Sunday, April 29, 2012

another trip to the hospital...

I'm going to make this one as short as possible so I don't bore you with all the details of waiting around n a hospital.  I was having some contractions and BAD lower back pain yesterday and by the time I got the kids in bed I was in tears so I decided I needed to go be checked out.  I must admit I was praying that I was in labor because I am seriously over this pregnancy lol.   got to the hospital and checked in, which takes forever, got into the room and hooked up the the monitors and wouldn't you know it the damn contractions decided to stop being regular(ish) and wouldn't pick up on the damn monitor!  Back pain didn't go away and the nurse said it sounded like back labor but without contractions registering they couldn't/wouldn't keep me.  The she told me that the baby's heart rate wasn't looking as good as they wanted it because there were no accelerations or decelerations in it just a normal rate of 122 and only fluctuated a little.  She gave me ice water(yum) and ginger ale(gag) to drink to get his heart rate where they want it to be.  It took awhile but he finally did what they wanted him to do and they sent me on my way.  I'm still dealing with some pretty wicked back pain and random contractions but other than that all is well.  He's got his head on my bladder and his feet in my ribs and seems to be quite content staying right where he is for now.  I will say that come the 14th if hes not here yet I am going to reach in there and pull him out myself! lol

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