Saturday, April 28, 2012

Please Stay Tuned for a Public Service Announcement....

Things that should NEVER be done/seen in public.

We all know, at least most of, the 10 Commandments. I have taken it upon myself to add a few more. These are all fairly easy to follow and understand so here goes.

Commandment 11- Thou shalt not go out in public in pajama pants...its not only lazy but it looks horrible....this especially applies to anyone that wants to wear pajama pants with stains, holes or falling off your ass...spare the rest of us and just put in something presentable...

Commandment 12- Thou shalt control your brats in public...I don't care how unruly they are at home but when you are out in public please for the love of all things holy keep them under control

Commandment 13- Thou shalt not talk like an LOL cat all the time...once in awhile is fine and it can even be funny/cute...but talking like that all the time makes you sound stupid...and we all know you aren't stupid

Commandment 14- Thou shalt not wear pants that are so tight your fat hangs over the top...the rest of us find it disturbing and fear for our lives if the button pops off...there is no shame in buying pants that actually FIT you...

Commandment 15- Thou shalt not poke your ass out when walking  in attempt to make ur it look look like a duck...or like you need to take a shit...its not cute and while i find it highly amusing i feel you should know how stupid you look

Commandment 16- Thou shalt take your socks off before sex...if you can take off the rest of ur clothes you can take the extra 10 seconds and take your socks off too...its just weird

Commandment 17- thou shalt shave your pits (women)....there should not be 3in of hair under ur arm...especially when u are wearing a's gross...if u want to have man pits fine...just don't make the rest of us look at it

Commandment 18- if u are too scared to drive the gas guzzling monster u call a truck...park it!

Commandment 19- thou shalt not walk outside in your's disturbing...

Commandment number 20 thou shalt not wear a bikini if you have cottage cheese belly and enough stretch marks to make a road one thinks its cute...I'm pretty sure I just saw some small children run in fear and someone just gouged out their eyes...please save me the trouble of having to use brain bleach and cover up your belly...

Commandment 21- Thou shalt wear your teeth in public. I totally understand having to get dentures. BUT that does not mean that I want to see you without them in. It's creepy looking and frankly, kind of gross. Please put them in your head while in public, not only do we not want to see it, but you should have a little self respect and WANT to wear them. You did spend A LOT of money on them didn't you?

I'm sure there will be more of these as it gets warmer and I go out more....I'll comment on my posts to let you know when I have updated this one so you don't miss it lol.

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