I'm starting to resemble a zombie and its jot a very good look for me.
Well I'm off to play this game...or lose always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends <3. Wish me luck!
Btw I have included pics of the pizza pan and the eexploded soda can for your amusement ...enjoy


  1. Sooooo funny....not at the time of course, but now, definitely.

  2. omg i would just totally groan and try to convince my mother to get the goo out of the oven lol. i do not envy you i just don't.


  3. Glad Kira is ok, and yeah well ive learned never to count a day as "good" until its over, things always seem to blow up on you when you start to say "today is going amazingly well" its like fate is like "oh ok i forgot you're not supposed to have it this good thanks for the reminder BLAM!!!" Anyway I hope you get some sleep, Kinky dreams hun.

    1. I totally agree...I don't say anything about a day being good until at least 11pm...and even then it's risky. Best to just wait until Midnight. *sigh*