Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Bully *dun dun dun*

We all knew one growing up.  Hell some of us may know a one as adults.  These kinds of people like to prey on the weak and small.  They get joy from making someone else's life miserable.  They are known as bullies.  Pains in the ass and the worst kind of people.  Well, we happen to have one who lives across the street part time.  He's 9 and hes a BIG boy.  He know how to throw his weight around and he knows how to make the rest of the kids around here do what he wants.  He threatens them, or he pushes them or hits them or calls them names.  They play with him because he's the older kid in the neighborhood, he has the cool toys(when he's allowed to bring them out that is), he has all the best ideas *rolls eyes* and they play with him out of fear.  If they don't want to play with him he gets mad and then he starts to throw his weight and mouth around and then they get hurt.  This is one of those kids that, even as a parent and an adult, I would like to trip when no one is looking.  If i were a kid I would beat him up just to show him that there are people out there that can put him in his place no matter how big or mean he is.  But since I am an adult i would NEVER lay a hand, or foot, on him.    That doesn't mean that I won't give my kids permission to stand up to him though.  And this is where today's story starts.

My kids were outside playing with the 2 neighborhood boys that they always do.  All of them are between 6 and 8 years old and for the most part they get along great!  Along comes The Bully.  Things were going great until then.  They were running around having fun playing hide and seek, yes folks kids so still know what that game is, well, The Bully couldn't run for more than 10 feet without getting out of breath, unless of course it was after the ice cream man(and before anyone flames me for that I have SEEN this happen with this kid so I am simply stating the truth on this).  Anyway, he convinces them to play some other game and then all hell breaks loose.  My younger son runs home crying because The Bully(who, no lie, weighs almost as much as I do NOW and I'm hugely pregnant) punched him in the heart and made him fall and hit his back on the porch railing.  I checked him over and made sure he was OK and I marched him over to where they were all playing an asked exactly what happened.  I got the same story from all but one kid.  Betcha can't guess which one told a different story lol.  After I was told what happened from all of them I looked at my boys, and The Bully, and told them that if The Bully can't keep his hands to himself and wants to hit and push then they have my permission to hit, kick, push, or whatever else they needed to do, back to him.  But not to stop until he was crying and running home to his mommy.  I told them that there is no reason to take shit off of this kid just because he's bigger than they are.  I left them to play after making myself clear about this to ALL of them.  Not 10 minutes later my oldest comes running up to the door yelling that his brother was being mean to The Bully.  I yelled out the door for him to come home and made my oldest stay here so I could find out what was going on.  Once I get him in the house I asked what happened and he proudly announced that he punched The Bully in the back of the head.  I asked him why and was informed that it was because The Bully pushed his older brother down and he wasn't going to let him get hurt so he stood up for him.  First, I couldn't be more proud of him for that, second, this kid has balls of steel!  He took up for his brother because it was the right thing to do.  His brother told on him because he didn't want to get in trouble!  *Sigh*  what the hell dude?  Why didn't you help him and hit The Bully too?  Why is it your younger brother has to take up for you?  Why would you think you would be in trouble after I TOLD you to stand up to this kid?  I just don't get it.  It's whatever though.  His brother proved his point when he punched him in the head because it's been over an hour and so far there hasn't been another problem with The Bully picking on anyone.  Maybe this has the problem solved?  Doubtful, but I can hope can't I?

Well, I'm out of here.  I'm super hungry and need to find something to eat....again lol.  As always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends :)  You can also follow my blog, which would be super awesome of you to do :)

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  1. Yay you go little man, its sad that some parents will not let their kids stand up for themselves when being bullied, I have no idea why this is but I for one agree with you on how you handled the situation. Your kids told an adult (yes I called you an adult) the first time, you warned everyone including the bully, he didn't listen so he got what was coming to him... This is how things should be... So kudos to you and your son