Monday, April 9, 2012


Its spring break and all 3 of my kids have been out of school since Thursday oh man its going to be a LONG week...and if this is any indication as to what summer is going to be like I need to invest in some duct tape and muzzles now lol!  All they did Friday was fight and the point all 3 of them were made to sit and do nothing around 430 until their dad came to get them at 6...a little much? Maybe, but holy hell they were just over the top insanely just....UGH!  Besides it didn't kill em to sit there for awhile.  So anyway, they went to their dads house Friday evening and I called to tell them goodnight and of course they were in trouble....then come Saturday morning I called to talk to them again and my ex answered the phone and says hello, hang on...then I hear him telling the kids that if they didnt knock their shit off he was going to send them back to my house! Sorry buddy, mom's on vacation till Monday!!
They came over Sunday for a few hours and they got their Easter are they spoiled.  What can I say, I'm not exactly rolling in money so I get them what I can when I can.
They got here bright and early this morning...lemme tell ya...I am not a morning person AT ALL...I got up and went to put my pillows and blanket away in the closet and walk into my son's room to catch them watching Bevis and Butthead do America...and of course they have to mimic what they see on TV so the rest of the morning they randomly put their shirts on their heads and quoted one of the more famous lines from the movie...."I am the great cornholio I need TP for my bunghole"  *sigh* boys will be boys I guess.....
As for the rest of the day, its been pretty far lol.

Now onto other things...I have decided that when I go into labor with the one I'm cooking now I will be blogging and updating my FB to keep me entertained...and to give an account of how things are going....and to tell ya'll exactly what my labor and delivery are like stage by stage...before I forget all the pain and discomfort of it all.  I'm due 5 weeks from today, May 14th, but the way things are going I'm going to guess that he will be here before the end of April....not that I'm going to complain about that...I am BEYOND ready to have my body back to myself lol.

Well thats all I have for this update...keep an eye out for another one soon...and as I have said before, comments are always welcome :)

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