Friday, May 4, 2012

Getting dressed....

As you all know by now I am hugely pregnant.  This proves to be an issue when it comes to getting dressed.  So to help any of you that may be pregnant with this issue I figured I would tell you how I do it.

Step one- go pee, it helps to have an empty bladder since this can involve quite a bit of straining and bending depending on how you choose to do it.

Step two-  find a pair of pants that still fit.  You don't have to be able to button/zip them, you just need to be able to get them up and over your hips.

Step three- sit down.  Where you decide to sit is entirely up to you.  I recommend the couch or the edge of the bed since it leaves room to lean back later.

Step four-  unfold pants and throw them on the floor in front of you.  Yes this seems counter productive since the floor is a long way away at this point, but it works I promise.

Step five-  take your foot and open the top of the pants.

Step six-  take both feet and place them in their respective leg holes and carefully hook the pants over the tops of your feet.

Step seven- this is where it gets a bit tricky.  once you have the pants hooked on your toes slowly start to lift your legs up at the same time.  Once you get them above waist height start to wiggle them a bit to get the pants to come up your legs.

Step seven-  continue to wiggle your pants up your legs until you can reach them without having to bend over too far.  This is why I prefer to do this sitting on the bed or couch, it allows for you to lay back if you have to.

Step eight-  once you can grab your pants stand up and pull them the rest of the way up!

Congratulations you have now put your pants on without having to bend over to reach your feet!!!

The other way you can get your pants on is to ask your husband/boyfriend/significant other/whoever you don't mind seeing you half naked, to help you put them on.

You can also forget the pants and just wear dresses, but if you are anything like me that isn't much of an option.  Or you can just walk around the house without pants on at all if you live alone.

This all may sound a bit strange or like a lot of work to get dressed every morning but I promise you by the time you are hugely pregnant you will be looking for any thing you can do to avoid having to bend over to the floor.  You can thank me later for this advice.

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  1. oh i have done this oh so many times hahaha

  2. LOL I'll just help Heather out with it so she doesnt have to struggle