Monday, April 30, 2012

I shall call him Ali!!!

I could not be more proud of my oldest son!!  If you read my post about The Bully (and if you haven't you should) you will know that my oldest son isn't the type to fight(unless it's his brother of course lol).  He's a bit  Honestly, not too sure why he won't stand up for himself, or his brother for that matter, other than he wants everyone to be his friend.  Anyway, I'm straying off topic a bit here.  

Let me paint the scene for you.  There are..lemme count....7 kids...pretty sure it was 7...we'll say more kids than I can claim, out in the yard, some of them were on the porch and some of them were in the yard in front of the porch.  They had this purple ball that they were playing a game with, some kind of dodgeballish game.  Everything was going great, they were all getting along no one was whining or crying over anything.  It was kind of like the twilight zone lol.  Well no sooner did I realize that they were all getting along did all hell break loose(doesn't it always ha!).  One of the neighborhood kids, we shall call him R, threw the ball at my youngest son, not because he was playing the game, just to throw it at him and see if he could hit him, well this caught him off guard and he kind of stumbled and fell over a bike and got hurt.  His brother went over and helped him up(this totally shocked me) and helped him in the house(another shock).  My son was fine, just a bruise on his knee.  He shook it off and went back outside but decided to sit on the porch and color instead of play with the other kids because R hadn't apologized to him and he was being stubborn waiting on him to say sorry(he gets that from me lol).  Anyway, all was fine and the kids went back to playing and about 15 minutes later my oldest comes storming in the door pissed off and shoe less(ya, that part confused me too).  My first question was who peed in your cheerios?  He started talking, well ranting, and from what I understood he got in a fight with R because R had hurt his brother and didn't say sorry for it.  UM....huh?  Not that I am not uber proud of him, but at this point I was a bit confused at this point ya know.  So I told him to go find his shoes and calm down a little and then come back and explain to me what happened, as soon as he walked out the door I lost it.  I know it sounds horrible of me, but I could not stop laughing.  Not sure what made me laugh harder, the fact that he actually took his shoes off to fight this kid or the look on his face when he was trying to tell me what happened.  Either way I was laughing so hard I was crying lol.  So anyway, he finds his shoes and comes in and starts explaining, a little more calmly, that he was mad that R had hurt his brother and not said he was sorry so he took it upon himself to "teach him a lesson" and when he told R this they took it out to the yard, he took his shoes off and he said he told R "take your best shot" so R pushed him and he fell.  "That's when I got really mad and I started hitting him in the head"  One of the neighborhood kids brothers, who is about 14, saw what was going on and tried to break it up and my son ended up accidentally hit him, while he was trying to break it up R ran home.  OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!  So while he is telling us all of this KV (another kid that was over here playing) yells in the door that R and his mom are here and she wants to talk to me.  Well, this is going to be a problem because I am still laughing uncontrollably at this point.  I took a minute to compose myself and I walked out the door and she goes "well, what happened?  I only got one side of the story and I want to know the other side."  I had told my son to stay in the house because, one, he was still mad, two, he was scared he was going to get in trouble and had started crying at this point and three, I couldn't promise that I wasn't going to get ugly because I had dealt with this woman before and, well, to put it nicely shes a raging cunt and I can't stand to look at her let alone talk to her.  Anyway, I explained to her what had happened based off of what I had been told and she made R say he was sorry to my son for hurting him and showed me the marks on his face from my little boxer hitting him in the head ears and face.  I still can't believe it to be honest with you.  I am sooooo proud of him...ya'll have no idea how huge this is for him.  He has always lacked confidence and this helped him out alot.  Hopefully today proved to him that if h is doing what is right when it comes to things like this he won't get in trouble and next time he has a problem with The Bully he will stand up to him.  

Well, I'm outta here, I have kids to put to bed and I am having some wicked contractions at the moment.  As always comments are always welcome and please share/follow my page <3


  1. Way to go Bub! Awesome, Awesome! Bullies are all the same...little cowards that run home and get their mommies at the end of the day. If you can stand up to this one you can stand up to the next one. You got this bud! :)

  2. Very true. He proved to himself today that he can stand his ground and it made a world of difference to him. You could see the sense of pride on his face. Was an awesome moment for him and for me to see him be proud of himself for once. Super happy mommy moment :)

  3. way ta go bub...super awesometasticness i know this has been a long time coming and extra kudos for standing up for your brother.