Friday, June 15, 2012

Sleepless nights and more post baby fun!

Well, Mr. Worm is now 4 weeks old and I have barely slept more than 2-4 hours in a night since he was born.  My dream of finally being able to dye my hair after he was born has still yet to come true because when I do have a moment without him screaming at me, I wash my hair, who the hell has time to dye it?!  I walk around like a zombie half the time, hair unbrushed and put up in a half bun, clothes unmatched, mystery stains on my shirt and my tits have a faint smell of spoiled milk.  Sounds great doesn't it?  He screams at me constantly, he's my bitchy baby, I have been peed on 4 times today alone and I stuck my finger in poop about an hour ago when I was checking his diaper.  Silly me for thinking it was just gas. I now rock back and forth even when I am not holding him.  Not sure if that's because I know if I stand/sit still for more than 30 seconds I'll fall asleep or if its become a habit since I am constantly rocking him, but it is what it is I guess.  What I find even more fucked up is that when he is sleeping, I'm wide the fuck awake!  He's trained me to be on his "schedule" and then he goes and changes it up on me!  Little shit head lol.  I know this will only last for a few months so I'm not stressing it too much, but holy baby Jesus I'm exhausted!
My older 3 are officially out of school for the summer.  Not sure if i want to jump up and down with joy that there is no more homework or early mornings for the next 2 1/2 months, or if I want to curl up in the fetal position and cry because I know by the end of June I will want to duct tape them all to the wall for just one moment of peace and quiet(and before anyone gets their panties in a bunch I would NEVER do that no matter how tempting it may sound).
I am super proud of my boys, Mr. Troublemaker got all S' on his report card and is now a kindergarten graduate.  Plus he got 2 awards, one for improving in all academic areas and one for being good all year(he just didn't get caught being bad is all lol).  And Mr. Bub is now a 3rd grader!  He got his 2nd grade completion award the other day!  He got 17 of 35 S' on is report card and the rest of the grades came up.
Well my lovelies I have to go...Mr. Worm is screaming for me....again...As always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends <3


  1. LoL i am now 3 weeks away from this myself (give or take) Heather's doctors appointment thursday said that her cervix is still closed so im assuming that means i dont have to expect Kayura making an appearance this week at least.

  2. i read it every time u post about it on facebook