Monday, April 23, 2012

Another trip to the dentist...

My oldest had to go get his fillings today.  He got here this morning and was told that he had to go(I hadn't told him when his appointment was because hes a bit of a spaz and would have worried himself to death about it).  He spent the ENTIRE morning stressing his appointment and asking all kinds of questions, some of which he asked more than once because he didn't like the answer he got or wanted to see if he was being told the truth, or whatever other reason he could come up with lol.  His appointment was at 9 THANK GOD!  I don't think he could have lasted much longer than that.  Thankfully when we got there he only had to wait about 10mins before they took him back.  I walked back with him and they had me sign some papers and asked me if I wanted him to have the gas to help relax him.  I gave him the option on getting it or not and to my surprise he said he didn't want it!  Come to find out he didn't want it because he didn't know exactly what it was.  Fine by me!  I didn't really want him to have it anyway since I know my mom has an allergy to anesthetic and I can't tolerate Novocaine very well.  It put my mind at ease when he said he didn't want it.  So they took him back, and wouldn't allow me to go with him :(.  I sat down in the waiting room and half expected to either hear him scream when they gave him the shot or for them to come out and tell me they can't do his fillings because he was freaking out.  But to my surprise he did great!  Super proud of him!  He doesn't have to go back for another 6 months!  Even though he was finished with his appointment by 10:15 and had no pain I let him stay home from school today.  Homework tomorrow should be lads of fun *rolls eyes*  all his make up work plus 2 days of homework all in one afternoon oh joy!

Other than his trip to the dentist today has been pretty mellow.  No fighting between the injuries, though they haven't been outside to play yet today, no melt downs.  The only "problem" is my oldest(he has ADHD and is unmedicated) is sooooo full of energy he's driving me INSANE!  I totally understand that he can't help it and all that but holy fuck hes loud as hell today and would up wanting to bounce around and jump and all that IN THE HOUSE and for some reason he won't go outside to play.  I guess it's because none of the other kids around here are out yet?  And while we are on the subject of things that are driving me nuts, if I hear the words fart, poop, butt, booger, pee, or anything else related to those things again I'm going to lose it.  I don't know what their obsession is with those words but I find them vulgar and disgusting and I'm about to start washing mouths out with soap or go back to making them sit on the toilet for a few minutes when they use those words.  That seemed to work pretty well when they first started with the "potty" talk.  I would make them go to sit on the toilet for a few minutes and tell them if they want to talk like potty mouths then they can sit on the potty.  They aren't fond of having to sit still so it stopped them from doing it for awhile.  We all kind of slacked off on doing it and now they want to say those words constantly.  *sigh*

Well I'm outta here for now.  As always comments are always welcome and please share this with your friends.

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