Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Master Procrastinator!

Well, I FINALLY finished my taxes...after racking my brain all day and busting my ass to get all the info I needed to file...and I'm gettng a whopping $20 back!  BUT only after I paid $17 to file them...*sigh* if its not one thing its another I suppose...thankfully my x is splitting what he is getting back for the kids with me since we have them every other week it averages out to 6 months/6 months...thank god for small favors huh.

Now onto my kids....apparently my boys decided to get a wild hair across their asses and cause some trouble today.  They finished their homework and went outside to play, just like every other day...about 10mins after they went outside one of the neighbors comes walking up to the door to inform me that my boys were out back playing with the meters and shut off her power.  WTF?!?!  I walked out there to see them sitting on the neighbors porch(no one lives there) acting like they were totally innocent.  I asked what was going on and my oldest started spilling it all while my youngest boy stood there with his mouth shut and his hands in his pockets.  Come to find out this isnt the first time they have opened those boxes but it was the first time they decided to flip the switch inside of one of them....and of course it had to be to the ONE crazy neighbors house oi vey.  Thankfully she didn't call the front office or the cops but she still could if she wanted to.  So they are grounded to their room with no tv till thursday.  They were allowed to play with toys till their brains totally stopped working and they decided to start pushing toys through the 2 inch rip in the window screen.  Now that 2 inch rip is about  inches long and they lost playing with toys for the rest of the night.  Bed time is early tonight too.  For once my little monster princess is the best behaved of the 3 of them and thats RARE.  She actually got a green in school today, which is also a rare thing.  She has a bad habit of being bossy to the other kids in the class and usually ends up on at least yellow.  I'm super proud of her today! :)

At the moment the kids are eating dinner then its bath and bed time since its already 7:15.  As much as I love them, I can't wait till they go to bed lol.  I'm still swollen pretty bad and I have a wicked headache.  Dr appt tomorrow afternoon and hopefully they can tell me what to do about this swelling.

Well thats all for now.  As always comments are always welcome and please share this with your friends :)


  1. They could have been electrocuted. :/

  2. Oh I can only imagine the trouble to come.... From either yours or mine when she is old enough

  3. Oh I know they could have which is why I am punishing them a bot more harshly than usual. I want them to understand how dangerous it was more so than how wrong it was. I was trying to explain to them what could have happened and teared up thinking about it. I think they get it but ya never know with those 2.

    I don't want to imagine the trouble to come with these 3...and I'm adding ANOTHER boy to the mix...lord help me lol