Friday, June 15, 2012

Do parents/caregivers just not care anymore?!

Well, Mr. Worm is back asleep, for the moment anyway, so I figured I would try to type out another post before he wakes up again.  

SO I may be insane but Bub has a friend staying the night tonight.  He's a good kid, typically well behaved and *gasp* he even has some kind of manners!  But he's REALLY hyper!  He's got ADHD and some other issues that I won't post about, but overall he's a good kid.  I'll be honest, I'm really not up to having an extra kid here tonight, but Bub has been asking if he could stay over for about a month now and since it's the first weekend out of school I figured what the hell, one night of an extra kid won't kill me....right?  But this isn't the reason I am posting about this.  I am posting about this because this kid has been over to play 4 times now, and I have yet to meet his aunt or grandmother other than the brief moment when I walked out to his aunts car the 3rd time he was picked up.  Now, I could be wrong on this one, but if it was one of my kids I would want to know who the hell was going to be watching them, if the place was safe for them to be at and all that other jazz. Hell, I didn't even have a contact number for this kid until today!  I remember being a kid and when I went to stay at a friends house, which was rare since everyone always wanted to stay at my house until I got older, my mom would walk me to the door talk to the parents and usually stay for at least 15 minutes before she would leave and she would make sure that not only did I know every possible hone number to contact a family member at, but the parents had them too.  
This isn't the first kid to be dropped off with out the parents even getting out of the car or anything either, it happened at Bub's 4th birthday party.  Yes you read that right, the kid was 4 years old and his parents just dropped him off and left.  How do these people know that I'm not some kind of molester or child abuser?  How do they know that these kids will be safe in my care?  Just because my kids live here doesn't mean that I take good care of them(and for the record I am not a child molester or abuser and my kids are well taken care of).  There are thousands of kids that are beat at home, or worse, and no one ever knows because its all done behind closed doors and the kids never tell.  I just don't understand why these parents aren't more concerned about where these kids are!?  This is the exact reason why I would rather they be here with me driving me insane than at someone elses house where I dont know what is going on or who, if anyone is watching them.  
Well, Worm is awake again and I have 4 other ones running around the yard I need to watch.  As always comments are always welcome and please share my page wit your friends <3


  1. It's a sad world that we live in today. Things just aren't the way they used to be. There are a lot of parents who really truly do care, but there are also many, many who don't care. They don't care so blatantly out in the open because society let's them...when people punish there kids in public or do anything child related in public for every 1 who approves there is 10 to call the cops to report child abuse. So over time people have come to be rewarded for their apathy. And too, if he's got these behavioral issues, and he's being raised by an aunt or grandma, there are probably a lot of other issues going on there, and I'm willing to bet they're eager to dump him on someone else because they don't know how to deal and are tired. Sad circumstances all around.

  2. Well in this case I must say that it isnt necessarily something that is new happening as when I was younger my parents didnt meet with those whom I stayed the night with, but I do agree that when a child is a certain age you should at least check on who will be watching them...i believe though that it wasnt because my parents didnt care, I think they just may have had too much faith in how they raised us, to know a bad situation and to get out of it and yes we always were made to memorize numbers for any family member just in case the situation called for their use. I think some parents its definitely that they either dont care or dont know that they are supposed to care, but some its because of too much pride in how they raise their kids, they expect more than is capable of them. Just my pov.

  3. It's not about having trust that your kids have listened to what you have told them their whole lives or about knowing that they might be able to get out of a bad situation, its about knowing who you are entrusting to take care of your child in your absence. Things aren't like they were when we were kids. The world is an ugly place and bad things can and do happen all the time. Parents/caregivers need to step up and be responsible for their kids.