Thursday, May 10, 2012

it seems like a good morning for a rant...

I posted a few days ago about how much I hate all of you that aren't pregnant.  I still hate you.  But you wanna know what I hate even more?  The stupid shit ya'll not pregnant people say about pregnant women!!  Even my doctors ask me stupid questions or make stupid statements.  You are men, there is no way in hell you have any clue exactly what I am feeling or going through and I don't want to hear your stupid comments about how "it's almost over" or "just put your feet up for awhile" or any of the other shit ya'll say.  Let me tell ya, 40 weeks is a long fucking time to not have your body to yourself.  Forty weeks is a long fucking time to be miserable.  I am aware that I am more than blessed to have children and that I can get pregnant easily.  I know there are women out there that struggle to get pregnant and that some never do, but that doesn't mean that I have to enjoy the fact that I have a leech inside me these last few weeks.  I love this baby more than life itself, as I do my older children, but for the love of God get the fuck out of my uterus!!!!  I will gladly trade the sleepless nights I have now for the sleepless nights to come.  I don't sleep now because I have to pee every time I get comfortable, my entire body aches from carrying around another person 24/7, it's impossible to get comfortable because no matter how I lay down my big ass belly hangs and it pulls on my back and side, heartburn so bad it feels like hell is in my throat(yes when you go to hell you go reside in pregnant women's throats), and the endless other problems that come with being pregnant.  Now that I have ranted about the non pregnant people pissing me off, lets talk about the ones that have had kids and think they know ALL ABOUT what you are going through and tell you what you are in for and how you need to enjoy these last few weeks.  To all of you I want to say FUCK YOU!!!  Yes, you will miss being pregnant for a bit after the baby is born, you will miss those little kicks and nudges to the ribs for a bit, and there will be nights that you will wish the sweet little baby that is screaming in your face for some unknown reason is still in your belly so you can get 2 seconds of quiet.  When you have those moments, ask someone to punch you in the face!  But back to my rant on women who have kids and want to tell you all about how hard it is.  I will be the first to tell you, infancy is the easiest part of being a parent.  All they do is eat, sleep, cry and poop.  That's it!  Is it hard?  Fuck yes it is!  You walk around like a zombie for the first few months of your child's life.  Does it get easier?  Hell fucking no!  Before you know it those sweet little babies are walking, talking toddlers that get into EVERYTHING!  Then comes the preschool stage, this is when they really start to learn who they are, they talk back, question everything and get into more trouble than they did when they were toddlers.  As soon as you begin to think that things can't possibly get harder they hit school age, this is when they go to school and learn everything you never wanted them to know about from other kids.  They get mouthier, bossy and flat out stubborn, and lets not even talk about the actual school part of it.  After that you are on your way to the tween stage.  I won't even touch on these ages because I haven't been there with my own kids yet, but next time you are out take a look around at all the little prosti-tots and wanna be thugs, that could be your child one day....scary isn't it?  I got off subject again didn't I?  As you can see I'm in a bitchy mood this I am going to leave it here for now.
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  1. OK I'm guilty of the "its almost over" comment... Sorry I didn't mean to piss you off :(

  2. I would ask who peed in her cheerios but I think we all did! :p

  3. This was directed more at the people that I dont know that say it...believe me I know EXACTLY how much longer I have left and to hear "its almost over" only reminds me of how much longer there really is left...I am fairly sure it it the same way with most pregnant women in the last few weeks/days.

    And no one peed in my cheerios, I didn't have cheerios this morning :p