Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gettin outta here!

We get to go home today yay!!!!  I am sooooooo beyond ready to get the hell out of this hospital, eat some real food and get my little worm home.  He has his days and nights mixed up, but that may be because the only damn time they want to come in here and bother us is after midnight, and then they want to come in and ask me every 2 hours if he's nursed or if he's had any dirty diapers.  Of course they rarely come in during the day.  Anyway, I am sitting here waiting on them to bring him back to me and then I think we can go!  He failed his hearing test yesterday so they are re-doing it this morning and the he gets his pictures and we are out of here. My dr already came in and saw me and told me I am free to go as soon as he is, his dr already came in and told me that he is doing great, that i need to cook him in the sun a little longer because he has a touch of jaundice (I don't see it but then again I can barely see in this damn light anyway).  I have to make an appointment for him to go to the dr tomorrow to be checked out by them and get his first shot, but other than that he is perfect.  So for now I sit and wait for them to bring me my baby and then I get to go home with my little worm :)  Well, in my sleep deprived state I'm sure I am just rambling and repeating myself lol.  I will try to post later.

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