Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2 hours late!!

My little worm made his appearance at 208 am on the 15th of May, 2 hours after his due date passed.  I was only in labor for 3hrs and only the last hour of that was hard all things considered.  I am going to make this as short as possible since I am still pretty tired and my brain isn't working completely yet lol.  
My water broke around 11 on the 14th when I got up to go pee for the millionth time that night.  It wasn't like you see in the movies where you have a HUGE gush of water or anything, it felt like I was peeing on myself but I couldn't stop it and it would happen randomly.  I knew that I wanted to wait to go to the hospital because I knew if I was there things wouldn't go the way I wanted them to.  I wanted to have a natural birth and I didn't want to be hooked up to the monitors and stuff, so I cleaned myself up and put a pad on and played a video game for a half hour or so.  At that point my contractions weren't very regular and they weren't really even painful, yay!  Like I said I played the game for a bit and decided I needed to soak in a warm bath to help with the pain because it was becoming stronger and more regular.  I got in the bath and by the time I got out an hour later I was ready to go to the hospital.  So we left, stopped to pick up my dad on the way there and I got checked into the hospital at 107 am.  They got me upstairs and to my first room around 115 and hooked me up to the monitors and checked me, I was 100%effaced, baby was at 0 station and I was 4cm dilated.  FUCK only 4?!  I could have stayed in my bath for awhile longer, at least that was helping some with the pain!  Well, the policy of the hospital that I am at is to put you in one room until they are sure you are in labor then they move you to the delivery room when they know that you are.  Off we went on the ride down to the delivery room, by the time we got into that room I wanted to kill someone.  It was classic movie, "I hate you, get this thing out of me, fuck you" labor.  Up to that point I had been my usual funny, happy, laid back self.  Now, shit was real!  I wanted him out and I wanted him out NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!!!!  I was laying there and told them get me a fuckin epidural, mind you I knew it wasn't going to work, but that was the only drug i could think of the name of.  The nurse told me she needed to hook me up to the new monitors and all that and she would check me and call for an epi.  Great, so get to it!  She got me hooked up and checked me, I was 8cm and there was no way any kind of medicine would get there and in my system fast enough to work.  My contractions were 1min apart lasting about 45 seconds and double peaking.  FUCK THIS!!!!!  I want this kid out of me.  Then I got the urge to push.  I HAD to push, there is NO resisting that urge.  Its fucking primal.  I had one nurse telling me to stop pushing and another one trying to check me to make sure I was 10cm.  I didn't fucking care, I just wanted him out of me and I figured if my body was telling me to push then its ready.  I growled at the nurse to get her fucking hand out of me and she said she could feel the baby's head.  Someone called my dr, thank god he was in the hospital already!  He came walking in and THAT IS NOT MY DOCTOR, WHO THE HELL IS THAT?!?! I had never in my life seen this man before.  All I could say was that's not my dr over and over until someone explained to me that he was one of the dr's in the practice I go to, I just somehow had never had an appointment with him.  OK, great, catch!  Mind you this conversation took place over the course of like a minute while he was getting ready to catch, and I was pushing.  I made noises I didn't know I was capable of.  I growled and grunted with every push, for some reason I just did.  Then all of the sudden, I didn't have the urge to push and while I was having a contraction, it didn't hurt, so I didn't do anything.  I just laid there, legs half in the air, waiting.  The nurses were urging me to push and I had no desire to do anything, so I listened to my body an didn't do anything, nothing.  The Dr said he could see his head and all it was going to take was one more push and the head would be out.  I didn't care, I was listening to my body and that's all that mattered to me.  I find this odd, because I wanted nothing more than to get him the hell out of me, I have no idea why I didn't need to push, but I am so glad I listened.  A minute or so later I got the urge again and I started pushing.  I remember practically yelling, My vagina is on fire!  The dr told me it was his head coming out.  I don't give a flying fuck why its on fire make it stop!  This is what is called "The Ring of Fire", its when the skin around the opening of the vagina stretches to an unglodly size.  One more push and his head was out, and he was PISSED.  He started screaming as soon as his head was out.  One more push and his shoulders came out, then the rest of his just kid of slid out with one more push and it was all over.  They laid him on my chest and he laid there and screamed in my face while they wiped him off and all suctioned him out.  I am very happy to report that I did not have to get any stitches or anything like that, I swear its because I waited to push him out when my body told me to, and not when the nurses were telling me to.  He's perfect in every way.  His APGAR's were 9 and 9, he weighed 6lbs 12.1oz and is 19in long.  He's breastfeeding like a champ and doing great.  Recovery has been amazing for me so far.  I have very little pain other than some cramping, I am up moving around without much effort, I haven't had to have any pain meds, its been great!  My only complaint is that the food sucks and I am starving!  Oh and  they only come in to bother me at night, I'm like, why cant you come in during the day to annoy us?  He's already not sleeping much at night anyway, please don't make it harder by waking him and me up every few hours all night ugh.  One more night and we get to get out of here tho.  We have to stay until tomorrow because I was GBS positive but labor went so fast I didn't get the meds for it and they want to watch him for 48 hours before they let us go home.  Which I knew was going to happen because I was going to refuse the meds anyway for personal reasons.  
Well my dr just came in so I have to run.  As always comments are always welcome and please share my page with your friends <3


  1. awww yay for him being here though :) and hes adorable :)

  2. Group B Strep....very common in pregnant women and it comes and goes. It's treated with antibiotics, typically 2 doses and it takes roughly 4 hours to get each dose. Even if I had started the IV of the meds we still would have been here for 2 days to watch him because I wouldn't have gotten a full dose. GBS causes upper respiratory issues if an infant contracts it during birth, but it's only 1% of babies that get it and after all the research I did the antibiotics would have been more harmful to him than the GBS and the risk of GBS was significantly lower.