Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mommies out there!!  And let's not forget all the daddies out there that do the job of mom and dad!  
My wonderful babies surprised me this morning :)  I woke up to the sound of my oldest making cereal for the other 2 so I didn't have to do it.  It's not often he shows his sweet side but when he does he really makes it known that he has one.  Then they all gave me cards that they had made for me and my little lady made me a heart shaped pin to wear.  And then they gave me a basket with bath stuff and candles in it.  My oldest picked everything out that went in it and did an awesome job, he knows his mommy better than I thought he did lol.  He even picked out some chocolate scented candles for me haha.  They are now outside playing and keep bringing me flowers telling me Happy Mother's Day.  I have the sweetest kids ever.  I totally didn't expect them to do anything but it was a great surprise.  I love my brats so much <3

Now that I am done bragging about my awesome kids I am going to get a bit bitchy, no shock there huh? lol
I was on a mommy board this morning looking at some of the posts, like I do every morning, and I saw a few that caught my attention that honestly made me want to reach through the computer and smack these women!  I am aware that today is mothers day and that all moms should be made to feel special BUT it's not mandatory that you be lavished with expensive gifts, or anything at all for that matter.  I was reading some of these posts and these women were bitching about how they haven't gotten anything at all or about what they got not being expensive enough.  Get the fuck over yourself bitch!  Know what I got last year for mothers day?  I got to listen to my kids tell me about what they did for another woman, meanwhile I didn't even get to SEE them on what was supposed to be my special day.  Be grateful that you can hug your kids and hear them tell you they love you and all that jazz.  Be happy that someone thought about you at all!  Besides that it's only like 1030 in the effin morning and they may have something planned for you for later.  I hope you have to eat your words.  Life isn't about the material shit people.  One woman even had the nerve to bitch about the fact that her kids gave her a charm bracelet and it was nice but she wanted it to be gold not silver and she was mad that they didn't bring her breakfast in bed.  Really?! Are you fucking kidding me bitch?!  I really hope you didn't tell your kids that because it would crush them that what they did wasn't good enough for you.  *Sigh* it's pointless to even say anything about people like that though, they are in their own worlds and nothing will ever be good enough for them.  

Well I am out of here to work on my latest rant.  Keep an eye out for it if you want to read my bitching lol.

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  1. <3 this. You reap what you sew. If you raise brats that are stupid and selfish don't be shocked when they don't do anything for you or when it's not enough for you. They don't know any better because they don't see any better around them and they weren't taught any better. Big shock.