Thursday, April 12, 2012

just another day....

First I want to say that boys are nasty little creatures...don't believe me?  Babysit a little boy between the ages of 4-8 and you'll see.  They just do weird and gross things.  Don't get me wrong I love my boys and find most of the gross things they do highly entertaining, they just usually leave me asking why?  Take the other day for boys were outside playing and it was cold so we had the front door shut so I couldn't see them all the time.  Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch we live in a small court and are in the back of it, not to mention they don't run off EVER, that was stopped after the first time it happened.  Anyway, I was sitting on the couch and I kept hearing this loud THUD THUD THUD...typically I wouldn't think anything of it because we have 2 neighbors that are doing some work to their homes, but it was the middle of the day and those people were at work.  I opened the door to see one of my boys climbing out of a trashcan, you know the ones that the city provides, the thudding that I kept hearing was my other son and his friend hitting the trashcan with baseball bats.  Apparently they all took turns getting into this nasty ass trashcan and letting the other 2 hit it so they could see what it sounded like on the inside.  OK, not the nastiest thing they have ever done by far, but what in the holy hell possessed you to get IN AN OUTSIDE TRASHCAN?!?!?!  I mean, really?  They did however, learn that it is quite loud inside there with 2 other people beating on it with bats, so I guess their little experiment served some kind of purpose?  I like to think it did anyway, it keeps me from having to question them only to get shrugs and "I don't knows" for answers.

My oldest is going to be 8 this weekend...where the hell did time go?!!?!?!?!  It seems like just yesterday he was a little drooling, screaming poop machine....honestly the only thing that has changed is he doesn't drool anymore lol.  I have yet to buy him anything for his birthday, I don't have the slightest idea what he wants other than Star Wars stuff and he'e been into Star Wars for so long now that there aren't to many toys that he doesn't have that are in his age range or my price range.  He likes science so I'm thinking about getting him a make your own bubble gum lab thing.  The child chews gum constantly.  Other than that I am at a total loss as to what to get for him.  Ya I know, bad mommy for not knowing what my own child wants.  But in my defense, hes a pretty picky kid and rarely shows interest in toys and such.  Well, aside from the usual swords and guns that they all play with outside, but part of me is telling me that they don't need anymore of those and they get left outside or broken anyway so whats the point?  Meh, I'll figure it's going to take me going to the toy store and walking around like I'm lost for awhile to find what I am looking for, but I'm sure something will jump out at me.

Took all 3 of them to the dentist the other oh man was that an adventure.  I'm still not sure if I like the place or not.  We walked in and I kid you not there was like 30 kids all running around screaming and playing and holy god I am not cut out for that.  It's not that I don't like kids, I obviously do since I have some of my own, it's that I dont like LARGE groups of them all running around like animals lol.  Overall it didn't go too bad.  Only one of the 3 had any cavities.  Of course it had to be my oldest, who is a complete worry wart and is stressing having to go and get fillings next week.  Here's an interesting thing that I learned while we were there, kids need to drink TAP water not bottled water.  I am totally guilty of buying bottled water and sticking them in the fridge and when they want something to drink they can grab a bottle of water.  Well, sill me, I didn't think about the fact that bottled water doesn't have flouride in it and apparently, alot of other parents don't think about it either, because the nurse was saying that they have seen a significant rise in kids with cavities because they aren't getting enough flouride because parents give them bottled water and not tap water.  I feel kinda dumb for not thinking about it, but hey, we all have our moments lol.

Well I'm going to leave it at that for now.  Spring break is still going on and I need to find something to feed these 3...demanding damn kids expect to eat 3 times a day lol

As always comments are always welcome!  Talk to ya'll soon :)

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