Monday, April 30, 2012

And in more stupid news....yes folks this is another rant ;)

Here is a link to the article I am talking about in case you want to check it out

Yet another 6 year old has been arrested for assaulting their principal.  What's worse is this same child had already been suspended for assaulting a teacher not too long before this incident happened.  Let me start by saying, obviously this child has some temper issues. I also want to point out that there isn't any mention in the article of him having behavioral issues so that probably isn't the case.  With that being said, I can only think that since this boy had been suspended for assaulting a teacher before he was arrested, there was very little, if any punishment for his actions when it happened the first time.  I find it absolutely ridiculous that kids as young as 6 are having to be arrested because they are so out of control.  It's like parents have kids, don't teach them how to act properly then send them to school and expect the school system to do something with them.  Um hello!!!  It takes YEARS to teach a child how to behave and not act like a spoiled brat, and it takes even longer to unteach these bad habits and instill new ones in them.  Parents need to be responsible for their children's actions period!  If your child is a brat then at the very least talk to them about it.  I doubt that you will get any results from simply talking to them, but hey at least you can say you attempted to do something about it.  There is a list of things you can do to make them understand that what they are doing is wrong.  Time out, spanking, taking away their favorite toy, going to bed early, talk to them, stand them in a corner, wash out their mouth with soap....ANYTHING!!  If you read my post from yesterday you can see that my kids are no saints, but they do respect their elders, they NEVER get in trouble at school for disrespecting ANYONE.  They also know that if they don't they will be punished when they get home.  I will not tolerate my kids acting that way.

Now onto the ranting part of this post lol.  DISCIPLINE YOUR DAMN KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can not stand to see a kid acting like a brat and the parents just ignoring it.  It seriously makes me want to step in and do something about it.  Even with kids with behavioral issues, and yes I have one so I can say this, need to have some kind of consequences for their actions.  How else are they going to learn that what they are doing is wrong?  I'm not saying beat your kids, or even spank them for every little thing.  Do I believe in spanking?  Yes, absolutely!  Does that mean I am saying to spank your child with a belt(or anything other than your hand) or that I do?  Hell no!  What I am saying is that kids need to learn that if they misbehave they will have consequences for what they have done.  For example:  my oldest got into a bad habit of lying about EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING.  He was doing it for 2 reasons, the first being to get out of trouble.  We are all guilty of this and even as adults still do it from time to time, its human nature.  The second reason he was lying was to see how much he could get away with, exactly how far he could push his limits.  The first few times I caught him lying I talked to him about it and explained to him why it was wrong and that he would get in less trouble if he would just tell the truth, but he decided to keep doing it.  When he was caught lying the next few times he was made to stand in the corner on his toes, one minute for each year he has been alive, at the time that was 7 minutes.  Still he made the decision to keep telling lies, so I made him write I will not lie 20 times every time he got caught.  He HATES to write, so it helped a bit, but he kept doing it.  One day I told him if you lie again I am going to wash your mouth out with soap.  He didn't believe me and later that day he lied about something else.  I marched him to the bathroom and took the bar of soap and swiped it across his tongue twice and made him sit there for MAYBE a minute before I let him rinse his mouth out.  Guess what, he stopped lying after that.  Sometimes those old school punishments that our grandparents used on our parents, and our parents used on us actually work.  I have also spanked my kids for various reasons.  Like when my younger son decided to run away from me at while we were at the store after being warned several times that it was dangerous and the various reasons why it's dangerous.  I swatted him on the butt two times.  Did it hurt him?  No.  It did, however get his attention and snap him back into reality enough to listen to me when I told him not to run off.  He hasn't run off since.  I have also made my kids do push ups as a form of punishment.  It didn't hurt them, they hated it and as an added bonus it was physically healthy for them to do it.  I still use that when they have decided to really mess up.  What's sad is, I could probably get into a bunch of trouble for doing these things.  I could have my kids taken away from me for trying to teach them right from wrong through punishment but the people that allow their kids to do whatever they want are perfectly safe, the "parents" of kids who are beaten and not fed and live in horrible conditions get to keep their kids because people want to turn a blind eye to it all.  Society is seriously fucked up when it comes to how we are and are not allowed to raise our children.  I know at this point I am rambling, I have been for awhile now lol.  I just don't understand it.  I don't get why things are the way they are and why parents dont or won't do anything about it.

Well, I'm outta here for now.  As always comments are always welcome and please share/follow my page :)

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  1. its a vicious cycle, government steps in to make their judgements about what is "good" and "bad" parenting, this causes parents to be "afraid" to discipline their kids, this causes those kids to grow up to be the "adult" (yes i put that in quotes because really they're NOT adults) brats that we see more and more commonly these days, you know the types, the ones who throw a fit because they cant return something in a store when they themselves lost or threw away the receipt or get mad because a person will not go against company policy just to appease their wants...and if these brats happen to reproduce then its even worse and the cycle continues in a snowball effect. Solution: Tell the government to mind its own damn business about parenting, yes stop abuse and neglect but that should be the limits of their involvement and for those that say "well when does it become abuse?" come on use your damn brains you know when punishing your children is being taken too far so get your head out of your ass and try using it for more than a hat rack. Sorry looks like you got me ranting on this one.