Thursday, April 26, 2012

In today's effed up news....

Here is the link to the story I will be ranting about today

I have my homepage set to yahoo just to read crap like this.  Sad but true lol.  So if you have read the story, and I hope you have by now, I would love to hear opinions on it.  I am going to start by saying that I think its fuckin' stupid.  Yes kids get hurt, some of them get hurt more than others, when I was a kid it was called an accident, if you got hurt often you were accident prone.  Simple as that.  I got my head busted open on the playground at school when I was like 4 because I wasn't looking where I was going and I ran into a concrete tunnel they had for us to crawl through.  Did my parents sue the school?  Hell no!  Did the school get rid of the tunnel?  Hell no!  Would some of today's parents sued or demanded that the tunnel be removed?  Fuck yes!  People I am going to let you in on a little secret....are you ready?  KIDS GET HURT!!  It's all part of growing up!  If you hover over them all the time warning them of every little POSSIBLE danger then they will never have the confidence to try anything new.  Everything we do has some kind of dangerous aspect to it.  I understand wanting your kids to be safe, we all do, but this shit is ridiculous!  When I was a kid we had metal slides that you could cook eggs on in the summer that we would slide down and at the end of that slide there wasn't any mulch to make the stop softer, we hit hard ass dirt and in most parks there were rocks stuck in that dirt.  We had see-saws and we would get on them with our friends and hang 'em in the air till they either jumped off or we got tired of sitting there!  We got on the swings and went as high as we could just to jump off and see how far we got.  We hung upside down from the monkey bars and *gasp* even walked across the top  of them.  We had those spinnie things that we would get on and spin as fast as we could just to see who could hold on the longest before getting launched off of it, if you were the last one on you won!  Guess what folks, we survived!  Part of the fun of childhood is pushing the limits.  Seeing what you can do and how good you can become at it.  Sure we had a cuts, bruises and skint knees, hell even a broken bone or 2, but at the end of the day we had fun and that's all that mattered.  We can look back on our childhoods and smile and know we didn't waste our time being scared of what we couldn't do or what might hurt us.  We climbed trees and played hide and seek after dark and all those other games and things of the past.  We are making our kids soft by not letting them be KIDS!  It's their job to worry us to death doing stupid shit, it's their job to get dirty and scraped up, its their job to push the limits of gravity.  That's what kids do!  I rode down the damn slide in my parents laps a thousand times when I was little.  Guess what, I never broke a bone doing it.  I climbed up the slide the wrong way and caught the feet of another kid in the face a few times.  Sure it hurt, and yes I bled, but you know what.  I wiped the blood away and kept on playing.  You may as well wrap the kids of today in bubble wrap before you send them out the door if you want to keep them semi safe from getting hurt.  And while we are on the subject of today's kids, this s another things that irritates me to no end, sports.  I put my oldest in tee-ball a few years ago and he loved it.  I hated it.  Apparently, kids aren't supposed to win or lose anymore!  Seriously?!  They aren't all winners.  In a game someone has to win and someone has to lose, simple as that.  We are setting our kids up for huge punches in the face when reality strikes.  If you let them keep score and tell them if they win or lose its going to do one of a few things.  The first is going to be if they win they feel a sense of accomplishment.  That's not a bad thing people!  If they lose they will either try harder to win next time OR they will realize that whatever it is they were doing, isn't their thing and they will move on to find something that they are good at.  Again, this isn't a bad thing.  It will teach them that we are not all equal in everything, that in life there are going to be people that are better than them at some things and that they will be better at some things than other people.  Stop setting them up for failure!  Stop pretending that life is so easy because when they get older and they finally realize that things aren't fair it's going to fuck them up big time.  *Sigh* where did society go wrong?  When did parents become such pussies?  Where the hell are all my fellow 25+yr olds that grew up with confidence and a back bone?  Do you not look back on your childhood and smile at all the stupid shit you did?  Do you not remember what it was like to be a kid?  Don't you want the same for your kids?  Come on people make a change!  Raise your kids like you were raised so they can look back and smile.  At this rate kids are going to look back and wonder what they hell they did as a kid, when did they have fun?

Well my loves, I am outta here.  As always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends :)

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  1. Yes it is sad how parents, teachers, counsellors, ect are weakening the future generations... All of this preaching tolerance when all it does its teaches kids NOT to stand up for themselves. kids need to be kids they need to learn some things for themselves and not be so sheltered. kids learn from pain its shameful to say but thats the way it is... They get hurt on the playground they either will not do it again or figure out how to do it better next time, it promotes creative thinking believe it or not.